Monday Nov 02, 2015

Gosling is admiral of a fleet of robotic marine drones

By Roger Smith


Father of Java is now Liquid Robotics' chief software architect

I learned James Gosling, the creator of the Java language, is now the admiral of a fleet of water-borne drones from Mike Duigou last Thursday at the Java Hub in the JavaOne Exhibit hall. Gosling is the chief software architect for Sunnyvale-based Liquid Robotics, a 8-year-old company that uses self-propelled 7-foot-long marine robotic drones that look like surfboards to collect and transmit oceanic data for a variety of uses. Duigou told me that he was brought aboard by Gosling as Senior Software Engineer when he joined the company in 2011.

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Thursday Oct 29, 2015

What’s Inside Oracle Cloud for You

By Roger Smith


Cloud Services for Developers

“Time is the greatest savings that you get from moving your development environment to the cloud,” said Oracle’s Bruno Borges, in his JavaOne presentation “Cloud Services for Developers: What’s Inside Oracle Cloud for You?” “If you have had to set up an on-premise Oracle database, or any other database, you know that it takes time to do that and you always ask yourself ‘Is these production-ready?’”

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A New Way to Program in Java EE 8

By Roger Smith


Cloud Services for Developers

I sat in today on an engaging session with Java EE expert David Blevins, who is a newly crowned Java Champion for his work in Open Source and Java EE for more than 10 years. As a member of the EJB, CDI, JMS, Java EE Security JSRs, and Java EE 6, 7 and 8 Expert Groups, he’s worked hard to make Java EE as simple, testable and lightweight as Java SE.

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Wednesday Oct 28, 2015

3D Printing with a Java Rockstar

By Roger Smith


Controlling a 3D Printer with Java and VRL-Studio

I chatted with Java Rockstar Michael Hoffer on Tuesday at the Java Hub in the Exhibit hall about VRL-Studio, an innovative visual programming environment he created in Java that combines visual and text-based programming. Currently doing his PhD at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, Hoffer works at the Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing in Frankfurt. His research interests are in developing visual programming concepts in the field of modeling and simulation of highly complex physical processes including those modeled by medical scanning equipment.

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Tuesday Oct 27, 2015

Robots Look for Human Companions at JavaOne

By Roger Smith


Humaoid Robots Are Big in Japan

I spent part of this afternoon at the MakerZone, which is part of the Java Hub at this year's JavaOne Exhibit Hall, where I had a brief, enjoyable chat with Pepper, a 4-foot tall humanoid robot. Created by Aldebaran Robotics, Pepper is a social robot able to recognize and react to human emotions and carry on simple conversations in as many as 28 different languages. (I met and wrote about Nao, Pepper’s androgynous older sibling, in a recent JavaOne4kids workshop that showed how Nao could be taught to walk, talk, catch small objects and even dance). Besides being almost twice as tall as Nao, Pepper moves around on three omnidirectional wheels rather than feet like Nao. The Nao robot has been in development since 2006, while Pepper only has been around for a little over a year. Pepper’s added wheels give him greater range and almost 14 hours of battery life, which is three times the amount Nao has. The additional battery life was a requirement, said Nicholas Rigaud, Developer Community Leader for Aldebaran, since he was designed to greet and interact with customers in retail stores owned by Japanese mobile phone operator SoftBank Mobile, Aldebaran’s parent company.

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Monday Oct 26, 2015

New Java Releases Will Tackle Developer Pain Points

By Roger Smith


JavaOne 2015 Keynote Focuses on Future Java Platforms

The half-dozen presentations in the opening JavaOne keynote featured a few looks in the rearview mirror to honor Java's 20-year rise to become the dominate general-purpose computer programming language, but otherwise it was a pedal to the metal focus on new features in the various Java ME, Java SE and Java EE platforms. A familiar face from Java's past also made a brief and humorous video appearance to cap an eventful 2-hour session on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Help Build the Future at the JavaOne Hackergarten

By David Lopez

This year’s Java Hub has it all! There’s NightHacking, interactive art, 3D printing, and more, but if you want to meet some new people, learn new tech, and contribute to open source projects, then there’s no better place to be than the Hackergarten at the Java Hub

Starting Monday the 26th at 10am in the Java Hub (at the JavaOne exhibit hall in the Hilton Union Square), you can bring your laptop, grab some Wi-Fi and power, and work with Java experts on a variety of projects. Each day, there will be 2 tracks running different projects simultaneously. Each track will be working on 3 projects per day for about 2 hours each, but feel free to stop by for an hour or however long you can to contribute and learn. Topics this year are:
OpenJDK, JSRs 354, 363 and 377
Java 8
Minecraft Modding/Java EE
Java EE 7
JavaFX Mobile/Embedded
CDI, JSR 365
JavaFX Tweet Wall
Each session will have an expert or two to lead it. Check out the schedule for a full list of who’s running what and when, and check out what else the Java Hub has to offer here!

Bay Area Duchess Dinner at JavaOne

      Join the Duchess, a group of women Java developers, for the first evening of JavaOne after the sessions end. Any woman developer in town for JavaOne is invited, so hopefully a nice global contingent will gather with women based in the Bay Area. One big Java leader has confirmed!

      The Meetup will be at a restaurant within a few blocks of Moscone. Make sure to RSVP if you really plan to come so that we have an accurate count.

      Some dinner costs covered by New Relic (sponsor).

      The Duchess is a global organization with local chapter around the world.  Join a chapter near you, visit for more information.

Vote on the sessions at JavaOne

Give your feedback on sessions at JavaOne! You will find voting machines in every session room at JavaOne. To vote, choose between a happy, neutral, or sad Duke by clicking on it.

In this video, Michael Heinrichs and Hendrik Ebbers from Canoo discuss how they created the voting machine. They will also present a JavaOne session about the voting machine on Monday, Oct. 26 at 2:30pm. They used Java 8 and JavaFX on a Raspberry Pi. 

After each session be sure to let us know how you felt by voting! 

Ignite at JavaOne

Don’t miss Ignite sessions on Tuesday at 5:15pm at JavaOne! True to it’s slogan “enlighten us, but make it quick,” the speakers below will have 5 minutes to share what they are passionate about. Here is a list of who’s participating in this years Ignite:

Siamak Ashrafi, CTO Zoewear,
Stephen Chin, Lead Java Community Manager, Oracle
Keith Combs, Sr. Software Engineer, Silicon Valley JavaFX User Group
Daniel De Luca, Manager, Devoxx4Kids
Andrzej Grzesik
Andy Gumbrecht
Arun Gupta, Couchbase
Suyash Joshi, Senior Member Technical Staff, Oracle
Dario Laverde, Sr Developer Evangelist, NYCJava JUG
Rustam Mehmandarov, Principal Engineer, Computas AS
Tamao Nakahara, Director of Developer Relations and Community Marketing, New Relic
Theresa Nguyen, VP Sales & Marketing, Tomitribe
Andy Nilson, CEO,
Kevin Nilson, Team Lead, Chromecast Technical Solutions Engineer, Silicon Valley JUG
Tim Pettersen, Developer, Atlassian
Bert Jan Schrijver, Software craftsman, JPoint
Roy van Rijn, Software Developer, JPoint B.V.
G Venkat, Venture Partner, Global Technology Labs
Martijn Verburg, CEO, jClarity
Tori Wieldt, Developer Advocate, New Relic

Ignite will be at the Hilton—Plaza Room B. Join Ignite for some inspiration on various topics, from passionate speakers and all in 5 minutes!!


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