Friday Feb 15, 2013

2012 JavaOne Rock Stars

The 2012 JavaOne Rock Stars have been selected; they are the top rated speakers from JavaOne San Francisco 2012.[Read More]

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

JavaOne Latin America Opening Keynotes

It was a great first day at JavaOne Brazil, which included the Java Strategy and Java Technical keynotes. Henrik Stahl, Senior Director, Product Management for Java opened the keynotes by saying that this is the third year for JavaOne Latin America. He explained, "You know what they say, the first time doesn't count, the second time is a habit and the third time it's a tradition!" He mentioned that he was thrilled that this is largest JavaOne in Brazil to date, and he wants next year to be larger. He said that Oracle knows Latin America is an important hub for development.  "We continually come back to Latin America because of the dedication the community has with driving the continued innovation for Java," he said. Stahl explained that Oracle and the Java community must continue to innovate and Make the Future Java together. The success of Java depends on three important factors: technological innovation, Oracle as a strong steward of Java, and community participation. "The Latin American Java Community (especially in Brazil) is a shining example of how to be positive contributor to Java," Stahl said.

Next, George Saab, VP software dev, Java Platform Group at Oracle, discussed some of the recent and upcoming changes to Java. "In addition to the incremental improvements to Java 7, we have also increased the set of platforms supported by Oracle from Linux, Windows, and Solaris to now also include Mac OS X and Linux/ARM for ARM-based PCs such as the Raspberry Pi and emerging ARM based microservers."  Saab announced that EA builds for Linux ARM Hard Float ABI will be available by the end of the year. 

Staffan Friberg, Product Manager, Java Platform Group, provided an overview of some of the language coming in Java 8, including Lambda, remove of PermGen, improved data and time APIs and improved security, Java 8 development is moving along. He reminded the audience that they can go to OpenJDK to see this development being done in real-time, and that there are weekly early access builds of OracleJDK 8 that developers can download and try today.

Judson Althoff, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Alliances and Channels and Embedded Sales, was invited to the stage, and the audience was told that "even though he is wearing a suit, he is still pretty technical." Althoff started off with a bang: "The Internet of Things is on a collision course with big data and this is a huge opportunity for developers."  For example, Althoff said, today cars are more a data device than a mechanical device. A car embedded with sensors for fuel efficiency, temperature, tire pressure, etc. can generate a petabyte of data A DAY. There are similar examples in healthcare (patient monitoring and privacy requirements creates a complex data problem) and transportation management (sending a package around the world with sensors for humidity, temperature and light). Althoff then brought on stage representatives from three companies that are successful with Java today, first Axel Hansmann, VP Strategy & Marketing Communications, Cinterion. Mr. Hansmann explained that Cinterion, a market leader in Latin America, enables M2M services with Java. At JavaOne San Francisco, Cinterion launched the EHS5, the smallest 3g solderable module, with Java installed on it. This provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a cost effective, flexible platform for bringing advanced M2M technology to market.

Next, Steve Nelson, Director of Marketing for the Americas, at Freescale explained that Freescale is #1 in Embedded Processors in Wired and Wireless Communications, and #1 in Automotive Semiconductors in the Americas. He said that Java provides a mature, proven platform that is uniquely suited to meet the requirements of almost any type of embedded device. He encouraged University students to get involved in the Freescale Cup, a global competition where student teams build, program, and race a model car around a track for speed.

Roberto Franco, SBTVD Forum President, SBTVD, talked about Ginga, a Java-based standard for television in Brazil. He said there are 4 million Ginga TV sets in Brazil, and they expect over 20 million TV sets to be sold by the end of 2014. Ginga is also being adopted in other 11 countries in Latin America. Ginga brings interactive services not only at TV set, but also on other devices such as tablets,  PCs or smartphones, as the main or second screen. "Interactive services is already a reality," he said, ' but in a near future, we foresee interactivity enhanced TV content, convergence with OTT services and a big participation from the audience,  all integrated on TV, tablets, smartphones and second screen devices."

Before he left the stage, Nandini Ramani thanked Judson for being part of the Java community and invited him to the next Geek Bike Ride in Brazil. She presented him an official geek bike ride jersey.

For the Technical Keynote, a "blue screen of death" appeared. With mock concern, Stephin Chin asked the rest of the presenters if they could go on without slides. What followed was a interesting collection of demos, including JavaFX on a tablet, a look at Project Easel in NetBeans, and even Simon Ritter controlling legos with his brainwaves!

