Thursday Sep 19, 2013

Download the JavaOne App for iPhone and Android

Did you know there's a free JavaOne mobile app? It's the best way to stay on top of four days packed with keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, and more.[Read More]

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Students, Come to JavaOne for Free!

Students get a FREE Discover Pass for JavaOne. This is the chance to learn about Java and network with experienced Java professionals.

To be eligible, students must be: 

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Thursday Oct 04, 2012

JavaOne Session Report - Java ME SDK 3.2

Oracle’s Sungmoon Cho, Product Manager for Java ME SDK, demonstrated the basic new features for Java ME Platform SDK 3.2.[Read More]

At the Java DEMOgrounds - JavaFX

Six JavaFX Demos revealed how far and how fast JavaFX has come in the past year.[Read More]

Sunday Sep 23, 2012

Nokia at JavaOne

nokia phoneNokia has long been a key partner for Java Mobile, and they continue investing significantly in Java technologies. Developers can learn more about Nokia's popular Asha phone and developer platform at JavaOne. In addition to interesting technical material, all Nokia sessions will include giveaways (hint: be engaged and ask questions!). Don't miss these great sessions:

CON4925 The Right Platform with the Right Technology for Huge Markets with Many Opportunities

CON11253 In-App Purchasing for Java ME Apps

BOF4747 Look Again: Java ME's New Horizons of User Experience, Service Model, and Internet Innovation

BOF12804 Reach the Next Billion with Engaging Apps: Nokia Asha Full Touch for Java ME Developers

CON6664 on Mobile Java, Asha, Full Touch, Maps APIs, LWUIT, new UI, new APIs and more

CON6494 Extreme Mobile Java Performance Tuning, User Experience, and Architecture

BOF6556 Mobile Java App Innovation in Nigeria

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Architects and Architecture at JavaOne 2012

The content for JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco is organized into six session types across seven tracks, divided among five session categories at three skill levels covering fifteen different roles—including software architects.  Architects get plenty of attention amid the vast cornucopia of technical immersion that is JavaOne.  Here's just a small sampling of the nearly 200 sessions available for architects:

Session Title Presenters
CON3992 Software Modularity: Paradoxes, Principles, and Architectures Andrzej Olszak - MMMI
Jaroslav Tulach - NetBeans Platform Architect, Oracle
CON7037 Transform Batch Processes into Message-Oriented Service Architectures Alexander Heusingfeld - Senior Consultant Software Development, Cyber:con GmbH
Stefan Reuter - IT Architect, reuter network consulting
CON5134 Rediscovering Your Architecture Through Software Archaeology Chris Bailey - Java Service Architect, IBM UK Ltd
CON6494 Extreme Mobile Java Performance Tuning, User Experience, and Architecture Patterns Paul Houghton - Director, Wizardry and Development, Futurice
CON2619 Advanced Enterprise Architectures Using Open Source Heath Kesler - SOA Architect, Savoir Technologies
BOF4712 Thinking Through Java Enterprise Performance Lucas Jellema - Solution Architect, AMIS Holding B.V.
BOF7955 Avoiding Java EE Application Design Traps to Achieve Effective Use of Cloud Computing Dr. Spock Lemos - Senior System Architect, SpockNET
Danival Calegari - Software Achitect, MATERA Systems
CON5357 Exercising Java 7 Features in Enterprise Applications While Avoiding Pitfalls Serguei Katkov - Intel Corp.
Anil Kumar Kumar - Sr. Staff Performance Engineer, Intel
CON4775 Developing Polyglot Persistence Applications Chris Richardson - VMware
CON7042 Building HTML5 Web Applications with Avatar Bryan Atsatt - Oracle

For more information and a complete listing of sessions by and for architects check out the JavaOne 2012 Content Catalog.

Friday Oct 07, 2011

Greg Bollella and Eric Jensen on the Future of Cyber-Physical Systems with Embedded Java and Berkeley DB

In “Telemetry and Synchronization with Embedded Java and Berkeley DB” (25143), Oracle’s Greg Bollella and Eric Jensen presented a picture of the future of Cyber-Physical Systems that was downright stunning.

[Read More]

Monday Oct 03, 2011

Getting Started with Embedded Java -- Sense, Control, Connect, Store, Sync

Senior Oracle Technologist Terrence Barr showed developers how to build an embedded Java solution that senses and controls the environment, stores data, and connects to back-end databases.

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Friday Sep 23, 2011

A JavaOne 2011 Mobile and Embedded Show Guide

Terrence Barr, Oracle’s Java Mobile & Embedded Community Ambassador, has published his annual two-part JavaOne Mobile & Embedded Show Guide, which I highly recommend.

[Read More]

Thursday Sep 01, 2011

Mobile App for JavaOne

The JavaOne Mobile App is now available! Keep connected on your BlackBerry, Droid, or iPhone while at JavaOne. You now have a flexible and convenient way to manage and organize your JavaOne experience. You can access Schedule Builder, exhibitor listings, daily updates, and more.  Find out what's happening and where at JavaOne: all of the activities you need to attend, all of the people you want to meet—all on your mobile device.

Key features of the JavaOne Mobile App include:

  • Daily conference highlights
  • Information on keynotes, activities, and events: who, what, where, when
  • Access to Schedule Builder, where registered attendees can update their schedule directly from the app
  • Links to descriptions and locations of the Java DEMOgrounds and exhibitor and sponsor listings
  • Links to key social networks: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oracle Mix
  • Links to maps, hotel shuttle schedules, and other logistics information
  • Links to local restaurants, tour information, and the Show Your Badge discount program

The mobile app lives under > Tools > JavaOne Mobile, you can download it here or get it at the Apple App store. The JavaOne Mobile app provided by Pyxis Mobile.


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