Wednesday Oct 21, 2015

Hangout at JavaOne San Francisco

Looking for a place to lounge during JavaOne? Duke’s Cafe will be available all week long, with entertainment provided Monday through Thursday. Mingle, eat, drink and network with fellow JavaOne attendees. Join fellow Java enthusiasts in celebrating 20 years of Java at:

  • Oracle Welcome Reception- Sunday the 25th at the Java Lounge oracle cloud Plaza 7:00-9:00pm 
  • Duke's Choice Awards- Tuesday the 27th at  Duke's Cafe 7:30 p.m–8:00 p.m 
  • Oracle Appreciation Event- Wednesday the 28th on Treasure Island 6:30 p.m.– 12:00 a.m.

Photography By Regis Vincent.

Want to also grab a drink in the city? Here’s a list of top secrets bars you can head to:

  • Bourbon & Branch - Experience the ambiance of the 1920’s in an actual speakeasy that operated illegally at this location from 1921 to 1933. Call for reservations.
  • Eden Lounge - Located above Park Tavern is a sound proof room with special cocktails that can’t be found downstairs.
  • The Hidden Vine - The only place with over 800+ bottles of wine and Bocce!
  • Leopard Lounge - Upstairs from Romper Room, with a secret menu only found upstairs and leopard decor.
  • Marianne’s - Located behind a book case at the Cavalier is a top secret bar with a private bartender.
  • Tivoli Sour Room - If you are into sour beers and lambics, check out the secret bar located in Mikkeller Bar.
There’s no doubt that JavaOne is going to be a great time to meet fellow java community members, and network, while learning the latest on Java. Don’t miss out on the celebration events!

Short Guide to JavaOne Readiness

Here’s a short list of what you need for JavaOne and San francisco: 

  • A jacket! Although the weather is predicted to be mostly sunny, there’s usually a chill to San Francisco.
  • Your Oracle login. You’ll need the user name and password you created for your JavaOne 2015 registration to check in and receive your badge, as well as to gain access to My Account and Schedule Builder at the event.
  • Also a back up to your presentations on a USB drive (better safe than sorry)

In your schedule, be sure to add the keynotes, hangout places, social events and more. Download the JavaOne mobile application to make sure you are not missing anything.

  • Keynotes  are on Sunday at 1:45pm - 4:00pm at the Moscone North-Hall D. Stop by the OTN Kick Off party and celebrate 20 years of Java before the keynote.
  • The spot to hang out on your break is Dukes Café on Taylor Street Café. There will also be evening entertainment and networking at Duke's Café everyday Monday through Thursday.
  • Oracle Appreciation Event on Wednesday 6:30pm - 12:00am on Treasure Island. Complimentary shuttle buses depart at 5:30pm
  • Java Hub inside the exhibition Hall Open Monday - Wednesday 9:30 - 5:30. Showcasing the MakerZone, the Oracle Technology Network Community Café, and Wolf Nkole Helzle’s myMatrix. Coming back this year will be JavaOne favorites, including NightHacking, Hackergarten, and 3D Modeling.

It’s almost time for JavaOne! Take a look at the full agenda and if you haven’t use the schedule builder to choose your sessions. See you soon!

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Create Games at Java University!

By David Lopez

Get your fill of Java knowledge! Nick Ristuccia will be hosting a seminar at this year’s Java University  discussing development, games, and Java. At this seminar, he’ll be walking participants through the design and development of the “Java Puzzle Ball” game which he demoed for me in the interview below. Check it out, and if you can’t see it below, watch it here .

JavaOne is only 5 days away! While you’re preparing, be sure to take the time to consider adding Java University into your plans. It’s a great way to hear from even more experts during your time in San Francisco. Seminars run for most of the day on Sunday October 25th, so you’ll be able to really dig into one of 8 great topics. And if you haven’t already, register for JavaOne soon and save $200 off the on-site registration price!

Join the Community Before JavaOne

Don't miss a weekend of activities with the Java Community before JavaOne. Join the leisurely Geek Bike Ride. Stop by the User Group Forums and NetBeans Day. Don't miss the Keynotes on Sunday! No need to venture far, most of it will take place at the Moscone.

Saturday October 24th

Meet at Blazing Saddles bikes at Pier 41 in Fisherman's Wharf at the Blue & Gold Fleet Sausalito/Tiburon Ferry Terminal
8:30am - 12:00pm 

Moscone South
9:00am - 5:00pm 

Sunday October 25th 

Moscone West
8:00am - 12:45pm and 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Java University
Golden Gate University
9:00am - 4:00pm 

Moscone South - 309 and 310
10:00am -7:15 pm 

OTN Kick Off Party  
20 Years of Java Celebration
OTN Lounge, Moscone South, Upper Lobby 
1:00pm - 2:00pm 

Moscone North—Hall D
1:45- 4:00pm 

Java Lounge, Oracle Cloud Plaza @ Howard Street
7:00pm - 9pm 

Friday Oct 16, 2015

Autonomous Drone at the Java Hub

By David Lopez 

Mark Heckler will be bringing his autonomous drone to this year’s JavaOne! Catch him at the Java Hub for demos and insights into this awesome tech. He’ll also be presenting on a session on how he used the IoT to create what he calls his “powerhouse.” Hear more in the interview embedded below, and if you can’t see it, check it out here.

Check out the code he uses for the drone here. JavaOne San Francisco is right around the corner! Don’t forget to register soon to save $200 off the onsite registration price.

Thursday Oct 15, 2015

Bessem Hmidi on AngularBeans at JavaOne 2015

By Reza Rahman 

For the Java EE track at JavaOne 2015 we are highlighting some key sessions and speakers to better inform you of what you can expect, right up until the start of the conference.

