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Over 2000 Indian developers were on hand to hear the opening keynotes at JavaOne in Hyderabad, India. The Nokia keynote provided an overview of the state of mobile technology and what it means for developers. The Java strategy keynote reminded the Indian Java community of the power and strength of Java and reaffirmed Oracle's commitment to Java.

Gerard J. Rego, head of Ecosystem & Developer Experience at Nokia, India gave the Nokia keynote. Mr. Rego surveyed the state of mobile technology, discussed Mobile 2.0, and said Java is at the heart of "the internet of things." He said "Java is super-critical for what we do." The keynote included a video about a cool mobile application which controls water pumps via phone, a boon for Indian farmers so they don't have to walk to their pumps at night. The developer, Santosh Ostwal, came on stage to discuss his application, which he named Nano Ganesh. He encouraged developers to use their creativity to solve problems. "Don't think of it as a phone, think of it as a low-cost wireless device," he said.

Naveen Asrani, Director of Product Management at Oracle India, kicked off the Java Strategy keynote by mentioning three important things for Java's current and future success: Java is proven technology, Java has a vibrant community, and Oracle's stewardship of Java.  Mr. Asrani then provided scorecards for Java in 2012 in terms of technology, community and Oracle leadership.  He mentioned important Java accomplishments of the past year, including JDK 7, GlassFish 3.1.2, JavaFX 2.1, and JSR 342 for the Java EE 7 platform. He mentioned the importance of the Java community and Java user groups. "JUGs are our conscience and it's critical they give us their perspective on Java," said Mr. Asrani.

Nandini Ramani is Vice President of Development in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Group and is responsible for the Java Client Platform. Mrs. Ramani covered the state of Java SE, Java ME and JavaFX.  She discussed the growing importance of the internet of things. "Our goal is to provide a seamless experence from embedded to enterprise, " Mrs. Ramani said. To provide that, one thing Oracle is working on is converging the Java SE and Java ME platform, with the plan to have them completely aligned at Java 9. She talked about the recent JavaFX 2.1 release, which includes JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0 Public Beta - a visual layout tool. Angela Caicedo, Java Evangelist, came on stage to give a Scene Builder demo, and showed how to create UIs by simply dragging and positioning objects. Mrs. Caicedo also showed the same JavaFX code running on phones and tablets. Ms. Ramani covered the JavaFX Roadmap, with JavaFX 2.2, including the JavaFX Scene Builder GA, coming later this year and JavaFX 3.0, included in JDK8, planned for Summer 2013.

Anil Gaur, Vice President of Server Technologies, gave an update on the state of Java EE. He said that
Java EE components have had over 40 million downloads. He explained that the theme for Java EE 7 is to "cloudify" the Java platform.  Ideally, he said, Java EE 7 will have a "Cloud Administration Service" that provides elasticity through dynamic, auto-provisioning services. Mr. Gaur covered major features planned for Java EE 7: Multitenancy, JMS 2.0, JSON API, and expanded CDI and REST support. There will also be some pruning of technologies, to reduce the bulk of Java EE, and allowing vendors the choice of supporting older APIs. In keeping with increased transparency, the development all JSRs for Java EE 7 run in the open, with publicly viewable Expert Group mail archives. Mr. Gaur mentioned Project Avatar, designed to allow Java applications, HTML5 applications, and hybrid HTML 5/Java applications to access Java EE in the cloud.

Mr. Gaur concluded by saying "Oracle has aggressive plans for Java over the next few years and we are continuing to drive technical advancements across the platform." All evidence that Java will continue to grow as the most powerful, scalable, secure, and open platform for the Indian and global developer community.


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