Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Keeping It Clean in San Francisco

Join us on September 15, when California's largest volunteer event -- Coastal Cleanup Day -- is taking place. You can help by joining Oracle, Oracle partners, and many others at the Ocean Beach cleanup.   [Read More]

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Architects and Architecture at JavaOne 2012

The content for JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco is organized into six session types across seven tracks, divided among five session categories at three skill levels covering fifteen different roles—including software architects.  Architects get plenty of attention amid the vast cornucopia of technical immersion that is JavaOne.  Here's just a small sampling of the nearly 200 sessions available for architects:

Session Title Presenters
CON3992 Software Modularity: Paradoxes, Principles, and Architectures Andrzej Olszak - MMMI
Jaroslav Tulach - NetBeans Platform Architect, Oracle
CON7037 Transform Batch Processes into Message-Oriented Service Architectures Alexander Heusingfeld - Senior Consultant Software Development, Cyber:con GmbH
Stefan Reuter - IT Architect, reuter network consulting
CON5134 Rediscovering Your Architecture Through Software Archaeology Chris Bailey - Java Service Architect, IBM UK Ltd
CON6494 Extreme Mobile Java Performance Tuning, User Experience, and Architecture Patterns Paul Houghton - Director, Wizardry and Development, Futurice
CON2619 Advanced Enterprise Architectures Using Open Source Heath Kesler - SOA Architect, Savoir Technologies
BOF4712 Thinking Through Java Enterprise Performance Lucas Jellema - Solution Architect, AMIS Holding B.V.
BOF7955 Avoiding Java EE Application Design Traps to Achieve Effective Use of Cloud Computing Dr. Spock Lemos - Senior System Architect, SpockNET
Danival Calegari - Software Achitect, MATERA Systems
CON5357 Exercising Java 7 Features in Enterprise Applications While Avoiding Pitfalls Serguei Katkov - Intel Corp.
Anil Kumar Kumar - Sr. Staff Performance Engineer, Intel
CON4775 Developing Polyglot Persistence Applications Chris Richardson - VMware
CON7042 Building HTML5 Web Applications with Avatar Bryan Atsatt - Oracle

For more information and a complete listing of sessions by and for architects check out the JavaOne 2012 Content Catalog.

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Health Care, Manufacturing and Liquor Dispensing!

Java Embedded @ JavaOne is designed to provide business and technical decision makers, and ecosystem partners to come together and learn about how they can use Java Embedded technologies for new business opportunities. It will held Wednesday, Oct. 3th and Thursday, Oct. 4th in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko (during JavaOne). Here is some of the great content already lined up: 
  • What Users Really Want from M2M Solutions: Findings of Worldwide M2M User Survey (Robin Duke-Woolley - BEECHAM RESEARCH)
  • ARM: Enhance the capabilities of devices with low power ARM Cortex-M and SecurCore (Andrew Frame - ARM)
  • Benefits of Java M2M Modules to the Ecosystem (Andreas Haegele - CINTERION) (Axel Hansmann - CINTERION)
  • HEALTH CARE PANEL Standardized Embedded mHealth - The Power of Java and the Continua Ecosystem (Alexis Roos - Oracle) - MODERATOR (Adam Odessky -Orange) (Jerry Wang - A&D Medical) (Manfred Kube - Cinterion) (Richard Cockle - GSMA)
  • The Coming M2M Revolution: Critical Issues for End-to-End Software and Systems (Paul Pishal - HITACHI) (Peter Westafer - HITACHI)
  • Bring Your Device to the Cloud: Why mobile networks are different (Stefan Vaillant - Nokia Siemens Networks)
  • Leveraging a Java IoT architecture to be successful in rapidly growing markets (Albert Dercksen - NEDAP) (Ruben Wegman - NEDAP)
  • Smart Grid Controller Powered by Java (Fumitoshi Keino - TOKO) (Mitsuru Sasanuma - TOKO)
  • M2M : Tackling THE Next Data Deluge (Parthesh Shastri - SEECONTROL) (Bryan Kester - SEECONTROL)
  • INDUSTRIAL CONTROL/MANUFACTURING PANEL Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation (Ranbir Mazumdar - ORACLE) - MODERATOR (Tim Biernet - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION) (Athulan Vijayaraghavan - SYSTEM INSIGHTS) (Paul Perrone - PERRONE ROBOTICS)
  • An Embedded Service Platform for Uninterruptible Processing (Tim Biernat - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION) (Paul Schmirler - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION)
  • Overview of an Embedded Platform for Manufacturing Big Data (Athulan Vijayaraghavan - SYSTEM INSIGHTS)
  • Leveraging Java to enable a velocity of new monetizable services (Andrew Tauhert - PRODEA) (Amir Ansari - PRODEA)
  • How Java helps startups in Emerging Technologies and Markets (Bryan Cheng - Globalscale Technologies, Inc.)
  • Liquor Dispensing and Management Systems featuring Java SE7 Embedded (Nicola La Gloria - SI14)

