Thursday Aug 16, 2012

Top Five Reasons You Should Attend Java University at JavaOne

Java University is a one-day training held on Sunday September 30th at the Hilton Union Square from 8:00am-3:30 pm.  It includes accelerated Java training in a seminar-style format taught by Oracle engineers, community experts, and Oracle University instructors. The training provides in-depth content, real-world examples, and demos that you can apply right away.  

Here ate the top 5 reasons you should attend Java University pre-conference training:

1. Save time, train while you are at the conference instead of taking more time away from work for a separate training.

2. Get Java training at an accelerated pace – 4 days of training in just one day.

3. Learn Java from the best: community experts and Java gurus from Oracle – including Luc Duponcheel, Chris Richardson, Sang Shin, Joe Boulenouar and many more.

4. Get the skills that are most in-demand in the marketplace today.  Sessions are being offered based on community requests. These courses will prepare you for developing applications for the cloud, improving application performance, or getting the most out of Java SE 7. 

5. You can show your Java cred with a Java certification. It will prove you've got wicked Java skills.

Here is the full list of session titles:

 · Architect and Design Robust Enterprise Applications for the Cloud and Beyond
 · Building Dynamic Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using JavaScript, Ajax, Comet, and Dojo Toolkit
 · Secure Coding Guidelines for the Java Programming Language
 · Developing Portable Enterprise Applications with EJB and JPA
 · More Than Skin-Deep: JavaServer Faces 2.2 Foundation and Practice
 · Designing and Implementing Secure Java Web Services
 · Developing Enterprise Applications with the Spring Framework
 · Extreme Performance: Tuning Java SE for Throughput and Latency
 · Java SE 7: New Features
 · Developing Rich Client Applications with Java SE 7
 · Java SE 7 Certification Exam Cram
 · Using Java: For PL/SQL and Database Developers
 · Build Applications with Oracle ADF: Making Java EE Development Simpler

Here is what past students told us:

“Very profound! The Extreme Performance class was excellent and I learned a lot.”

“Great class.  The instructor [Joe Boulenouar] was an excellent resource.  He was very knowledgeable and engaged.”

“Chris Richardson was extremely knowledgeable and able to relate concepts to real world problems.  He could teach almost anything and I would enjoy his presentation.”

“Sang Shin was an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable.  Really expanded my knowledge of Dojo/Javascript.”

“The JSF course was very good and there were a lot of real-world examples that will help me in my day-to-day work”

“There was a lot covered in the [Web Services] class.  Very clear instruction and the instructor was willing to explain complex topics in depth while keeping the class moving.  It was a great class.”

Add Java University to your conference pass registration so you can get the most out of Java. All of the details, course descriptions, instructor bios and registration links can be found on the Java University at JavaOne page.


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