Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java Clients and User Interfaces

By David Lopez

The JavaOne 2015 Content Catalog is live. We’ve got hundreds of great sessions covering all things Java related. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, be it Server-Side Development, Security, or anything in between, the sessions have been placed into tracks. There are 8 tracks at this year’s conference designed to be the ultimate guide to help you stay on top of the latest innovations in Java technologies. This is the seventh post in a series on the tracks being offered at this year’s conference. Last week, we looked at the Java and Server-Side Development track. Today, let’s look at the Java Clients and User Interfaces track and a few featured sessions.

This track is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to make sure your UI is effective as the rest of your application. With all the new ways that we interact with tech, including touch screen devices, user interfaces are no longer an afterthought. Each UI must be carefully planned if you are going to make each device just as user friendly while leveraging the unique benefits of each type of device to the fullest extent. The Java Clients and User Interfaces track will help develop your JavaFX, HTLM5, and JavaScript skills for everything from small, handheld devices to more powerful systems.

On this track, be sure to check out the featured session: “Building Applications with PostgreSQL’s jsonb Datatype, Play 2 Framework, and REST” by Anton Kazakov from Softarex Technologies Inc. This is a Hands-on Lab Session, meaning you’ll walk away with firsthand knowledge. The session was covered in last week’s blog on the Java and Server-Side Development track, so I won’t go into it at length here, but it is a great way to learn a technique for managing difficult class hierarchies and data that would usually require multiple databases. Also on the Java Clients and User Interfaces track is “One Codebase to Rule Them All: Going Mobile wit 2048FX” by Jens Deters and José Pereda. Looking to turn your JavaFX-made desktop game application into a mobile app that can be distributed on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store? This session will show you how! Using JavaFXPorts, only minor changes are required to take your game and make it mobile. Another great session to look out for will teach you to build a voice user interface (VUI). For information on building a VUI, check out “Speech Recognition in Java” by Breandan Considine from JetBrains, Inc. This session will give you the tools to build a speech recognizer by taking advantage of open source libraries, making it easier to focus on the VUI.
To see more from this track, head over to the Content Catalog and filter by Java Clients and User Interfaces. It’s shaping up to be a great JavaOne 2015. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the latest innovations in Java and the great opportunities to connect with the Java Community. Register  today!

Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Interview with Track Co-Lead Simon Maple

By David Lopez

This week I sat down and spoke with Simon Maple, the Emerging Languages Track Co-Lead at JavaOne 2015. Simon is a developer advocate at ZeroTurnaround, a Java Champion, founder and organizer of the vJUG (Virtual Java User Group), and a featured speaker at this year’s conference. We discussed his experience on the track committee and how JavaOne’s track setup helps attendees find their focus at such a large conference. You’ll also hear about one of his sessions. You can find info on them all here.

When asked about his favorite thing at JavaOne, what he’s really looking forward to, Simon brought up one of the best parts of JavaOne that you’ll rarely see advertised. It’s not the world-class speakers or the scenic San Francisco Bay. It’s the parties! Where else can you bump elbows and have a conversation with so many people that are radically changing the tech world or hosted your favorite vJUG session? Check out the interview embedded below, and if that’s not working, it’s linked here

Don’t forget to register for JavaOne 2015 before the already extended early bird discount ends, and check out the Content Catalog for info on all the great sessions at this year’s JavaOne San Francisco!

Wednesday Aug 19, 2015

JavaOne4Kids: Robots, Minecraft, and Coding

By David Lopez

Much like with language, kids have the ability to absorb and understand the basics of technology amazingly at an early age. Building the next generation of developers, engineers, and tech lovers, JavaOne4Kids is an entire day’s worth of sessions hosted on Saturday October 24th right before JavaOne begins (schedule available here). In order to ensure that the kids have the best time possible and want to come back for more, we try to offer lessons that spark their interest and creativity. These sessions are aimed at children 10-18 years old. There are 21 total sessions being offered over 3 time slots. Technologies covered include: Greenfoot, LEGO Mindstorms, Scratch, Leap Motion, Arduino, Python, NAO Robot, HTML5, JavaScript, Polymer, Raspberry Pi, Scala, Forge 1.8, Tynker, and, of course, Java. 

Each session is designed to reach out to a different age group or interest. For example, the young artists can draw their favorite animals with JavaScript; the gamers can mod Minecraft with Forge 1.8 or build their own game with Java or Scratch and Leap Motion, and robot enthusiasts can play with a NAO Robot. Registration for this event opens in September, but in order to make sure it’s the best that it can possibly be, we are now looking for volunteers to help with the workshops. Sign up to volunteer here. Your time will help inspire the next generation of Java Developers – a great way to give back to and help grow the Java Community.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2015

Last Week to Save Hundreds with the Early Bird Discount!

