Monday Dec 21, 2009

Screencast: Device Selector

Some time ago I asked you how are you familiar with Device Selector. I'd like to thank everybody who answered the question. We have got lots of interesting information. More than half of participants answered "I don't know what Device Selector is." I didn't expect so high percentage of votes for this option so this is a good chance to say a few words about Device Selector functionality.

Device Selector is a small window in the bottom left corner of Java ME SDK development environment. In general you can use it to set emulator properties or simply run project on different emulators. This screencast shows you Device Selector in action.

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

Mobile Application Conference India

SiliconIndia, India’s professional networking portal, is organizing Mobile Application Conference India in Bangalore on this Saturday. Sun is a technology partner of the conference and it is an opportunity for you to see Sun's mobile technologies in action. I was told that there will be also a demonstration of Java ME SDK 3.0. Sun India team is looking forward to meeting you there if you have a chance to come.

Mobile Application Conference India

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

Three months old today!

Today they are three months we started our team blog (and it is also my grandmother name day :-) ) Here is a map of you, our readers.

Map of visitors

Monday Jul 13, 2009

1 update found

Have you started Java ME SDK 3.0 and see a small icon in the bottom right corner?

Update Notification

It appeared there about a month ago and some of you maybe asked what it means. The icon notifies you about available updates for Java ME SDK. This is a new feature in 3.0 release and allows delivery of updates faster than regular releases.

It is very easy and simple to install new updates, just click on the icon and follow instructions.

This first update contains updates of BD-J libraries from HDcookbook project and a few small fixes in Blu-ray development support. During the updating process you can see a message that plugins are signed but not trusted. You can trust them. This issue is also solved in the update and if you install the update this warning will not appear again in the future for next updates.

Sunday Jun 07, 2009

Prototype of Java ME SDK on Mac and Linux

If you have missed Java ONE, you can see a short screencast showing something, that Tomas presented: Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit Prototype running on Mac OS X. (direct link to a HD .mov video, 22.8 MB, 3 minutes)

Java ME SDK prototype running on linux

Java ME SDK prototype running on Mac OS X

Sunday May 24, 2009

VisualVM understands Java ME Profiler Snapshot

Java ME SDK 3.0 supports offline profiling. Data is collected during the emulation session. After you close the emulator a profiler data snapshot is written to a .prof file which you can load and view in the SDK.

Since last Friday it is possible to load and view Java ME SDK profiler file also in VisualVM 1.1. VisualVM is a tool to monitor and troubleshoot Java applications. For more information about VisualVM visit its homepage.

How to view Java ME SDK profiler file in VisualVM? It's easy. Everything you have to do is to install Java ME Profiler Snapshot Viewer module from VisualVM update center.

  1. Start VisualVM.
  2. Open Plugins manager from Tools->Plugins menu.

    Tools->Plugins menu

  3. In Available Plugins tab select Java ME Profiler Snapshot Viewer and click Install button.

    VisualVM Update Center

When the module is installed, new action Import Java ME SDK Snapshot... is added to the application File menu.

Import Java ME SDK Snapshot...

Java ME SDK profiler file can be opened and shown in VisualVM by this action. Default location of Java ME SDK profiler file is <user_home>/javame-sdk/3.0/work/<device_number>/

Sunday Apr 26, 2009

Future Directions


Just a day after Java ME SDK 3.0 release we decided to have the first meeting about features for next Java ME SDK version. It was a nice sunny day in Prague and we were sitting on the grass in front of our building to get fresh ideas on the fresh air. We put together long list of enhancements and new features but we would also like to know your opinion. Do you miss some feature? Do you think something should be improved? Share your mind with us, we will very appreciate it.

From left to right: Radko, Martin, Tomas, Ondra, Lubo, Igor and Pavel behind the photo camera.


Java ME Platform SDK is a toolbox for developing mobile applications. Java ME SDK Download


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