Friday Apr 12, 2013

JavaOne San Francisco Top Talks Accepted

We started a new rolling admission process for JavaOne this year where we are reviewing and accepting some of the top talks while the Call for Proposals (CFP) is still open. This gives us a chance to highlight a few of the great speakers and talks coming in and encourages external submissions early and often.

If you haven’t already submitted to the JavaOne CFP, it is still open through this Friday. If your talk gets accepted you get a free pass to attend JavaOne, and the opportunity to speak to your peers and influence the future of Java development technologies and practices.

Here is a link to the JavaOne CFP

Wednesday Mar 20, 2013

JavaOne 2013 Call for Proposals Now Open

This year, JavaOne runs from September 22nd to 26th, 2013 in San Francisco. The call for proposals is now open and ends on April 12th, 2013. This is a chance to share Java know-how with developers and visionaries at the biggest Java developer conference of the year.  Submit impactful content for this year's tracks:

Client and Embedded Development with JavaFX
Core Java Platform
Edge Computing with Java in Embedded, Smart Card, and IoT Applications
Emerging Languages on the Java Virtual Machine
Java Development Tools and Techniques
Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
Java Web Services and the Cloud
Securing Java

Speakers will be notified during the second half of June and will receive a complimentary pass to the conference.  

Review the submission process, don't miss the useful tips and guidelines and  submit a proposal today.

Sign up here to receive more information on JavaOne and to be notified when registration opens.

Monday Feb 25, 2013

JavaOne India 2013, Call for Paper Deadline

Call for papers for JavaOne India 2013 closes on March 15th at 17:00PST 

We invite you to submit a paper to present at the JavaOne India 2013 conference, Oracle's premier Java event serving the greater Indian sub-continent. We are looking for unique and thought-provoking submissions from the community to present to the greater Indian Java developer community.

Tracks for Call for papers: 
Core Java Platform 
JavaFX and Rich User Experiences 
Java EE, Web Services, and the Cloud 
Java ME, Java Embedded, and Java Card 
Java Embedded for Business 

Speakers on accepted submissions will receive a complimentary pass. The pass provides access to all conference sessions. Acceptance of the pass must be in compliance with the policies of your employer, including conflict, ethics and gift policies. Oracle employee speakers do not qualify.

Friday Feb 22, 2013

JavaOne Shanghai 2013, Call for Papers Deadline

 The deadline for submissions is just one week away on March 1st, 2013 at 17:00 PST. 

The Java community wants to hear from you. Share your ideas and expertise by submitting a paper for the following conference tracks: 

  • Core Java Platform 
  • JavaFX and Rich User Experiences 
  • Java EE, Web Services, and the Cloud 
  • Java ME, Java Embedded, and Java Card 
  • Java Embedded for Business 
Tips and guidelines are available online to help you with the submission process.

Monday Nov 12, 2012

JavaOne Latin America Flair

For all you attendees, reporters, bloggers, user group leaders, speakers, technology thought leaders, influencers, and social media mavens, here are some tools to help you generate awareness, enthusiasm, and participation for JavaOne Latin America. Here are buttons use in your blogs and on websites. You can find more information, the Java logo, and more on the JavaOne Latin America Toolkit page

Please use this URL on all JavaOne Latin America items:

Buttons 125x125

Buttons 160x160

Buttons 200x200

Buttons 250x250

Register Now Banners

Wednesday Oct 17, 2012

JavaOne Community Keynote Videos

If you weren't able to attend JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco, one of the high points was the Community Keynote on the last day. It was by the community and for the community. It included a visit from James Goling, demos, and community members describing what they've been up to. Here's how you can watch highlights.

[Read More]

Sunday Sep 23, 2012

Nokia at JavaOne

nokia phoneNokia has long been a key partner for Java Mobile, and they continue investing significantly in Java technologies. Developers can learn more about Nokia's popular Asha phone and developer platform at JavaOne. In addition to interesting technical material, all Nokia sessions will include giveaways (hint: be engaged and ask questions!). Don't miss these great sessions:

CON4925 The Right Platform with the Right Technology for Huge Markets with Many Opportunities

CON11253 In-App Purchasing for Java ME Apps

BOF4747 Look Again: Java ME's New Horizons of User Experience, Service Model, and Internet Innovation

BOF12804 Reach the Next Billion with Engaging Apps: Nokia Asha Full Touch for Java ME Developers