By David Lopez

Looking to attend JavaOne this fall? Whether you’re looking for the full conference experience or the Discover pass with access to Keynotes and Exhibit Halls, the Early Bird Discount will save you a substantial amount of money on your cost of attendance. We’ve even got a special discount going on for Government Employees (including public universities). Right now, you can save $600 as a government employee, $400 as a full conference attendee, and you can grab a Discover Pass for just $50. But you’d better hurry, as these deals expire at the end of the week on August 16th. 

So talk to your boss (see tips here), your spouse, or yourself, and make plans to attend JavaOne 2015 while this great rate is still in effect. With hundreds of innovative sessions hosted by leaders in the field, JavaOne is the perfect place to sharpen your skills and make connections with other members of the Java Community. And if that’s not enough, JavaOne is hosted in San Francisco, one of the most scenic cities on Earth, and we’re guaranteeing the lowest rates on conference hotels  for a limited time. So check out the content catalog to see what JavaOne has to offer you and register before the Early Bird Discount runs out!

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java and Security

By David Lopez

The JavaOne Content Catalog is live and full of hundreds of great sessions, which, admittedly, can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many sessions, where to start looking? How to really know what JavaOne has to offer? Well, the best place to start is with an understanding of the tracks being offered at this year’s conference. Each one tackles a different side of the Java technologies, and this is the second post in a series explaining the different tracks featured at this year’s JavaOne conference and what they have to offer. Last week, we looked at the Core Java Platform track . Today, let’s look at the Java and Security track and a few featured sessions. 

The Java and Security track focuses on discussing the best policies and practices for keeping Java Technologies secure. Java runs on billions of devices, including desktops and servers, as well as embedded and edge devices, making it an attractive target for attacks. To combat this, the Java and Security track will show you the security tools, coding techniques, and innovative products that can help you stay secure. These sessions will not only give you the tools to manage your security, but will also bring you up to date on what you need to be aware of for your daily work. 

Mario-Leander Reimer, Chief Technologist at QAware GmbH, will be hosting a session on “Secure Java EE Architecture and Programming 101.” His session seeks to demonstrate the potential vulnerabilities in poorly written code, including security vulnerabilities that can arise from only minor errors. Also on the agenda is a discussion of how to safely handle open source libraries. Learn rules and tools for staying secure. 

Also offered on the Java and Security track is “Code-Level Security Games and Puzzles in Java” by Brenton Phillips. Take a fresh look at security by studying and solving Java code-level vulnerability puzzles. You’ll work with the presenter and attendees to solve these puzzles in time. You’ll be able to see a security-focused static source code analyzer in use, and you can bring these puzzles back to your team as a fun way to sharpen your security skills. 

Stay on top of your security at JavaOne with these sessions and more! You can view all sessions on this track by going to the Content Catalog and filtering by the Java and Security Track. And be sure to register today while the Early Bird Discount is still in effect!

Thursday Jul 23, 2015

JavaOne 2015 Track Highlights: Core Java Platform

By David Lopez 

The JavaOne Content Catalog is live and full of hundreds of great sessions, which, admittedly, can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many sessions, where to start looking? How to really know what JavaOne has to offer? Well, the best place to start is with an understanding of the tracks  being offered at this year’s conference. Each one tackles a different side of the Java technologies, and this is the first post in a series explaining the different tracks featured at this year’s JavaOne conference and what they have to offer. Today, let’s look at the Core Java Platform track and a few featured sessions.

The Core Java Platform track includes material that is fundamental to Java technologies. It covers information like new developments in the Java programming language, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Java library features. For example, JavaOne Rock Star Paul Sandoz is giving a session on “Effective Java Streams.” His session will take a look at Java SE Stream API, effective parallel execution, and moving forward to SE 9 and beyond. Hear tips and tricks that will change the way you use Java. 

Also offered is “Java SE 8: Keeping Pace with the Technology” by Sheryl Domingue. This is a Birds-of-a-Feather session, meaning that the session will be more discussion based and will take a broader look at SE 8 and the new tools it has to offer. This is a great chance to keep pace with the ever growing Java technology. You can view information about all the sessions in this track by going to the content catalog and selecting the Core Java Platform as a track filter. 

With hundreds of innovative and up-to-date sessions like these, you won’t wanna miss this year’s JavaOne Conference. Register today!

