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JavaOne 2013 Rock Stars

The JavaOne 2013 Rock Stars have been finalized. They are the top rated speakers from JavaOne 2013. These speakers were recognized in conference attendee surveys for outstanding session content and speaking ability.  Their contributions to JavaOne conference education and their commitment to the technology community made JavaOne the premier Java conference. Discover their JavaOne 2013 sessions

 Honored Speakers  Session Title
Adam Bien  Lean and Opinionated Java EE 7 Applications Architecting Enterprise JavaFX 8 Applications Unit Tests Don’t Break: Stress-Testing Java EE Applications Demystifying Java EE Cool NetBeans Tips and Tricks for Java EE 7 Development
Ben Evans Teaching the Java Platform with Nashorn The Lean Startup Ninja Where Next with OpenJDK Community Build and Test?

Chris Richardson  Decompose That WAR! Architecting for Adaptability, Scalability, and Deployability
Guillaume Laforge  Script Bowl 2013: The Battle for Supremacy and Survival Liftoff with Groovy 2.1
James Weaver  Speaker Sessions Scratching the Surface with JavaFX Introduce Java Programming to Kids
 Mark Reinhold  Ask the JDK Architects                                           The Modular Java Platform and Project Jigsaw
 Moises Chicharro Productive UI Design with JavaFX Scene Builder
Roger Riggs  CLDC 8: New Features and Opportunities for the Small Java Core Libraries Introducing the Java Time API in JDK 8 Converting to the New Date and Time API in JDK 8
 Stuart Halloway Script Bowl 2013: The Battle for Supremacy and Survival
 Toni Epple  Extreme GUI Makeover The JavaFX and NetBeans Platform BOF The Chuck Norris Experiment: Running Java in Any Browser Without a Plug-in Angry Nerds II: The Nerds Strike Back Cool NetBeans Tips and Tricks for JavaFX Development Bck2Brwsr: The Java You Don’t Have to (Un)install
Brian Goetz  Ask the JDK Architects Java 8 Streams: Lambda in Top Gear Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood The Road to Lambda
 Danny Coward JSR 356: Inside the Java WebSocket API
 Hans Dockter Multilanguage Development with Gradle: Java, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript, and JavaFX Migrate from Maven to Gradle Gradle and the New Android Build System
 Jeff Genender Tuning Low-Pause Garbage Collection Building a Country on Java Open Source
 John Rose Ask the JDK Architects Project Sumatra Update The Status of JSR 292, InvokeDynamic Meet the HotSpot Compiler Team
 Martjin Verburg Adopt-a-JSR Workshop The Lean Startup Ninja Garbage Collection: The Useful Parts (Practical), Part 2 Where Next with OpenJDK Community Build and Test?
 Monica Beckwith Garbage-First Collector: Current and Future Adaptability and Ergonomics—Manual Tuning Garbage-First Garbage Collector: Migration to, Expectations, and Advanced Tuning Tuning Low-Pause Garbage Collection
 Sander Mak  Modular JavaScript Data Science with R for Java Developers
 Stuart Marks Lambda Programming Laboratory Jump-starting Lambda Programming Where Next with OpenJDK Community Build and Test? Ten Things You Should Know When Writing Good Unit Test Cases in Java
