Java 14 Arrives with a Host of New Features

By Raoul-Gabriel Urma February 2020 February 2020, Java 14, Java SE

Java 14 contains more new features than the previous two releases—most of them aimed at easing coding.

Understanding the JDK’s New Superfast Garbage Collectors

By Raoul-Gabriel Urma December 2019 December 2019, JVM Internals

ZGC, Shenandoah, and improvements to G1 get developers closer than ever to pauseless Java.

Inside Java 13’s switch Expressions and Reimplemented Socket API

By Raoul-Gabriel Urma October 2019 Java SE, October 2019

Incremental changes bring future benefits in this release.

New switch Expressions in Java 12

By Raoul-Gabriel Urma May/June 2019 Java SE, May/June 2019

A new preview feature makes switch statements friendlier and less error-prone.