Thursday Aug 27, 2015

Interview about NetBeans

Yesterday I sat down with Geertjan Wielenga for the latest in our series of JavaOne Interviews. Geertjan is a Product Manager for NetBeans, so in this interview, you can hear the latest and greatest in NetBeans news and about NetBeans Day at JavaOne. We also covered the sessions that he’ll be co-presenting on this year and his favorite thing about JavaOne. Check out the interview embedded below or at this link

And don’t forget to register before the Early Bird Discount runs out this Sunday to hear from Geertjan and all the other great speakers live at JavaOne!

Wednesday Aug 26, 2015

Take Advantage of the Discover Pass at JavaOne

By David Lopez

Looking for a way into this year’s JavaOne keynotes, exhibit halls, and networking events, but not necessarily looking to attend sessions? Not everyone is a Java developer, working in tech, or done with school, and we understand. That’s why JavaOne offers the Discover Pass. With this pass, you’ll have access to the following and more: 

Keynotes for JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld
Exhibition halls at both conferences
Java Hub
Transportation to and from Moscone Center from some conference hotels  

Perhaps best of all is the price that you can grab this great package at. Originally ending on August 16th, the Early Bird Discount has been extended until August 30th. This means that all attendee packages have been discounted to save you money on this year’s JavaOne. Right now, you can get the Discover Pass for just $50 with the Early Bird Discount and $75 once it expires. That’s right, you can attend JavaOne for just $50, so register today! Come celebrate 20 years of Java in San Francisco with the Java Community! And yes, you get Wi-Fi access!

Tuesday Aug 25, 2015

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java and Server-Side Development

By David Lopez

The JavaOne 2015 Content Catalog is live. We’ve got hundreds of great sessions covering all things Java related. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, be it Server-Side Development, Security, or anything in between, the sessions have been placed into tracks. There are 8 tracks at this year’s conference designed to be the ultimate guide to help you stay on top of the latest innovations in Java technologies. This is the sixth post in a series on the tracks being offered at this year’s conference. Last week, we looked at the Java and the Internet of Things track. Today, let’s look at the Java and Server-Side Development track and a few featured sessions. 

This track focuses on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE). Looking to get the most out of Java EE 7 and look forward to 8? You’ve come to the right place. Sessions on this track will keep you moving along with the best new methods and updates for staying on top of security, persistence, CDI, transactions, Java Message Service 2.0, Concurrency Utilities, and batch APIs. Java EE experts will also teach you how to develop secure and scalable services with technologies like WebSockets, JSON, and JAX-RS 2.0. 

As far as featured sessions go, this track has 3 great Hands-On Labs to look out for. These sessions are unique because of their hands-on nature, meaning that you’ll walk away with some new tools in your belt. For example, Yuriy Artamonov poses a challenge in his session “Develop a Fully Functioned Business Application in Hours with CUBA Platform.” Can you build a genuine enterprise application with commercial value in just 2 hours? He’ll show you how in this session. You’ll utilize the CUBA Platform to create an application complete with a UI, business logic, security and audit, reports, and a REST API for a bicycle workshop. 

To get even more hands-on Java EE knowledge, check out “Building Applications with PostgreSQL’s jsonb Datatype, Play 2 Framework, and REST.” Developing a web application with PostgreSQL’s jsonb datatype and the REST API means that you can store all data in a single database, easily make data changes, simplify the way you manage difficult class hierarchies, save data in one table in JSON and relational view, and decrease your development time while speeding up web application performance, and Anton Kazakov from Softarex Technologies Inc. will show you how in this session. The third featured session was covered in last week’s IoT Track Highlights. It’s called “Highly Loaded Server-Side Multitask Management Systems Based on Java and Redis.” It’s a great session for those of you interested in server-side development, the IoT, or both. You’ll walk away with the knowledge of how to develop an IoT system utilizing server-based solutions. Check it out here

To see more from this track, head over to the Content Catalog and filter by Java and Server-Side Development. Let’s not forget that this great technology is only possible because of contributions from the rich community that surrounds Java EE. What better place to get to know this community and to meet the some of the biggest innovators face-to-face than JavaOne? The Early Bird Discount is in its final days, so register soon, and don’t miss this year’s JavaOne!

Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Interview with Track Co-Lead Simon Maple

By David Lopez

This week I sat down and spoke with Simon Maple, the Emerging Languages Track Co-Lead at JavaOne 2015. Simon is a developer advocate at ZeroTurnaround, a Java Champion, founder and organizer of the vJUG (Virtual Java User Group), and a featured speaker at this year’s conference. We discussed his experience on the track committee and how JavaOne’s track setup helps attendees find their focus at such a large conference. You’ll also hear about one of his sessions. You can find info on them all here.

