Quiz yourself: Use PreparedStatement to perform database CRUD operations (intermediate)

PreparedStatement sends SQL to a database. Let’s see how it works.

Quiz yourself: Declaring and accessing modules, especially java.base (intermediate)

This intermediate-level Java SE 11 certification quiz tests your ability to declare modules and enable access between modules, especially when it comes to the java.base module.

Quiz yourself: Applying access modifiers to Java classes (intermediate)

This Java certification quiz investigates the meaning of default accessibility and how it influences classes in different packages.

Quiz yourself: Methods that throw an exception (intermediate)

Understanding the checked exception mechanism requires that you understand how to declare a method that throws a checked exception, and how that differs from a method that either does not throw any exceptions or throws only unchecked ones.

Quiz yourself: Using core functional interfaces (intermediate)

See if you know how to use the predicate, consumer, function, and supplier interfaces.

Quiz Yourself: Creating and Invoking Overloaded Methods (Intermediate)

Overloaded methods must be valid, and all ambiguities must be resolved.

Quiz Yourself: Using Switch and Case Statements (Intermediate)

Java control statements can be confusing to learn and use correctly.

Quiz Yourself: Use Java operators (Intermediate)

The objective in this Java SE quiz is to understand how to use conditional operators.

Quiz Yourself: Migrating to the Java Platform Module System (Advanced)

You’re tasked with moving an application to JPMS. What’s the command line?

Quiz Yourself: Using Core Functional Interfaces: Consumer (Advanced)

The consumer interface can be confusing, even for advanced coders.

Quiz Yourself: Using Core Functional Interfaces: Predicate (Advanced)

Predicate interfaces can be complicated, so be careful when working out the results.

Quiz Yourself: Lambda Types (Advanced)

Can a lambda return a lambda?

Quiz Yourself: Functional Interfaces (Advanced)

Define and implement functional interfaces that work as expected.

Quiz Yourself: Lambda Expressions (Advanced)

The subtleties of using var in lambda expressions

Quiz Yourself: Two-Dimensional Arrays (Intermediate)

Using var with two-dimensional arrays requires careful attention.

Quiz Yourself: Understanding enums (Advanced)

The subtleties of using enums in a switch statement

Quiz Yourself: Final Classes (Intermediate)

The effects of declaring a class final

Quiz Yourself: Default Methods (Advanced)

What fields can you access from default methods in interfaces?

Quiz Yourself: Manipulate Data with StringBuilder (Intermediate)

When two object references point to the same StringBuilder instance, how are changes propagated?

Quiz Yourself: Identify the Scope of Variables (Intermediate)

Nuances of variable scope in for-loops