Tuesday Jul 12, 2016

Java Content to Explore

Another round of JavaOne sessions has been released, taking the current total up to 104 sessions. These sessions will give you a preview of this year’s conference. With everything including big data, cloud computing, and new languages, JavaOne has it all. As you start to consider your agenda for the conference, remember the tracks can provide a guide to the different technologies offered at the conference, helping you navigate and put together a robust and sleep-reducing agenda. 

As you begin planning for the conference, don’t overlook the massive library of JavaOne 2015 sessions that are available on YouTube. We’ve got over a hundred videos with hours and hours of Java content available for free! These videos can be your guide to understanding the different session types offered at JavaOne, or checking out some of the different speakers’ styles. The videos can also help you get a bit adventurous with your JavaOne agenda. Use this resource as a way to explore all of your Java interests.

Thinking of switching over to JavaFX from Swing? Want to start automating more? Want to learn “Architecture for Rookies?” Use these sessions as a primer to take on the latest and greatest in a new field at JavaOne 2016.

Tuesday Jul 05, 2016

JavaFX with Gerrit Grunwald

Featured Speaker Gerrit Grunwald joined me to discuss JavaFX, HTML5, Swing, his process for designing cross platform, and how he begins designing a UI. He also gives advice on where to start for those wanting to learn JavaFX. Check it out below or at this link

Don’t miss Gerrit’s session at this year’s conference, “The Dark and Light Sides of JavaFX.” You can find his blog here , and if you haven’t registered already, don’t miss your chance to save $400 off JavaOne with the Early Bird Discount.

Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

JavaOne Sessions Overview

This year’s JavaOne has 7 tracks that will cover all things Java. From security to development methodology, JavaOne has it all. Here's what you'll find at JavaOne:
Core Java Platform – Java, JVMs, New Library Features, and now Security. This track is the place to go to find the latest in Java Platform developments in all their forms. This year instead of having its own dedicated track, security and security-related content is coupled with the Core Java Platform. Here, you’ll find all the same great tools and best practices to keep your build secure.

Emerging Languages – The JVM: not just for Java! Ceylon, Clojure, Groovy, JavaScript, JRuby, Kotlin, Scala, and more languages are expanding the capabilities of the JVM all the time. Whether you type dynamically or statically, these sessions will find new ways to improve your productivity.

Java, Cloud, and Server-Side Development – This track covers everything cloud, server, and service related. Java offers unique advantages in software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), big data, SQL, NoSQL, server-side frameworks and platforms, and the cloud with technologies including Java EE. The cloud is only getting bigger, and JavaOne will help you stay on top of the latest developments.

Java and Devices – The world is becoming smart with devices, homes, machine-to-machine, cars and all kinds of systems capable of greater connectivity than ever before, and Java is the platform to help it become even smarter. Come hear how the Java platform is revolutionizing what devices are capable of.

Java Clients and User Interfaces – With so many new environments that must be considered when building a UI, how do you know when to use which—JavaFX, HTML5, or JavaScript? And how do you manage to get the most out of each situation while maintaining the unique feel of your product? These experts will give their take on the latest developments in UI development.

Java Development Tools – Feeling like you’ve hit a productivity plateau? Modern development tools just might be the answer. The track covers topics that are improving productivity and efficiency throughout the development process. IDEs, monitoring, testing, performance environments, ALM toolkits, continuous integration tools, modeling systems, analysis tools, source code editors, and more will be discussed.

Java, DevOps, and Methodologies – Is your latest project going as well as it could be, and if not, how do you make it back on track? With info on DevOps and Agile techniques, you’ll hear from experts who have the experience and the latest information to help.

With tracks like these, you can’t afford to miss JavaOne 2016. Register soon, and you’ll save $400 with the Early Bird Discount!

Thursday Jun 23, 2016

Tell Your Manager about JavaOne: A How-To

JavaOne is an investment in yourself—your efficiency, your grasp of new technologies, your ability to finish that latest project. As such, it’s also an investment in your company, and it’s an investment that pays for itself as you become more efficient and skilled, but you probably already knew that. The question is: Does your manager know that? If they don’t know, don’t worry. We’re here to help you come up with some compelling reasons. In fact, we’ve written an entire customizable letter that you can use. 

The letter highlights some key features of JavaOne. The technical nature of the conference sessions is stated clearly. You’re not coming out to San Francisco to listen to product advertisements; you’re coming to learn from some of the best minds in Java today. It also mentions the great collaborative opportunities that the conference offers. With so many developers under the same roof, some serious collaboration, present and future, is bound to happen. And on top of all that, right now you’ll save $400 off the conference price, so if you’re considering waiting to state your case, act quickly while we can still offer such savings. 

Wednesday Jun 22, 2016

Featured Speakers Worth Buzzing About

Congrats to the JavaOne 2016 featured speakers! This group of talented speakers comes from around the world and across all things Java. The JavaOne 2016 Session Catalog hasn’t been fully announced yet, but if you’re looking for an idea of what JavaOne is all about, their session abstracts are already available. They cover tech like Java 8, JavaFX, Java EE, Groovy, the cloud, microservices, Java SE, and so much more. 

Be sure to look out for this group at JavaOne. Whether they’re speaking about your primary field or just something you’ve always been curious about, these speakers are sure to leave you impressed (and more knowledgeable). To help you find what you’re looking for, I’ve arranged them below by track.

