Thursday Jul 24, 2014

Adam Bien's Java EE Sessions at JavaOne 2014

By Guest Blogger Reza Rahman

For the Java EE track at JavaOne 2014 we will highlight some key sessions and speakers to better inform you of what you can expect.

To this end we recently interviewed none other than Adam Bien. In the very unlikely case that you don't know who Adam is he is a key Java EE advocate, independent consultant, Java EE expert member, highly popular speaker, blogger and author. To add to Adam's extensive credentials he is also a Java Champion, Top Java Ambassador and JavaOne Rock Star. Few folks have done as much to advocate Java EE as Adam has, especially in Germany and Europe. We are very honored to have Adam speak at JavaOne and interview him on his sessions this year:

Adam has several key sessions on the track:

">"> • Unorthodox Enterprise Practices: Modern Java EE aside, server-side Java is certainly not a new technology. Over the years server-side Java development has picked up the clutter of many outdated practices and patterns. In this live coding session Adam attempts to remove some of that clutter by demonstrating first hand just how lean and lightweight Java EE 7 applications should be. Many of the practices he demonstrates are from the real world projects in his highly successful consulting practice.

Enterprise Nashorn: As some of you may be aware, Nashorn is the brand new JavaScript engine included in  JDK 8. In this session Adam demonstrates some innovative uses of Nashorn with Java EE 7 applications.

Java EE 8 Community Update and Panel: This panel is intended to be an open forum for discussing Java EE 8. The panel consists of both some vendors and key folks in the community like Adam. The panel will be moderated by my colleague Bruno Borges. The idea is to encourage panelists to interact with each other and the audience.

Adam also has a session titled Productive JavaFX 8. In this session he discusses ideas like integrating JavaFX with Java EE 7 and Java SE 8. If you are already a Java EE fan or still just evaluating, you will be well-served to attend Adam's sessions at JavaOne. In the months running up to JavaOne we hope to highlight a few more key folks and sessions, so do stay tuned. 

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Ignite Comes to JavaOne

New this year is an evening of Ignite sessions! In five minute sessions, presenters share their professional and personal passions using a 15 seconds per slide punchy format. "I found speakers who have huge passion aside from technology" explains Kevin Nilson, who is organizing the event.  Topped with beers, this will be an evening of relaxation, fun and great conversations. Learn more about Ignite and sign up to propose a talk!

And don't forget to register for JavaOne today and take advantage of the Early Bird rate. It has just been extended! 

Tuesday Aug 06, 2013

What Top Java Developers Are Saying about JavaOne ....

"At JavaOne you'll be in geek heaven: great minds getting together and talking about technology 12 hours per day. You always learn something new and meet great people. Just don't be shy. "
Fabiane Bizinella Nardon, Chief Scientist, TailTarget, Java Champion

“JavaOne is the place to meet other Java enthusiasts from every corner of the planet. Although we speak different languages we all share the same passion: Java.”
Andres Almiray, Groovy Enthusiast and Java Champion

"I am always amazed at how much I learn from talks at JavaOne."
Kevin Nilson, VP of Engineering, Java Champion, Three Time JavaOne Rock Star, Leader Silicon Valley Java User Group

“Why do you go to JavaOne San Francisco every year? I go, because JavaOne is the centre of the universe for all things considered Java and related technologies.”
Peter A. Pilgrim, Java EE 7 Author, Java Champion, and Independent Contractor

 Register now!

Check out the Content Catalog for JavaOne sessions, speakers, and abstracts

Friday Sep 28, 2012

Talking JavaOne with Rock Star Kirk Pepperdine

Java Rock Star Kirk Pepperdine shares his expertise on Java performance tuning.[Read More]

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Talking JavaOne with Rock Star Adam Bien

Among the most celebrated developers in recent years, especially in the domain of Java EE and JavaFX, is consultant Adam Bien, who, in addition to being a JavaOne Rock Star for Java EE sessions given in 2009 and 20011, is a Java Champion, the winner of Oracle Magazine’s 2011 Top Java Developer of the Year Award, and recently won a 2012 JAX Innovation Award as a top Java Ambassador.

Bien will be presenting the following sessions:

  • TUT3907 - Java EE 6/7: The Lean Parts
  • CON3906 - Stress-Testing Java EE 6 Applications Without Stress
  • CON3908 - Building Serious JavaFX 2 Applications
  • CON3896 - Interactive Onstage Java EE Overengineering

I spoke with Bien to get his take on Java today. He expressed excitement that the smallest companies and startups are showing increasing interest in Java EE. “This is a very good sign,” said Bien. “Only a few years ago J2EE was mostly used by larger companies -- now it becomes interesting even for one-person shows. Enterprise Java events are also extremely popular. On the Java SE side, I'm really excited about Project Nashorn.”

Nashorn is an upcoming JavaScript engine, developed fully in Java by Oracle, and based on the Da Vinci Machine (JSR 292) which is expected to be available for Java 8.  

Bien expressed concern about a common misconception regarding Java's mediocre productivity. “The problem is not Java,” explained Bien, “but rather systems built with ancient patterns and approaches. Sometimes it really is ‘Cargo Cult Programming.’ Java SE/EE can be incredibly productive and lean without the unnecessary and hard-to-maintain bloat. The real problems are ‘Ivory Towers’ and not Java’s lack of productivity.”

Bien remarked that if there is one thing he wanted Java developers to understand it is that, "Premature optimization is the root of all evil. Or at least of some evil. Modern JVMs and application servers are hard to optimize upfront. It is far easier to write simple code and measure the results continuously. Identify the hotspots first, then optimize.”

He advised Java EE developers to, “Rethink everything you know about Enterprise Java. Before you implement anything, ask the question: ‘Why?’ If there is no clear answer -- just don't do it. Most well known best practices are outdated. Focus your efforts on the domain problem and not the technology.”

Looking ahead, Bien said, “I would like to see open source application servers running directly on a hypervisor. Packaging the whole runtime in a single file would significantly simplify the deployment and operations.”

Check out a recent Java Magazine interview with Bien about his Java EE 6 stress monitoring tool here.

Monday Oct 03, 2011

Java Champion Adam Bien at JavaOne

Java Champion, JavaOne Rock Star, and winner of Oracle Magazine’s ninth annual Editors' Choice award as Java Developer of the Year, Adam Bien once again has a strong presence at JavaOne this year with participation in four sessions.

[Read More]

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