We expect the last session will require some additional field research during the conference. Attendees of both JavaOne and Oracle Openworld can attend Java Embedded @ JavaOne by purchasing a $100.00 USD upgrade to their full conference pass. Rates for attending Embedded @ JavaOne alone are here. Register now!

Friday Aug 17, 2012

GlassFish Community Event at JavaOne 2012

Join the GlassFish Community for their annual GlassFish Community Event at JavaOne 2012 on Sunday, September 30, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (PDT), at Moscone West Room 2005. It's fun and free!GlassFish


The day will include:

  • Free-form Q&A with a Speaker Panel from the Oracle GlassFish Team
  • Roadmap and Community Updates
  • Customer Testimonials

You will get to:

  1. Meet key members of the Oracle GlassFish team including Architects, Java EE spec leads, and Product Managers in an intimate setting
  2. Hear great customer testimonials who are using GlassFish in successful production deployments today
  3. Know the latest news about how Java EE 7 is going to shape the cloud
  4. Find out product features before the formal start of the conference
  5. Pick topics of your interest and drive the agenda in an unconference
  6. Learn how GlassFish community is thriving under Oracle
  7. Help shape the future of GlassFish and Community
  8. Grab limited edition GlassFish t-shirt (new one coming this year)
  9. Most importantly, have lots of fun!

Sign up for this free event !

Note: The location will be Moscone West Room 2005. JavaOne Pass is required to enter Moscone Center. All passes will suffice, including Discover, Exhibitor, Press, Blogger, etc.

Thursday Aug 16, 2012

Top Five Reasons You Should Attend Java University at JavaOne

Java University is a one-day training held on Sunday September 30th at the Hilton Union Square from 8:00am-3:30 pm.  It includes accelerated Java training in a seminar-style format taught by Oracle engineers, community experts, and Oracle University instructors. The training provides in-depth content, real-world examples, and demos that you can apply right away.  

Here ate the top 5 reasons you should attend Java University pre-conference training:

1. Save time, train while you are at the conference instead of taking more time away from work for a separate training.

2. Get Java training at an accelerated pace – 4 days of training in just one day.

3. Learn Java from the best: community experts and Java gurus from Oracle – including Luc Duponcheel, Chris Richardson, Sang Shin, Joe Boulenouar and many more.

4. Get the skills that are most in-demand in the marketplace today.  Sessions are being offered based on community requests. These courses will prepare you for developing applications for the cloud, improving application performance, or getting the most out of Java SE 7. 

5. You can show your Java cred with a Java certification. It will prove you've got wicked Java skills.

Here is the full list of session titles:

 · Architect and Design Robust Enterprise Applications for the Cloud and Beyond
 · Building Dynamic Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using JavaScript, Ajax, Comet, and Dojo Toolkit
 · Secure Coding Guidelines for the Java Programming Language
 · Developing Portable Enterprise Applications with EJB and JPA
 · More Than Skin-Deep: JavaServer Faces 2.2 Foundation and Practice
 · Designing and Implementing Secure Java Web Services
 · Developing Enterprise Applications with the Spring Framework
 · Extreme Performance: Tuning Java SE for Throughput and Latency
 · Java SE 7: New Features
 · Developing Rich Client Applications with Java SE 7
 · Java SE 7 Certification Exam Cram
 · Using Java: For PL/SQL and Database Developers
 · Build Applications with Oracle ADF: Making Java EE Development Simpler

Here is what past students told us:

“Very profound! The Extreme Performance class was excellent and I learned a lot.”

“Great class.  The instructor [Joe Boulenouar] was an excellent resource.  He was very knowledgeable and engaged.”

“Chris Richardson was extremely knowledgeable and able to relate concepts to real world problems.  He could teach almost anything and I would enjoy his presentation.”