 Antonio Goncalves Fifty New Features of Java EE 7 in 50 Minutes Java EE 7 Hands-on Lab Come and Play! with Java EE 7 Java EE 8 and Beyond
Charles Nutter From Java to Assembly: Down the Rabbit Hole     The invokedynamic Instruction in 45 Minutes The Emerging Languages Bowl: The Quest to Be in the Big Leagues
 Darryl Gove Mixed-Language Development: Leveraging Native Code from Java Performance Tuning Where Java Meets the Hardware Developing Efficient Database Applications with C and C++
 Ian Robertson The Science and Art of Backward Compatibility
 Jim Manico Application Security Industry Experts Panel
Kai Kreuzer Home Automation for Geeks
 Matt Raible Play Framework Versus Grails Smackdown The Modern Java Web Developer
 Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski I Bet You Have a Memory Leak in Your Application Taming Java Agents
 Staffan Larsen HotSpot Serviceability Diagnosing Your Application on the JVM Java Flight Recorder Behind the Scenes
 Thomas Eichstadt-Engelen Home Automation for Geeks
 Arun Gupta Fifty New Features of Java EE 7 in 50 Minutes Coding Java EE 7: Making Easy Even Easier Introduce Java Programming to Kids Java EE 7 Hands-on Lab Come and Play! with Java EE 7 Teaching Java with Minecraft, Greenfoot, and Scratch
 Charlie Hunt Performance Tuning Where Java Meets the Hardware
 David Blevins Apache TomEE, Java EE Web Profile, and More on Tomcat Java EE 8 and Beyond Enterprise JavaBeans 3.2 with Examples
 James Laskey Script Bowl 2013: The Battle for Supremacy and Survival Nashorn: JavaScript on the JVM
 Jo Voordeckers Bleeding-Edge HTML5, JAX-RS, and MongoDB Case Study
 Kenneth Kousen Making Java Groovy
Maurice Naftalin  Lambda Programming Laboratory Navigating the Streams API
Paul Sandoz  Java 8 Streams: Lambda in Top Gear The Road to Lambda
 Stephan Janssen Bleeding-Edge HTML5, JAX-RS, and MongoDB Case Study
Ben Christensen Application Resilience Engineering and Operations at Netflix with Hystrix Functional Reactive Programming with RxJava
 Chris Bailey How to Write Memory-Efficient Java Code Build Your Own Runtime Monitoring for the IBM JDK with the Health Center API
 Gerrit Grunwald Extreme GUI Makeover Be Creative and Create Your Own JavaFX 8 Controls “Use the Force, Luke” or Tips and Tricks for Using the Capabilities of JavaFX Of Raspberries, Dolphins, and Chickens: Visualizing Embedded Data with JavaFX Taking a Leap Forward with JavaFX Cool NetBeans Tips and Tricks for JavaFX Development RIA Technologies and Frameworks Panel
 James Ward Web Fundamentals Play Framework Versus Grails Smackdown
Johan Edstrom Building a Country on Java Open Source
 Les Hazlewood Beautiful REST + JSON APIs with JAX-RS and Jersey
 Mikael Vidstedt Ask the JDK Architects Looking into the JVM Crystal Ball
 Dick Wall Script Bowl 2013: The Battle for Supremacy and Survival
 Stephen Colebourne Introducing the Java Time API in JDK 8 Converting to the New Date and Time API in JDK 8 Money and Currency in Java: Best Practices, Libraries, and JSR 354
 Venkat Subramaniam Programming with Lambda Expressions in Java Ten Cool Things We Can Do with Popular JVM Languages Designing with Lambda Expressions in Java Taming Shared Mutability with Software Transactional Memory Integrating JVM Languages Demystifying invokedynamic