Stay tuned for more dispatches.

Sunday Dec 02, 2012

Geek Bike Ride Sao Paulo

What do you do on sunny Saturday in Sao Paulo when you have several Java enthusiasts, street lanes closed off for bicyclists, new cool Duke jerseys, and some wonderful bike angels to provide a tour through the city? A GEEK BIKE RIDE, of course![Read More]

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

OTN Lounge at JavaOne Latin America

At JavaOne Latin America, the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) lounge is part of the Java Demogrounds. Come join us to talk to technology experts, network with other developers, see some cool demos and live hacking sessions, to charge your laptop, and recharge yourself between sessions. We'll have a mini-theater with demos and Stephen Chin with his NightHacking tour. Come join the fun![Read More]

Monday Nov 26, 2012

JavaOne Latin America Sessions

When the stars of Java gather in São Paulo, you belong with them. Here are just a few of the outstanding sessions and speakers you can experience at JavaOne Latin America.[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 21, 2012

JavaOne Latin America Keynotes

The JavaOne Latin America keynotes will provide a blend of information from Oracle's top Java engineers and leaders from the Java community. Oracle has lined up leaders in Java development and the Java community has put togehter their own mix of Java champions to share their insights with you. Don’t miss what they have to say!

In the Java Strategy and Technical Keynote on Tuesday, you'll get a glimpse of the future and the vast opportunities Java makes possible from these Oracle experts:

  • Judson Althoff, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Alliances and Channels and Embedded Sales
  • Nandini Ramani, Vice President of Engineering, Java Client and Mobile Platforms
  • Georges Saab, Vice President of Development
  • Henrik Stahl, Senior Director, Product Management
  • Simon Ritter, Java Technology Evangelist
  • Terrence Barr, Senior Technologist
  • Arun Gupta, Java EE Evangelist

JavaOne Latin America with close with the popular Java Community Keynote on Thursday. You'll hear from members of Latin America's vibrant Java community. They'll sharing amazing developer stories and demo cool projects--and have some fun along the way. The Duke's Choice Award ceremony will be included as well. Speakers include:

  • Fabiane Nardon, Computer Scientist and Java Champion
  • Vinícius Senger, Founder, Globalcode
  • Yara Senger, President, SouJava and Java Champion
  • Bruno Souza, Founder, SouJava and Java Champion

JavaOne Latin America is the event of the year for Java developers—and you have to be there. Learn new skills. Get answers. Make new friends and connections. JavaOne Latin America will in São Paulo, 4-6 December 2012 at the Transamerica Expo Center. There's still time to register

Para mais informações ou inscrição ligue para (11) 2875-4163. 

Thursday Nov 01, 2012

JavaOne Latin America Early Bird Discount: R$300,00 Off

Learn how to code in Java more efficiently, pick up Java best practices, and participate in world-class networking at JavaOne Latin America—all for R$300,00 less if you register by 16 November.

Have you ever wondered how to construct embedded Java applications for next-generation smart devices? Want to profit from client-side solutions using JavaFX, or simply build modern applications in Java 7? Techniques for these and much more are showcased at JavaOne Latin America—and you’re invited! Choose from more than 50 sessions, multiple demos, plus keynotes and hands-on labs.

Future of Java slide

Topics include:

Core Java Platform

JavaFX and Rich User Experiences

Java EE, Web Services, and the Cloud

Java ME, Java Embedded, and Java Card

Secure Your Place Now—Register now!

Para mais informações ou inscrição ligue para (11) 2875-4163.

Monday Oct 29, 2012

Submit Nominations for Duke's Choice Awards Latin America

Let's recognize and celebrate the innovation that Java delivers within Latin America! Submit your nominations now!  [Read More]

Thursday Oct 11, 2012

Favorite Moments of JavaOne

There are so many events and sessions to attend at JavaOne, it's unfair to ask people to choose just one thing they liked, but here are some favorite moments.[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

Session Report: What’s New in JSF: A Complete Tour of JSF 2.2

On Wednesday, Ed Burns, Consulting Staff Member at Oracle, presented a session, CON3870 -- “What’s New in JSF: A Complete Tour of JSF 2.2,” in which he provided an update on recent developments in JavaServer Faces 2.2. He began by emphasizing that, “JavaServer Faces 2.2 continues the evolution of the Java EE standard user interface technology. Like previous releases, this iteration is very community-driven and transparent.”[Read More]

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