Sunday Sep 30, 2012

IBM Keynote: (hardware,software)–>{}

IBM’s Jason McGee and John Duimovich addressed the challenges of Java in today’s rapidly evolving hardware and software environment.[Read More]

The Java Specialist: An Interview with Java Champion Heinz Kabutz

Dr. Heinz Kabutz discusses his Java Specialists’ Newsletter, his hands-on-lab at JavaOne and offers his assessment of the state of Java today.
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Saturday Sep 29, 2012

Geek Bike Ride JavaOne 2012

The Geek Bike Ride was cooool. We had 39 bike riders and one skater show up Saturday for a great route from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, across the Golden Gate bridge, to Saulsalito, and back to the city by ferry.[Read More]

Dr. Robert Ballard: Special Guest at Java Strategy Keynote Sunday

Dr. Robert Ballard, famed explorer who found the Titanic at its final resting place, will be at the Java Strategy Keynote on Sunday. Among the most accomplished and well known of the world's deep-sea explorers, Dr. Ballard is best known for his historic discoveries of hydrothermal vents, the sunken R.M.S. Titanic, the German battleship Bismarck, and numerous other contemporary and ancient shipwrecks around the world. During his long career he has conducted more than 120 deep-sea expeditions using the latest in exploration technology, and he is a pioneer in the early use of deep-diving submarines. You can learn more about Dr. Ballard and undersea exploration at National Geographic and TED.

The first 1,000 people to arrive at the JavaOne Keynote hall on Sunday will receive a copy of Dr. Ballard's TV show "The Alien Deep" on Blu-Ray. The Alien Deep explores the sea, thousands of feet beneath the surface, far from the first crack of light, where the planet’s last and greatest secrets hide in the cold darkness of endless night. Viewers get to see underwater worlds via submersible where no one has gone before.

The JavaOne Strategy Keynote is on Sunday at 4:00pm PT at Masonic Auditorium, 1111 California Street. See you there!

Friday Sep 28, 2012

Talking JavaOne with Rock Star Kirk Pepperdine

Java Rock Star Kirk Pepperdine shares his expertise on Java performance tuning.[Read More]

Talking JavaOne with Rock Star Charles Nutter

Java Rock Star Charles Nutter provides an update on recent developments in JRuby.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 27, 2012

Talking JavaOne with Rock Star Martijn Verburg

Learn about Java Rock Star Martijn Verburg. He has, in recent years, established himself as an important mover and shaker in the Java community.
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Mini Theater at OTN Lounge During JavaOne

The Oracle Technology Network Lounge at JavaOne will have a "Mini Theater" for casual demos from community members and Oracle staff. We are keeping the slots short, there will be no tests afterwards. It's your chance to talk to the experts 1-on-1. Here's the full schedule.[Read More]

Talking JavaOne with Rock Star Raghavan Srinivas

Two-time JavaOne Rock Star Raghavan Srinivas emphasizes the growing importance of the cloud, describes the significance of Java and Hadoop, celebrates the robust growth of Java and more.

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Duke's Choice Award Goes Regional

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Duke's Choice Award program to include regional awards in conjunction with each international JavaOne conference.  The expanded Duke's Choice Award program celebrates Java innovation happening within specific regions and provides an opportunity to recognize winners locally. Regions include Latin America (LAD), Europe Africa Middle East (EMEA), and Asia.  The global program will continue in association with the flagship JavaOne conference. 

First up: Duke's Choice Awards LAD.  Three winners will be announced on stage during JavaOne Latin America December 4th to 6th and in the Jan/Feb issue of Java Magazine.
Submit your nominationsnow through October 30th! Nominations are accepted from anyone, including Oracle employees,  for compelling uses of Java technology or community involvement.  Duke's Choice Awards LAD judges include community members Yara Senger (Brazil) and Alexis Lopez (Colombia).

In keeping with the 10 year tradition of the Duke's Choice Award program, the most important ingredient is innovation. Let's recognize and celebrate the innovation that Java delivers within Latin America! Learn more at

To see the 2012 global Duke's Choice Awards winners now, subscribe to Java Magazine.


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