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Interactive Java Tech Content Delivered to Your Desk

The Virtual Technology Summit (VTS) delivers interactive Java tech content from Java Champions and Oracle experts to your desk.  

These interactive, online events, sponsored by the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), are coming in November:

Each event feature four technical tracks, each with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, and tips: Java, Database, Middleware and Systems. Registration allows you to attend any session on any track.

The Java Track includes three code-heavy sessions: 

Transform Your Code to Java 8
by Venkat Subramanian, Java Champion

The new facilities in Java 8 are about to change the way we write code. Our code will become more expressive and concise. But exactly how? This presentation takes several common Java code examples, discusses the core idea expressed in the code, and transforms that code to use the facilities in Java 8. Watch and interact as you see Java code go through a weight loss program right in front of your eyes.

Java Mission Control for Earthlings
by Jim Weaver, Java Evangelist, Oracle

Java SE Advanced contains an application named Java Mission Control, which consists of two facilities essential for developers and IT production support.  These facilities are JMX Console and Java Flight Recorder, both of which help you monitor applications and tune them for high performance.  This session will present features of Java Mission Control, as well as relevant concepts.

Exploring Java EE
by Josh Juneau, Java Champion

The Java EE tutorial will walk users step-by-step through the development of an application (MoviePlex) using Maven. The development will take place within NetBeans 8.x IDE, it will demonstrate how to add project dependencies via Maven, and perform various development tasks leveraging some new features of Java EE 7.  We’ll delve into the creation of views using JSF and PrimeFaces, binding to managed bean controllers via CDI, utilization of the Batch Processing API, JMS, and WebSockets.  In the end, you will have a better understanding of how a typical Java EE application is developed, and how to implement solutions using some of the latest features of Java EE. Note: This a hands-on lab that requires you to have Java EE and the NetBeans IDE downloaded before you attend the session.

We'll kick off the track with Java Community Update by Tori Wieldt. There will be places to hang out and meet other attendees between sessions. View the full agenda, abstracts, and participation instructions on the VTS Event Resources Community Space. Plan to be there!

Wednesday Dec 08, 2010

JavaOne Latin America Schedule Changes For Thursday

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The good news: we've got LOTS of developers at JavaOne Latin America.
The bad news: the rooms are too small to hold everyone! (we've heard you)
The good news: selected sessions for Thursday have been moved larger rooms (the keynote halls)
More good news: some sessions that were full from Wednesday will be repeated on Thursday.


Note: Be sure to check the schedule on site, there still may be some last minute changes.

Session Name


New Time/Room

Ginga, LWUIT, JavaDTV and You 2.0

Dimas Oliveria

Thursday, December 9, 11:15am - 12:00pm
Auditorio 4

JavaFX do seu jeito: criando aplicativos JavaFX com linguagens alternativas

Stephen Chin

Thursday, December 9, 3:00pm - 3:45pm
Auditorio 4

Automatizando sua casa usando Java; JavaME, JavaFX, e Open Source Hardware

Vinicius Senger

Thursday, December 9, 9:00am - 9:45am
Auditorio 3

Construindo uma arquitetura RESTful para aplicacoes ricas com HTML 5 e JSF2

Raphael Helmonth Adrien Caetano

Thursday, December 9, 5:15pm - 6:00pm
Auditorio 2

Dicas eTruquies sobre performance em Java EE JPA e JSF

Alberto Lemos e Danival Taffarel Calegari

Thursday, December 9, 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Auditorio 2

Escrevendo Aplicativos Multipatforma Incriveis Usando LWUIT

Roger Brinkley


Platforma NetBeans: sem slide - apenas codigo

Mauricio Leal


Escalando o seu AJAX Push com Servlet 3.0

Paulo Silveria

Keynote Hall
9:00am - 9:45am

Cobetura Completa de Ferramentas para a Platforma Java EE 6

Ludovic Champenois

Keynote Hall
10:00am - 10:45am

Servlet 3.0 - Expansivel, Assincrono e Facil de Usar

Arun Gupta

Keynote Hall
4:00pm - 4:45pm

Transforme seu processo em REST com JAX-RS

Guilherme Silveria

Keynote Hall
5:00pm - 5:45pm

The Future of Java

Fabiane Nardon e Bruno Souza

Keynote Hall
6:00pm - 6:45pm

Thanks for your understanding, we are tuning the conference to make it the best JavaOne possible.

Sunday Sep 19, 2010

Rock Stars Tony Printezis and Raghavan Srinivas Chime in on the Future of Java

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Java SE 7 - Plan A or Plan B?

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Using My JavaOne and Oracle Develop Community tool? Try the mobile apps!

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Gearing up for the Week Ahead

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by Janice J. Heiss

The 2010 JavaOne Conference is just starting as I write, so bloggers are rapidly moving into juggling-6-balls-in-the-air mode.

This JavaOne, I plan to blog about various things - you never know what will pop up at JavaOne! - but right now I'm looking forward to these particular sessions/keynotes:

* The details of the Java SE 7 Platform announcement.

* Oracle Senior Technologist at Mobile and Embedded Terrence Barr's session, (S314178) "Beyond Smart-Phones: Rich Applications and Services for the Mobile Masses," wherein Barr argues that Java ME has all the tools to build rich and compelling "Smart Phone-like" applications.

* Monday Evening's Keynote Address by Oracle Executive Vice President Thomas Kurian on "Java Strategy and Direction" and Intel's Vice President and General Manager Doug Fisher on "Delivering High-Performance Java on Intel Architecture".

* Tuesday afternoon's Technical General Session, in which Greg Bollella gives us an update on Java and Embedded; Roberto Chinnici informs us about where Java EE is headed; and Mark Reinhold connects the dots about Java SE 7.

* Wednesday morning's Oracle Develop Keynote with Ted Farrell, Oracle's Chief Architect and Senior Vice President, Tools and Middleware on "Outperforming User Expectations in Rich Enterprise Applications" and Ryan Martens, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Rally Software, on "The Linchpins for Scaling Software Agility".

* Thursday morning's Keynote with inventor Ray Kurzweil, plus the Java Frontier Keynotes by Richard Bair and Greg Bollella of Oracle.

*And more

*And more

So stay tuned and have fun!

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Saturday Sep 18, 2010

Sunday Night Keynote Party @ the Zone

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Wednesday Sep 15, 2010

You Want Flair?

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Things To Do While In San Francisco

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