Monday Oct 10, 2011

It's a Wrap

It's a Wrap

Thanks for being a part of JavaOne 2011! Here are a few more things you can do to keep that Java buzz, including getting session content and staying in contact with the Java community. JavaOne Latin America is only a few months away, and we'd love to see you there!

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Tuesday Oct 04, 2011

The "Java Life" Rap Music Video

The JavaOne Keynotes included the "Java Life" rap music video. For those of you who asked, lyrics are included. You can watch more videos at the new youtube/java channel. Enjoy. In the cubicles representin’ for my JAVA homies…
In by nine, out when the deadlines are met, check it!

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Oracle Announcements at JavaOne 2011

There were lots of announcements at today's Java Strategy Keynote at JavaOne. Here are links to the Press Releases for details.

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Sunday Oct 02, 2011

JavaOne Keynotes: Watch Live!

If you are attending JavaOne, you'll be lucky enough to see the keynotes in person. If you can't attend JavaOne, the keynotes will be streamed live at and will also be available on demand after JavaOne. Here's the full schedule.

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Friday Sep 30, 2011

Restaurant Recommendations for JavaOne

If you are thinking about where to eat while you are at JavaOne in San Francisco, you can use OpenTable to make reservations. Since it lists over 600 restaurants, we'd thought we'd give you some of our personal favorites.

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Wednesday Aug 03, 2011

Java Champions at JavaOne 2011!

Congratulations to the Java Champions who will be leading technical sessions and/or BOFs at JavaOne 2011!

Whether the topic is Java EE, Griffon, JavaFX/rich client, agile development, or you name it, Java Champs are "bringing it" this year, as they are wont to do! You can view session descriptions and schedules via the JavaOne content catalog.

Presenter Title Session ID
Adam Bien Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6 21622
The Road to Java EE 7: Is It All About the Cloud? 23423
Java EE 6: The Cool Parts 21641
Andres Almiray Painless Desktop Application Development: The Griffon Experience  17581
Bert Ertman Best Practices for Migrating Spring Applications to Java EE 6 24423
Bruno Souza Instant Cloud: Just Add Java 25242
Howard Lewis Ship Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Metaprogramming Techniques for Java 25680
James Weaver Visualization of Geomaps and Topic Maps with JavaFX 2.0 23283
The Return of Rich-Client Java 22523
Jeff Genender Using Apache Camel and Java EE in an OSGi World 26521
Josh Marinacci Building Java Apps for Non-Java Mobile Platforms with GWT and PhoneGap 25088
Kirk Pepperdine Are Your Garbage Collection Logs Speaking to You?  24466
Michael Hüttermann Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)  18180
Paul Perrone LincVolt: A Robotic Electric 1959 Lincoln 24721
LaserTag: Fusing Laser and RFID for Perimeter Security 24741
Peter Pilgrim Progressive JavaFX 2.0 Custom Components 24085
Regina ten Bruggencate Women in Java: An Unconference 24243
Stephen Chin JavaFX 2.0 with Alternative Languages 17960
JFXtras 2.0: Open Source Extensions for JavaFX 22021
Moving to the Client: JavaFX and HTML5 22122
XML-Free Programming: Java Server and Client Development Without <> 22125

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