To this end we recently interviewed Bessem Hmidi. Bessem is the JUG leader of the ESPRIT JUG Tunisia, an educator, a researcher, an international speaker and a Java EE enthusiast. He spoke to us about his accepted session at JavaOne 2015 on AngularBeans. AngularBeans is a very innovative open source project that marries AngularJS with CDI and Java EE (click here if you can't see the embedded video). We've highlighted AngularBeans on this humble blog in the past.

Bessem Hmidi on AngularBeans at JavaOne 2015

You can find details on Bessem's session on the JavaOne 2015 content catalog. The following are the other sessions we talked about:

Besides these sessions, we have a very strong program for the Java EE track and JavaOne overall - just explore the content catalog. If you can't make it, you can be assured that we will make key content available after the conference just as we have always done.

JavaOne 2015: Your Java ME and Internet of Things Guide

By Terrence Barr, from his original blog

Yes, another year has raced past and JavaOne San Francisco is here again – Oct 25 through 29!

And yes, as usual, it’s a packed week again: Keynotes, demos, Exhibition Hall, MakerZone, networking, party, … and more than 450 sessions!

If embedded, small devices, and Internet of Things is your cup of Java (excuse the pun), here is – as every year – my (totally subjective) JavaOne guide. Watch for updates as we get closer to the event, but for now – here is the first pass:


  • JavaOne4Kids (Saturday)
  • JavaOne Keynotes (including Java ME in several segments): Intel, Oracle (Sunday)
  • Throughout the conference: Java Hub and Exhibition Area, MakerZone (with a cool Java ME demo)

My sessions:

  • CON3434: Bringing IoT Cloud Services to Edge Devices with Java ME Embedded 8
  • CON3437: Smart devices for the Internet of Things: Java ME Embedded 8.2 and Beyond

Highly recommended sessions:

  • TUT10744: Getting Started with Java ME Embedded on the STMicro Cortex-M4 and Other Devices (STM, Oracle)
  • CON4075: There Is Business in Java and IoT (Oracle)
  • CON11181: Accelerating IoT with ARM (ARM)
  • CON10322: A Comprehensive Smart Home Platform Powered by Java ME and Java EE (Blueberry Zone)
  • CON11180: ARM Cortex-M and Java in the Internet of Things (ARM)
  • CON9758: Building a Trusted Gateway with Java ME and Secure Element (Gemalto)
  • CON5106: Enabling Your Device to Be Part of the Internet of Things (MicroDoc, Hepa Wash)
  • CON6694: From Product to Services in the Embedded World, Thanks to Java ME 8 and STM32 MCU (STM) 
  • CON2588: Internet of Things: Threats and Countermeasures with Java (Oracle)
  • CON11279: Introducing the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service (Oracle)
  • UGF10301: James Gosling, Robots, the Raspberry Pi, and Small Devices (Liquid Robotics, code centric, Gluon, QAware)
  • BOF6850: Project Kona: Java Networking Technologies for the Internet of Things (ARM, Oracle)
  • CON6489: Smart Open Spaces Powered by Java ME, Java SE, and Single-Board Computers (Accenture)
  • CON5508: Using Java on Edison to Communicate with Wearable Sensors (Intel)
  • CON4805: Increased Developer Productivity for IoT (Bitreactive, Oracle)
  • CON7339: Providing Eyes, Ears, and a Mouth to Your IoT Project (Globalcode)

Other interesting sessions:

  • CON5364: IoT: What Is in It for Java Professionals? (GE, Oracle)
  • CON2582: Java Card Platform Evolution (Oracle)
  • CON4876: How to create a Voting Machine (Canoo, Oracle)
  • BOF5849: PixyBot: Creating a Programmable, Object-tracking Robot (Goethe Center, Oracle)
  • CON2984: IoT Realized: The Connected Car (Pivotal)
  • HOL6159: Let’s Have Fun with Robot APIs (Aldebaran)

Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

JavaOne Keynote

By Debbie Omariba 

This year’s keynote will highlight memorable Java events in the last 20 years, as well as ways developers can continue creating the future with Java. Oracle experts will use technical demonstrations to showcase Java’s role in application development, enterprise architectures and cloud computing. The keynote will be at the Moscone North, Hall D—Sunday, October 25, 1:45 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Before the keynote, stop by the party at the OTN Lounge, which is located in Moscone South Upper Lobby. With Halloween around the corner, the party is themed Dias De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). There will be special make your own Duke shirts and cupcakes. Attend the party, have a cupcake, then head over to the main event of the day, the keynote.

3D Printing at the Java Hub

By David Lopez 

At this year’s JavaOne, Michael Hoffer will be presenting some awesome applications for 3D printing and visual modeling. Catch him at the Java Hub to see a live demo of a 3D printer in action. As an attendee, you’ll have access to the source code after, so you can try designing and printing for yourself! Check out some of his projects and hear what he has to say about the upcoming JavaOne Conference in the interview embedded below. If you can’t see it below, check it out here .

JavaOne San Francisco is approaching fast! Don’t forget to register soon to save $200 off the onsite registration price.

Java Champions Speaking at JavaOne 2015

Java Champions will present dozens of sessions this year again at JavaOne! They are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders, nominated by the Java community. They are seasoned developers and architects with in-depth knowledge about development.  

These top speakers share their know-how in all the JavaOne tracks including client, core Java platform, Internet of Things, JVM languages, security, tools, server-side, cloud and methodology.  

This year, we created a dedicated page on the JavaOne site where you can easily find the sessions presented by Java Champions. You can find out about their sessions by day and read the session abstract.  JavaOne is your chance to learn from the greatest number of Java Champions! 


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