Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

A JavaOne Success Story: The Java Embedded Challenge

The Java Embedded Challenge for Raspberry Pi this year was a first at JavaOne. For 3 days, attendees built Java Embedded applications using sensors, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, a Gemalto board, and a Beagle board.[Read More]

Monday Sep 23, 2013

The JavaOne 2013 Technical Keynote

Mark Reinhold and Brian Goetz explained the importance of lambda, while Oracle luminaries showed off a chess game.
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Monday Oct 01, 2012

Java EE at JavaOne - A Few Picks from a Very Rich Line-up

Some of the world’s best Java EE developers and architects are sharing their insights in sessions at this year’s JavaOne.[Read More]

The JavaOne 2012 Sunday Technical Keynote

At the Sunday Technical Keynote, Mark Reinhold and crew demonstrated, via a single application, how Java and JavaFX can scale well -- from the cloud all the way down to very small embedded devices.
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Friday Sep 21, 2012

JavaOne 2012 Conference Preview

A new article, by noted freelancer Steve Meloan, now up on otn/java, titled “JavaOne 2012 Conference Preview,” looks ahead to the fast approaching JavaOne 2012 Conference, scheduled for September 30-October 4 in San Francisco. The Conference will celebrate and highlight one of the world’s leading technologies. As Meloan states, “With 9 million Java developers worldwide, 5 billion Java cards in use, 3 billion mobile phones running Java, 1 billion Java downloads each year, and 100 percent of Blu-ray disk players and 97 percent of enterprise desktops running Java, Java is a technology that literally permeates our world.”

The 2012 JavaOne is organized under seven technical tracks:

* Core Java Platform
* Development Tools and Techniques
* Emerging Languages on the JVM
* Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud
* Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
* Java ME, Java Card, Embedded, and Devices
* JavaFX and Rich User Experiences

Conference keynotes will lay out the Java roadmap. For the Sunday keynote, such Oracle luminaries as Cameron Purdy, Vice President of Development; Nandini Ramani, Vice President of Engineering, Java Client and Mobile Platforms; Richard Bair, Chief Architect, Client Java Platform; and Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect, Java Platform will be presenting.

For the Thursday IBM keynote, Jason McGee, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM PureApplication System, and John Duimovich, Java CTO and IBM Distinguished Engineer, will explore Java and IBM's cloud-based initiatives.
All in all, the JavaOne 2012 Conference should be as exciting as ever.

Link to the article here.

Tuesday Oct 04, 2011

Moving Java Forward -- Java Strategy Keynote JavaOne 2011

Java Roadmap

Tuesday's Java Strategy Keynote presented Oracle's long-term vision for augmented investment and innovation in Java -- from mobile and handheld devices, to the desktop, to the Cloud.

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Monday Oct 03, 2011

Evolutionary Next-Steps - Technical Keynote JavaOne 2011

Monday’s Java Technical Keynote showed that the Java platform -- from Java 7 to JavaFX 2.0 to Java EE’s move into the cloud – is alive and moving ahead with the times.

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Tuesday Sep 21, 2010

Plan B Wins

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by Janice J. Heiss

As expected, what Mark Reinhold referred to in his blog as "Plan B" represents the direction Oracle is taking with JDK 7. To judge from the responses to his blog, this should be a popular decision.

Here are some basics:

Proposed JDK 7 Features

  • InvokeDynamic byte code and supporting features for dynamic languages
  • Fork/Join Framework and related concurrency and collections API enhancements for improved multi-threaded Java code
  • Small Language Enhancements (most of "Project Coin") for higher developer productivity and cleaner, more concise Java code
  • Session Description Protocol (SDP) and Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) support
  • New I/O APIs - A flexible filesystem API, and asynchronous I/O
  • Support for updated standards - Unicode, localization, security, cryptography, XML and JDBC
  • JVM performance improvements

Proposed JDK 8 Features

  • Lambda expressions ("closures") for higher developer productivity and better leveraging of multi-core CPUs
  • Small language enhancements (Remaining parts of "Project Coin")
  • A Java-native module system ("Project Jigsaw") to simplify the construction, packaging, and deployment of applications
  • JVM start-up time and ergonomics improvements

I'm sure we'll hear more about his vision for the platform at the General Technical Session today, 9/21, which I'll be covering.

Again, for more details, see JDK 7.


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