CON6664 on Mobile Java, Asha, Full Touch, Maps APIs, LWUIT, new UI, new APIs and more

CON6494 Extreme Mobile Java Performance Tuning, User Experience, and Architecture

BOF6556 Mobile Java App Innovation in Nigeria

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Java Embedded @ JavaOne Toolkit

Java Embedded @ JavaOne provides business decision makers, technical leaders, and ecosystem partners information about Java Embedded technologies and new business opportunities.  From the enterprise business world to the consumer arena, smart meters, automated buildings, and context-aware medical devices can provide information that drive value for businesses and consumers. Java Embedded @ JavaOne will held Wednesday, Oct. 3th and Thursday, Oct. 4th in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko (during JavaOne).

If you have already registered, you can use the Java Embedded @ JavaOne Toolkit to let people know you are attending, to enhance your blog, and to generate awareness, enthusiasm, and participation. There are banners and buttons,

see me j1imspeaking

a list of High-Level Benefits of Attending Java Embbeded @ JavaOne, Sample E-Mail Copy, and more.
There is also a Toolkit for Partners, Sponsors and Exhibitors. Check out the Java Embbed @ JavaOne Toolkits!

Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Keeping It Clean in San Francisco

Join us on September 15, when California's largest volunteer event -- Coastal Cleanup Day -- is taking place. You can help by joining Oracle, Oracle partners, and many others at the Ocean Beach cleanup.   [Read More]

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Health Care, Manufacturing and Liquor Dispensing!

Java Embedded @ JavaOne is designed to provide business and technical decision makers, and ecosystem partners to come together and learn about how they can use Java Embedded technologies for new business opportunities. It will held Wednesday, Oct. 3th and Thursday, Oct. 4th in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko (during JavaOne). Here is some of the great content already lined up: 
  • What Users Really Want from M2M Solutions: Findings of Worldwide M2M User Survey (Robin Duke-Woolley - BEECHAM RESEARCH)
  • ARM: Enhance the capabilities of devices with low power ARM Cortex-M and SecurCore (Andrew Frame - ARM)
  • Benefits of Java M2M Modules to the Ecosystem (Andreas Haegele - CINTERION) (Axel Hansmann - CINTERION)
  • HEALTH CARE PANEL Standardized Embedded mHealth - The Power of Java and the Continua Ecosystem (Alexis Roos - Oracle) - MODERATOR (Adam Odessky -Orange) (Jerry Wang - A&D Medical) (Manfred Kube - Cinterion) (Richard Cockle - GSMA)
  • The Coming M2M Revolution: Critical Issues for End-to-End Software and Systems (Paul Pishal - HITACHI) (Peter Westafer - HITACHI)
  • Bring Your Device to the Cloud: Why mobile networks are different (Stefan Vaillant - Nokia Siemens Networks)
  • Leveraging a Java IoT architecture to be successful in rapidly growing markets (Albert Dercksen - NEDAP) (Ruben Wegman - NEDAP)
  • Smart Grid Controller Powered by Java (Fumitoshi Keino - TOKO) (Mitsuru Sasanuma - TOKO)
  • M2M : Tackling THE Next Data Deluge (Parthesh Shastri - SEECONTROL) (Bryan Kester - SEECONTROL)
  • INDUSTRIAL CONTROL/MANUFACTURING PANEL Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation (Ranbir Mazumdar - ORACLE) - MODERATOR (Tim Biernet - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION) (Athulan Vijayaraghavan - SYSTEM INSIGHTS) (Paul Perrone - PERRONE ROBOTICS)
  • An Embedded Service Platform for Uninterruptible Processing (Tim Biernat - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION) (Paul Schmirler - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION)
  • Overview of an Embedded Platform for Manufacturing Big Data (Athulan Vijayaraghavan - SYSTEM INSIGHTS)
  • Leveraging Java to enable a velocity of new monetizable services (Andrew Tauhert - PRODEA) (Amir Ansari - PRODEA)
  • How Java helps startups in Emerging Technologies and Markets (Bryan Cheng - Globalscale Technologies, Inc.)
  • Liquor Dispensing and Management Systems featuring Java SE7 Embedded (Nicola La Gloria - SI14)

We expect the last session will require some additional field research during the conference. Attendees of both JavaOne and Oracle Openworld can attend Java Embedded @ JavaOne by purchasing a $100.00 USD upgrade to their full conference pass. Rates for attending Embedded @ JavaOne alone are here. Register now!


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