Quiz Yourself: Understanding enums (Advanced)

The subtleties of using enums in a switch statement

Quiz Yourself: Final Classes (Intermediate)

The effects of declaring a class final

Quiz Yourself: Default Methods (Advanced)

What fields can you access from default methods in interfaces?

Quiz Yourself: Manipulate Data with StringBuilder (Intermediate)

When two object references point to the same StringBuilder instance, how are changes propagated?

Quiz Yourself: Identify the Scope of Variables (Intermediate)

Nuances of variable scope in for-loops

Quiz Yourself: Inner, Nested, and Anonymous Classes (Advanced)

Java’s mechanisms and syntax for defining classes inside other classes

Quiz Yourself: String Manipulation (Intermediate)

The subtleties of string concatenation

Quiz Yourself: Variable Declaration (Intermediate)

The scope rules of Java variables and an examination of shadowing

Quiz Yourself: One-Dimensional Arrays (Intermediate)

The subtleties of using a constructor to create an array

Quiz Yourself: Custom Exceptions (Advanced)

When exactly do you need to declare an exception?

Quiz Yourself: Read and Set the Locale (Advanced)

For happy users, specify the locale correctly.

Quiz Yourself: Functional Interfaces (Advanced)

The subtleties of boxing and unboxing in streams

Quiz Yourself: Using Collectors (Advanced)

Where care is needed to get the results you expect from the Collectors class

Quiz Yourself: Threads and Executors (Advanced)

The details of relying on specific operations from ExecutorService

Quiz Yourself: Comparing Loop Constructs (Intermediate)

Which loop construct would you use when looping on manual user input? Subtleties abound...

Quiz Yourself: Wrapper Classes (Intermediate)

Two integers are instantiated with the Integer wrapper class. How do you compare their values correctly?

Quiz Yourself

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Quiz Yourself

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