When asked about his favorite thing at JavaOne, what he’s really looking forward to, Simon brought up one of the best parts of JavaOne that you’ll rarely see advertised. It’s not the world-class speakers or the scenic San Francisco Bay. It’s the parties! Where else can you bump elbows and have a conversation with so many people that are radically changing the tech world or hosted your favorite vJUG session? Check out the interview embedded below, and if that’s not working, it’s linked here

Don’t forget to register for JavaOne 2015 before the already extended early bird discount ends, and check out the Content Catalog for info on all the great sessions at this year’s JavaOne San Francisco!

Wednesday Aug 19, 2015

JavaOne4Kids: Robots, Minecraft, and Coding

By David Lopez

Much like with language, kids have the ability to absorb and understand the basics of technology amazingly at an early age. Building the next generation of developers, engineers, and tech lovers, JavaOne4Kids is an entire day’s worth of sessions hosted on Saturday October 24th right before JavaOne begins (schedule available here). In order to ensure that the kids have the best time possible and want to come back for more, we try to offer lessons that spark their interest and creativity. These sessions are aimed at children 10-18 years old. There are 21 total sessions being offered over 3 time slots. Technologies covered include: Greenfoot, LEGO Mindstorms, Scratch, Leap Motion, Arduino, Python, NAO Robot, HTML5, JavaScript, Polymer, Raspberry Pi, Scala, Forge 1.8, Tynker, and, of course, Java. 

Each session is designed to reach out to a different age group or interest. For example, the young artists can draw their favorite animals with JavaScript; the gamers can mod Minecraft with Forge 1.8 or build their own game with Java or Scratch and Leap Motion, and robot enthusiasts can play with a NAO Robot. Registration for this event opens in September, but in order to make sure it’s the best that it can possibly be, we are now looking for volunteers to help with the workshops. Sign up to volunteer here. Your time will help inspire the next generation of Java Developers – a great way to give back to and help grow the Java Community.

Tuesday Aug 18, 2015

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java and the Internet of Things

By David Lopez  

The JavaOne 2015 Content Catalog is live. We’ve got hundreds of great sessions covering all things Java related. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, be it Server-Side Development, Security, or anything in between, the sessions have been placed into tracks. There are 8 tracks at this year’s conference designed to be the ultimate guide to help you stay on top of the latest innovations in Java technologies. This is the fifth post in a series on the tracks being offered at this year’s conference. Last week, we looked at the Java, DevOps, and the Cloud track. Today, let’s look at the Java and the Internet of Things track and a few sessions.

Java and the Internet of Things (IoT) track is the place to find out about the latest in the movement to make a smarter, more interactive world. Featuring technologies like intelligent homes, machine-to-machine communication, and interconnected medical devices, the IoT has plenty of room to grow into everyday life. Working with Java, the IoT has an ideal platform for growth. For example, the featured session on this track “Highly Loaded Server-Side Multitask Management Systems Based on Java and Redis” is a Hands-On Lab demonstrating the power of Java when coupled with Redis (Remote Dictionary Server). This lab will allow attendees to see a step-by-step development of an IoT system designed to run with Redis-based communications optimized for multitask processing. This tech can be highly useful for designing server-based solutions and getting the most out of your Java server applications. 

Also offered on the Java and the IoT track is a tutorial that’s perfect for those new to the IoT or looking to code for the IoT for the first time. “Can the Internet of Things Save 50,000 Lives a Year?” looks at the IoT through a demonstration of medical devices designed to gather real-time patient readings and correlate and interpret the results. With patients needing the best care available, moments matter. Learn to target and tackle obstacles like latency with this tutorial and get started coding for the industrial IoT. Once you’re up and running with the IoT, “Control All the Things! Building an IoT Web Control Center in Java with MQTT” is a session offered to help you learn to deal with all your things that you’ve put on the internet by creating a control center UI. In this session, a control center that can automatically detect sensors and alarms and set individual thresholds for alarms will be looked at. Learn to use Java for everything from setting up sensors to your UI. 

To see more from this track, head over to the Content Catalog and filter by Java and the IoT. While you’re there be sure to check out the hundreds of other great sessions and events at this year’s JavaOne San Francisco! The Early Bird Discount has just been extended, so register soon!

Thursday Aug 13, 2015

Duke’s Choice Award Nominations Now Open!

By David Lopez

Each year at JavaOne, Duke’s Choice Awards are presented to members of the Java Community who have displayed a tremendous amount of innovation in Java Technology. That means that this prestigious award is just as accessible to individuals and small groups as it is to giants in the field. Keeping with this, anyone in the Java Community can nominate projects for a Duke’s Choice Award, even Oracle Employees. 

