Monday Sep 17, 2012

JavaOne Gangnam Style

Yes, JavaOne is *the* place for excellent content, including technical information, opportunities to learn best practices from your peers, and access to industry experts. You can find lots of information about content in Java Evangelist Arun Gupta's 25 Reasons to attend JavaOne 2012. But you also have to let your Gangnam Style loose. Here are the Top Ten Fun Reasons to attend JavaOne 2012:

10. Connect with developers from more than 80 countries

9. Kick off the week at GlassFish and Friends Party Sunday night

8. Meet the community of Java Rock Stars

7. Enjoy all San Francisco has to offer

6. Meet your next best friend playing pinball in the Game Zone

5. Have your picture taken with Duke

4. Java in the morning and brews in the afternoon at the Taylor Street Cafe

3. Ride across the Golden Gate Bridge at the Community Geek Bike Ride

2. Rock out at the first-ever Oracle OpenWorld Music Festival

and #1...

1. It beats being at work!

 If you haven't registered, there's still time. Join us!

Getting Started with Social Development Inside the Enterprise

We are all used to sharing our status, our ideas and pictures in a social way in our personal lives, but it seems strange to give that up when we come to work.  It’s clear that social functionality is is starting to enter the enterprise, from consumer-facing experiences to employee collaboration, but where does an enterprise developer start? At JavaOne, you'll have opportunity to learn about social functionality in enterprise applications in a special new multi-presentation session, Getting Started with Social Development Inside the Enterprise. You’ll learn what’s possible today with Java and social, and you'll be welcomed into Oracle Social Developer Community (OSDC). By the end of this session you’ll know:

  • Is Java an appropriate social development environment?
  • What other options are available?
  • What kind of application integrations are being done today?
  • Where can I connect with other enterprise social developers?
  • Where can I get help starting my first project?

This program will include a range of speakers from the social developer community:

Carmen Delassio – CTO,  Layercake
James Pearce – Facebook Developer Liason, Facebook
Peter Stern -  CEO,
Frederic Daurelle – Oracle Social Network, Oracle
Adam Trachtenberg  - Director of Developer Network, LinkedIn
Roland Smart – VP of Social Marketing, Oracle

The session will end with a hands-on hackathon to get you started.

In addition to Social Developer session at JavaOne, Oracle is starting the Oracle Social Developer Lab that will create tools and solutions that reduce barriers to getting started with social development. This group will start taking requests from the community during JavaOne and will let the community prioritize the projects that it takes on through a social application.  Roland Smart, Vice President of Social Marketing at Oracle, explains "The development community will play a critical role in driving the transformation to a socially-enabled enterprise. Oracle is committed to supporting --and engaging with--the social developer community. Please join us!"

Register for JavaOne to attend.


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