Thursday Dec 05, 2013

Congrats to the 2013 JavaOne Rock Stars!

By guest blogger: JavaOne Content Chair Stephen Chin

Each year at JavaOne we recognize the best speakers of the conference as voted on by attendees through the surveys.  This year the overall reviews given by attendees were higher on average, so I guess we did something right with the content…  :)  However, it also means the criteria for getting awarded a JavaOne Rock Star was even more difficult.

Here are all the folks who made the cut, and were the best-of-the-best at the JavaOne 2013 event.  Give them a virtual round of applause (I linked to their twitter handles to make this even easier to do):

To see all the JavaOne Rock Stars past and present, visit the JavaOne Rock Star Wall of Fame page.

And a new year begins…  we are just starting planning for JavaOne 2014, so I hope you are looking forward to the new content!

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

Oracle’s Java Community Outreach Plan

As the steward of Java, Oracle recognizes the importance and value of the Java community, and the relevant role it plays in keeping Java the largest, most vibrant developer community in the world.  

In order to increase Oracle’s touch with Java developers worldwide, we are shifting our focus from a flagship JavaOne event followed by several regional JavaOne conferences, to a new outreach model which continues with the JavaOne flagship event, as well as a mix of online content, regional Java Tours, and regional 3rd party event participation. 

1. JavaOne

  • JavaOne continues to remain the premier hub for Java developers where you are given the opportunity to improve your Java technical skills, and interact with other members of the Java community. JavaOne is centered on open collaboration and sharing, and Oracle will continue to invest in JavaOne as a unique stand-alone event for the Java community.
  • Oracle recognizes that many developers cannot attend JavaOne in person, therefore Oracle will share the wealth of the unique event material to those developers through a new and easy-to-access online Java program. While online JavaOne content cannot address the importance of actual face-to-face community/developer engagements and networking, online content does aide in extending the Java technical learning opportunity to a broader collection of developers.
2. Java Developer Day Tours
  • Oracle will execute regional Java Developer Days with recognized Java User Groups (JUGs) with participation from Java Evangelist and Java Champions. This allows local, regional specific Java topics to be addressed both by Oracle and the Java community.
  • In addition, Oracle will deliver more virtual technical content programs to reach developers where an existing JUG may not have a presence.
3. Sponsorship of Community-Driven Regional Events/Conferences
  • Oracle also recognizes that improved community dialog and relations are achievable by continued Oracle sponsorship and onsite participation at both established/well-recognized 3rd party events and new emerging/growing 3rd party events.

Oracle’s ultimate goal is to be an even better steward for Java by reaching more of the Java ecosystem with face-to-face and online community engagements. We look forward to planning tours and events with you, members of the Java community.

Friday Oct 18, 2013

NightHacking with James Gosling

Java Evangelist Stephen Chin is back on the road for a new NightHacking Tour. He is meeting with James Gosling at Kona, Hawaii, the launch base of the Wave Glider. The Glider is an aquatic robot which communicates real-time data from the surface of the ocean. It runs on an ARM chip using Java SE Embedded. 

"During this broadcast we will show some of the footage of his aquatic robots, talk through the technologies he is hacking on daily, and do Q&A with folks on the live chat" explains Stephen Chin. 

Sign up for the live stream on Wednesday, October 23rd at: 

8AM Hawaii Time
20:00 CET

Follow @nighthackingtv for the next Nighthacking events

Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

A JavaOne Success Story: The Java Embedded Challenge

The Java Embedded Challenge for Raspberry Pi this year was a first at JavaOne. For 3 days, attendees built Java Embedded applications using sensors, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, a Gemalto board, and a Beagle board.[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

At the Java Demogrounds: What’s Happening with Java SE?

Oracle’s Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro shared his excitement about new developments in Java SE.
[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Session Report: JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0

Technical Session Report: JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0
[Read More]

Monday Sep 23, 2013

The JavaOne 2013 Technical Keynote

Mark Reinhold and Brian Goetz explained the importance of lambda, while Oracle luminaries showed off a chess game.
[Read More]

Sunday Sep 22, 2013

At the JavaOne 2013 Strategy Keynote

Peter Utzschneider, Nandini Ramani, and Cameron Purdy provided a glimpse into Java’s future at the Sunday, September 22, JavaOne 2013 Strategy Keynote.[Read More]

Friday Sep 20, 2013

Women of Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne!

“Find your path, set it on fire- so bright that people not only want to see the flames, they want to walk in your footsteps before they cool…” is the message to women the organizers states for those events

The two sessions aim at giving attendees ideas to accomplish their goals, empower them to do more, build profession connections and more. 

The organizers and guest speakers have successful careers combining business and technical knowhow. They are: 
Kellyn Pot’Vin, Sr. Technical Consultant, Enkitec, (moderator for both sessions)
Debra Lilley, Principal Consultant at Fujitsu, ACED
Michelle Malcher, DBA Team Lead at DRW Holdings, ACED
Vanessa Simmons, Director of Business Development at the Pythian Group
Gwen Shapira, Solutions Architect at Cloudera, ACED
Amy Caldwell, Oracle Apps Development and EBS at Chick-fil-a
Sarah Zumbrum, Oracle Certified Lead Architect at Finit Solutions
Heli Helskyaho, CEO at Miracle Finland, ACE

Don't miss their two sessions next Monday at 10:00am and Tuesday at 3:00pm!


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