Interview with Apolo Ohno

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Apolo Ohno will drop in on OTN Night at JavaOne. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions in anticipation of his visit.

JavaOne Blog: Everyone remembers the image of you at the 2010 Olympics jumping over other skaters that were crashing. How did you keep your cool?

Apolo Ohno: For me - reacting to situations required years and years of preparation.  The countless hours in pursuit of leaving no stones unturned - allowed my body/mind connection to be strong during each competition.  Mental training, physical prep work all came together in 2010.

JavaOne Blog: High tech is a high-pressure business. How can people in high tech keep their cool in tense situations?

Apolo Ohno: I'm a firm believer in preparation and belief/confidence.  These elements give us the ability to react differently than the norm in high tension.  Having a calm mind but assertive in nature gives us the chance to fully understand the obstacles or challenges at hand.  High tech people and the business has a lot to do with efficiency - how quickly and effectively can one overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities for us to grow.....clears minds=quality decisions.

JavaOne Blog: JavaOne is well-known for having intense sessions (lots of brain work) and lots of activities (great networking and parties), it's sort of an endurance test. What can you recommend attendees do to keep their energy up for five long days of conference attendance?

Apolo Ohno: Eat frequently! Healthy choices, staying hydrated and of course sufficient sleep.  You wouldn't believe the studies we have seen both with athletics and the business world - regarding and how it can improve ones ability to better function.

JavaOne Blog: Do you have favorite places in San Francisco you are going to visit while you are here?

Apolo Ohno: Oh I love San Fran!  I'll let you guys take me out?  I'm a huge foodie, and so I welcome the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of China Town!   Being half Japanese, I love Asian food and culture...

JavaOne Blog: Do you consider yourself a wired kind of guy? If so, what technologies do you use?

Apolo Ohno: I'm wired!!!! iPad, iPhone, MacBook, etc technology has always played a role in my athletic career and ventures as well.

JavaOne Blog: Got to ask, what was the best part of being on Dancing with the Stars?

Apolo Ohno:The entire experience.....learned how to dance, and of course was surrounded beautiful women the entire show didn't hurt either :-)

JavaOne Blog: And the worst?

Apolo Ohno: The outfits.

JavaOne Blog: Do you skateboard? Is there any way we can get you on the half-pipe in front of Moscone Center?

Apolo Ohno:I don't skateboard but I'm down for any challenge.  If I can skate down a bobsled track and come out unscathed - I'm ready!

JavaOne Blog: We're all excited about the future of Java. What's in your future?

Apolo Ohno: Just finished writing a book - October 26th is the release date - "Zero Regrets," I launched a nutritional supplement company, and am partnered on other ventures as well.  Opportunity abound and I'm now focusing attention on the entertainment industry as well as film!

JavaOne Blog: Thank for your time. We look forward to seeing you at JavaOne.

Apolo Ohno: See you at OTN Night!

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