“Sang Shin was an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable.  Really expanded my knowledge of Dojo/Javascript.”

“The JSF course was very good and there were a lot of real-world examples that will help me in my day-to-day work”

“There was a lot covered in the [Web Services] class.  Very clear instruction and the instructor was willing to explain complex topics in depth while keeping the class moving.  It was a great class.”

Add Java University to your conference pass registration so you can get the most out of Java. All of the details, course descriptions, instructor bios and registration links can be found on the Java University at JavaOne page.

Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

JavaOne Schedule Builder Live

Good news! Schedule Builder for JavaOne is live. Use Schedule Builder to plan and optimize your time during JavaOne by building your conference schedule with sessions, Birds of a Feather (BOFs) and Hands-On Labs (HOLs).  Here are a few key features:

    * Personalize your schedule for a really busy week
    * A recommendation engine provides a list of "recommended sessions" that are most relevant to you
    * A newsfeed stream with the latest news on JavaOne.

You need to have your Oracle.com SSO username and password in order to access Schedule Builder Don't forget to bring your SSO username and password when you come onsite to JavaOne!

Schedule Builder for Java Embedded @ JavaOne is coming later this month.

Java Embedded @ JavaOne Keynotes

Java Embedded @ JavaOne (Oct. 3-4, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco) gives you the chance to learn about Java Embedded and all the possibilities this technology has to offer. With nearly two decades of innovation, Java continues to be the dominant technology solution for enterprises worldwide, and drives an ever-growing ecosystem of over nine million developers. During that time, Java has shipped on over 10 billion embedded devices!

Your company may be considering how to use intelligent devices—such as sensors or smart meters—to learn more about your operations so you can offer differentiated customer solutions and improve revenue opportunities. The keynotes at Java Embedded @ JavaOne will provide key information on how seize on Java Embedded opportunities.

In the opening keynote, Judson Althoff, senior vice president of Worldwide Alliances and Channels and Embedded Sales for Oracle, will discuss how Java’s device to data center reach offers customers and partners—across a range of industries—significant business advantage by minimizing development costs, testing cycles, and time-to-market, while maximizing application reuse, solution flexibility, and end-to-end security.

Next, Hasan Rizvi, Oracle senior vice president–Product Development, will provide detailed insight into Oracle’s portfolio of and roadmap for Java embedded solutions, and will showcase how Java will remain the premier embedded platform well into the future. Learn more about the JavaEmbedded at JavaOne keynotes.

Make sure you hear directly from the Java experts about Java Embedded. JavaOne full conference attendees can attend Java Embedded @ JavaOne for just $100. Register today!

Originally posted on the Java Source blog.

Thursday Aug 02, 2012

Music Festival During JavaOne

Here's another benefit of your JavaOne pass: Oracle's first-ever music festival! From Sept. 30th through Oct. 4th, a variety of musical talent with a wide rangie of muscal styles with be performing in several different venues throughout San Francisco. Performances happen each night from 7:00pm to 1:00am. 

Dirty Ghosts
The Dirty Ghosts

Acts span from reggae to rock, punk to ska, R&B to country, indie to honky-tonk. There are big-name acts (Macy Gray and Joss Stone), emerging/local bands (BluesMix, Dirty Ghosts, The Dodos, The English Beat, Red Meat, The Five Hundreds, and the Young Prisms [a San Francisco favorite]), and DJs (DJ Don Lynch, DJ Josh One, DJ Mei Lwun, DJ Panic City and DJ Zaq). Venues are both outdoor and indoor near the JavaOne Zone and Moscone Center (Union Square, Yerba Buena Gardens, 111 Minna, DNA, Mezzanine, Roe, Ruby Skye, Slim’s, the Taylor Street Café, Temple, and more). After a day of sessions, you'll all be ready for some late-night rocking out and fun, courtesy the Oracle events team.

To get in to these events, your JavaOne pass is all you need. Note: Seating at the venues is on a first-come/first-serve basis. For details and updates, visit the Oracle Music Festival Facebook page.

Wednesday Aug 01, 2012

Be in the 2012 Java Music Video

Here's your chance to be in the Java Music Video for 2012! With your webcam, phone or camera, film yourself doing walks, spins, or drinking (ahem) Java. Watch this video to see samples and where to upload:


javeone logoJavaOne Conference 2015 Videos

San Francisco, USA: September 18-22, 2016



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