Core Java Platform
Andres Almiray
Trisha Gee
Venkat Subramaniam

Java Clients and User Interfaces
Andres Almiray
Gerrit Grunwald

Java Development Tools
Andres Almiray
Wayne Beaton

Java and Devices
Johan Vos
Java, Cloud, and Server-Side Development
Adam Bien
Markus Eisele
Bert Ertman
Arun Gupta
Mark Heckler
Simon Maple

Java, DevOps, and Methodologies
Wayne Beaton
Holly Cummins
Jennifer Heckler
Kasia Mrowca
Baruch Sadogursky
Venkat Subramani

Tuesday Jun 21, 2016

Don't Miss Java University!

The tech world moves fast. Catch up. Blink. And it’s gone again. New tools and new methods are always coming out. From time to time, we all need a light refresher course or a breakneck sprint to catch back up. Luckily, Java University is here. Taking place on Sunday, September 18th, Java University is the perfect place to get the most Java knowledge out of your San Francisco trip.

Java University is a collection of full-day seminars designed and taught by experts. Each session runs from 8:30am-3:30pm with a lecture, demos, and whiteboarding on a specific Java topic. This extended session format allows students the time to really dig into the material, and instructor slides are available to students after the session, so the learning doesn’t stop there. Sessions this year are:

  • Lift and Shift: Moving Your Java Apps to and from Oracle Cloud
  • Using the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions and Streams
  • Recommended Practices for Java Performance Tuning
  • Architect and Design Secure Robust Enterprise Java Applications for the Cloud and Beyond
  • Validating X.509 Certificates in SSL/TLS
  • The Latest and the Greatest of RESTful Web Services
  • AngularJS Programming for Java Developers
These sessions will add that new skill to your toolbox or help you explore an area of interest. Whatever your motivation, be sure to check out the full session descriptions here. Registration is as easy as adding Java University as an add-on when you register for JavaOne or logging in and adding Java University to your current registration. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn in-demand skills at an accelerated pace!

Thursday Jun 16, 2016

Book Your Hotel Today and Save!

By David Lopez  

Thinking of attending JavaOne 2016? Don’t delay! The hotel booking system is live and ready to set you up with the perfect conference hotel. Register today, and check out these 5 ways you’ll save:

1. Save $400 off a Full Conference Pass with Early Bird Pricing
2. Save money with the guaranteed lowest rates at the official conference hotels
3. Save time and frustration with our hotel booking system that displays real-time availability and rates
4. Save your feet with complimentary shuttle service to Moscone Center from most conference hotels

5. Save yourself some confusion with our interactive map of San Francisco that highlights conference locations, hotels, airports, and transit stops

Wednesday Jun 15, 2016

JavaOne 2015 Rock Stars Are Here

Congrats to all the 2015 JavaOne Rock Stars! This group of outstanding speakers was selected by last year’s JavaOne attendees on the attendee survey. They are recognized for their exceptional contributions to the conference and the community, for their session content and speaking ability. This group represents the best of what JavaOne has to offer--check out their session descriptions here

Rock Star speakers this year ranged from Eugene Ryzhikov with “Gluon: JavaFX for the (Mobile) Enterprise” to Josh Long with “To the Cloud! Building Cloud-Native Applications”. Be sure to check out our YouTube playlist from JavaOne 2015  for content from some of the 2015 Rock Star Speakers and some other great JavaOne speakers. And get ready for JavaOne 2016 where future Rock Stars will be made!

Tuesday Jun 14, 2016

JavaOne4Kids Needs You!

JavaOne4Kids is back, and the call for proposals is now open through July 1st! JavaOne4Kids is reaching the next generation of developers at an early age by providing sessions for kids 10-18 who are interested in programming, robotics, and engineering. Ever wish that you had started with tech at an earlier age? This is your chance to help make that happen for someone—check out what this young woman has been able to accomplish.

Sessions that grab young students’ attention are necessary to keep them engaged and working with these technologies. See last year’s schedule for ideas on what others have done. In general, topics like these are what we’re looking for: 

Basic Programming

  • Scratch
  • Snap
  • Greenfoot
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby 


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Dough 


  • LEGO Mindstorms
  • NAO
  • Sphere Droid
  • Vex
  • Roblox 

Mobile Apps

  • iOS
  • Android

Modding Minecraft

Last year’s JavaOne4Kids was great, but don’t take my word for it—hear it from the kids themselves in last year’s JavaOne Community Keynote. If you know some young developers, look out for the schedule in early August and sign up to be notified when registration opens here

Thursday Jun 09, 2016

Experience JavaOne 2016

By David Lopez  

JavaOne 2016 is on its way! Are you ready? Check out the registration options for this year’s conference, and make the most of your JavaOne experience. 

The JavaOne Full Conference Pass gives you over 450 sessions to choose from. These include the hands-on labs, tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions as well. These expert-led sessions are the perfect way to stay up-to-date with everything Java. The content catalog isn’t live yet, but to get an idea of what will be offered check out this year’s seven tracks. Sessions will explore topics across tracks like the Core Java Platform, Emerging Languages, Java Clients and User Interfaces, and more.

With the full pass, attendees also get access to the keynotes for JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld, the Oracle Users Forum, the Java Exhibition Hall, the Java Hub, and more. If you’re looking for even more Java content (or an extra ticket to the Appreciation Event), check out the add-on options. As an add-on, Java University offers a full day of preconference training to attendees with 7 in-depth sessions to choose from.

Also offered is the Discover Pass. This pass gives you access to a lighter JavaOne experience. Featured in this pass are the keynotes from JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld, Executive Solution sessions, Exhibition Halls, the Oracle User Group Pavilion, and more for just $50 until July 17th. 

Right now, Early Bird Pricing is still in effect, so don’t miss your chance to save $400 off the full conference onsite registration price. And if you’re registering in a group of 5 or more, register with the group pass to save 20-28%, so round up your friends and coworkers and bring them along because it’s going to be a great JavaOne!

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