September 2019

In addition to articles on testing, we have a set of supplementary feature articles, plus the usual quiz, book review, calendar of events, and updates on various JEPs and JSRs.

The New Java Magazine

Hello, world! from our new, more readable, higher-frequency home.

Core Java, 11th Ed. Volumes 1 and 2

By Cay Horstmann

Know for Sure with Property-Based Testing

How do you test your code against thousands of values?

Arquillian: Easy Jakarta EE Testing

How to use the Arquillian framework to test Jakarta EE applications

Unit Test Your Architecture with ArchUnit

Discover architectural defects at build time.

For the Fun of It: Writing Your Own Text Editor, Part 1

Using a layered design and iterative development, a line editor evolves into a text editor in this new article series.

Quiz Yourself: Using Collectors (Advanced)

Where care is needed to get the results you expect from the Collectors class

Quiz Yourself: Threads and Executors (Advanced)

The details of relying on specific operations from ExecutorService

Quiz Yourself: Comparing Loop Constructs (Intermediate)

Which loop construct would you use when looping on manual user input? Subtleties abound...

Quiz Yourself: Wrapper Classes (Intermediate)

Two integers are instantiated with the Integer wrapper class. How do you compare their values correctly?