Wednesday Jul 22, 2015

Book Your JavaOne Hotel Early and Save!

By David Lopez  

San Francisco – A city known for its old Victorian homes, its Golden Gate Bridge and Park, its scenic bay, and its rolling fog. It’s definitely a lovely city to live in or visit. One thing it’s not known for, however, is cheap and abundant hotel rooms. Have no fear, though, JavaOne goers. We’ve taken steps to ensure that finding and booking a conference hotel  is not only easy, but we’re also guaranteeing the lowest rates at these hotels until October 7th. 

Booking is easy with our real-time inventory system. You can view all available hotels, rooms, and rates to find the perfect room and location for you. Also with most conference hotels, complimentary shuttle service is being offered to and from Moscone Center, home of JavaOne, so you can relax and enjoy the conference and all that San Francisco has to offer without having to worry about getting to and from JavaOne. 

Remember to book soon. With JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld happening, rooms fill up fast, and the special conference rate is based on availability. You must be registered to take advantage of the conference rate and inventory system, so register soon and you’ll not only get the best deal on a hotel room in San Francisco, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our early bird discount.

Thursday Jul 16, 2015

Talk to Your Boss About Going to JavaOne

By David Lopez 

If you haven’t already, now is the time to talk to your manager about JavaOne 2015. Check out the Justification Email for great ideas on how to convince your manager to send you to JavaOne. 

JavaOne has hundreds of great sessions to keep you up-to-date and pushing ahead. In fact, 88% of attendees said they’d return to JavaOne, and 96% said that JavaOne delivers on their objectives. So check the content catalog and let your manager know exactly how this investment will pay off. 

Be sure to let your manager know that the Early Bird Discount is still in effect so if you register soon you’ll save hundreds!

Thursday Jul 09, 2015

JavaOne 2015 Java EE Track Committee: Ryan Cuprak

By Guest Blogger Reza Rahman - From Original Post

This is the fourth and last in a series of interviews for you to meet some of the committee members for the JavaOne 2015 Java EE track. We will next move on to interviewing some of the key accepted speakers in the track this year.

The committee plays the most important part in determining the content for JavaOne. These good folks really deserve recognition as most of them devote many hours of their time helping move JavaOne forward, often as volunteers. If JavaOne matters to you, these are folks you should know about.

This last interview is with my good friend Ryan Cuprak. If you are having trouble seeing the embedded video below it is available here.

Ryan is the founder of the Connecticut JUG, author, blogger, speaker, JavaOne Rock Star and Java EE advocate. He is a senior manager at Dassault Systemes. Ryan is a brand new and welcome addition to the committee. In the interview he shares his experience and expectations for the Java EE track this year.

He also wrote up an excellent blog entry on his experience as a new committee member. He had some pretty good insights and very kind things to say about the process, JavaOne and Java EE that's worth a read.

On this note, I would like to make sure you know that the JavaOne content catalog is now already live with a few preliminary fairly obvious selections we were able to make. None of the sessions accepted at this stage are from Oracle speakers on our track. The folks that we selected early for acceptance include David Blevins, Jonathan Gallimore, Mohammed Taman, Rafael Benevides and Antoine Sabot-Durand. They will be talking about Java EE Connectors (JCA), Java EE 7 real world adoption, CDI and DeltaSpike. I would encourage you to check out all the early selections in the catalog. We are working to finalize the full catalog shortly.

I hope to see you at JavaOne. Do stay tuned for more interviews with some key speakers on our track.

Tuesday Jul 07, 2015

Customize Your JavaOne Experience

By David Lopez

Looking for the perfect way to experience this year's JavaOne conference? With a variety of packages, add-ons, and deals, JavaOne 2015 has something for everyone.

The full conference pass gives you the most access. With the pass, you have access to over 450 JavaOne sessions and events, keynote speakers and exhibition halls at both JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld (Check out our great keynote lineup here), the Oracle Users' Forum, the rockin' appreciation event, and so much more. If you're looking to bring a guest along who isn't looking for the full experience, check out our guest add-on. With access to key networking events, exhibition halls, keynotes, and the appreciation event, your guest will get a taste of JavaOne.

If you're looking for a lighter JavaOne experience, be sure to check out the Discover package. Discover offers access to keynotes, exhibit halls, and more at an early bird price of just $50.

There are plenty of other ways to save at JavaOne. Registering for full conference with a group? You can save up to 28% off. Or maybe you're just registering for one. Early bird discounts are still in effect, so register soon and save up to $600. We also offer special government rates for government employees, including higher education institutions.

Take advantage of these deals and be sure to register today! The party starts soon!


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