Do you know someone or a team of people who deserve this honor? Then nominate them! But hurry because submissions close on August 24th, 2015. Winners will receive a free full conference pass to JavaOne, a Duke statue (see photo), a winner’s badge, inclusion in an Oracle press release and social media programs (free press), and community recognition as a leader in innovation, announced at the largest Java community gathering. Submit a nomination today!

Wednesday Aug 12, 2015

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java, DevOps, and the Cloud

By David Lopez

The JavaOne Content Catalog is live and full of hundreds of great sessions, which, admittedly, can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many sessions, where do you start looking? Well, the best place to start is with an understanding of the tracks being offered at this year’s conference. Each track tackles a different side of the Java technologies, and this is the fourth post in a series explaining the different tracks featured at this year’s JavaOne conference and what each track has to offer. Last week, we looked at the Emerging Languages track. Today, let’s look at the Java, DevOps, and the Cloud track and a few featured sessions. 

Java, DevOps, and the Cloud is your stop for service-oriented development technologies. From big data to microservices, this track has you covered. Topics include software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), DevOps, continuous delivery, and container application architectures. Sessions will also cover the role that Java has to play in the development and improvement of the cloud, from increased portability to microservice deployment. 

On this track, Antoine Chambille from Quartet Financial Systems and Amir Javanshir from Oracle will be presenting “Operating a 16-Terabyte JVM. . .and Living to Tell the Tale.” Though the typical limit set on the JVM by most people peaks out at about 100GB, Antoine and Amir will tell you how they got it to work with 16TB of memory using an M6-32 SPARC’s 384 cores to run a large credit risk use case. Also offered on the Java, DevOps, and the Cloud track is “Writing Microservices in Java: Best Practices and Common Mistakes” by Derek Ashmore from the STA Group. Attend this session to learn how to make more resilient and supportable microservices by learning tips and tricks and how to avoid common mistakes. All examples in this session will be shown in Java.

In cloud technologies, Mark Heckler from Oracle and Jose Pereda from Gluon are hosting “Autonomous Vehicles: Build Cloud-Connected Robots with Java.” See off-the-shelf components become a robotic vehicle, and then learn to use Java Embedded and JavaFX to integrate sensors, add autonomous capability, and add monitoring capability to your Android or iOS device by using the cloud. At the end of the session, you’ll hear about the presenters’ current work with these technologies and where they are headed. 

To check out more on this track, head over to the Content Catalog and filter by Java, DevOps, and the Cloud. While you’re there, be sure to check out the hundreds of other great sessions and events at this year’s JavaOne Conference, and register while the Early Bird Discount  is still in effect!

Tuesday Aug 11, 2015

Last Week to Save Hundreds with the Early Bird Discount!

By David Lopez

Looking to attend JavaOne this fall? Whether you’re looking for the full conference experience or the Discover pass with access to Keynotes and Exhibit Halls, the Early Bird Discount will save you a substantial amount of money on your cost of attendance. We’ve even got a special discount going on for Government Employees (including public universities). Right now, you can save $600 as a government employee, $400 as a full conference attendee, and you can grab a Discover Pass for just $50. But you’d better hurry, as these deals expire at the end of the week on August 16th. 

So talk to your boss (see tips here), your spouse, or yourself, and make plans to attend JavaOne 2015 while this great rate is still in effect. With hundreds of innovative sessions hosted by leaders in the field, JavaOne is the perfect place to sharpen your skills and make connections with other members of the Java Community. And if that’s not enough, JavaOne is hosted in San Francisco, one of the most scenic cities on Earth, and we’re guaranteeing the lowest rates on conference hotels  for a limited time. So check out the content catalog to see what JavaOne has to offer you and register before the Early Bird Discount runs out!

Thursday Aug 06, 2015

JavaOne 2014 Session Videos

By David Lopez

The JavaOne 2015 Content Catalog has been released. With hundreds of innovative sessions from leaders in the field, you can be sure that JavaOne is the premier Java Conference. Last year, all the JavaOne sessions were recorded with either video and audio or audio and slides, and now, all this great Java content is available to you for free! Catch up on what you may have missed, whether you attended JavaOne 2014 or not.

Over 300 sessions and tutorials are available! These sessions  include:

Build, Test, and Deploy JavaFX Applications with Ease
Toward Native JavaScript Performance on the JVM
Debugging: The Missing Episode
API Design Checklist
Mobile, APIs, and the Cloud: A Field Perspective
Java Secure Coding Guidelines

Wondering what to expect at this year’s JavaOne? These recorded sessions are a great way to get an idea about the type of content and presentations available at JavaOne. Of course, they’re no substitute for the real thing, which provides hands-on experience and countless opportunities to meet and mingle with the Java Community. Remember to register for this year’s JavaOne while the Early Bird Discount is still in effect and save hundreds!


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