October 2019

Inside Java 13’s switch Expressions and Reimplemented Socket API

Incremental changes bring future benefits in this release.

Text Blocks Come to Java

Java 13 delivers long-awaited multiline strings.

Inside the Language: Sealed Types

How Java is moving toward pattern matching, improved enums, and better switch statements

Java in the Browser with TeaVM

Build web apps using Java on both the front and back ends.

Really Know Your Tools

Great programmers all possess deep knowledge of their primary tools. If you’re not expert in yours, invest the time you need. Here’s a start.

Quiz Yourself: One-Dimensional Arrays (Intermediate)

The subtleties of using a constructor to create an array

Continuous Delivery in Java

By Daniel Bryant and Abraham Marín-Pérez

Quiz Yourself: Custom Exceptions (Advanced)

When exactly do you need to declare an exception?

Quiz Yourself: Read and Set the Locale (Advanced)

For happy users, specify the locale correctly.

Quiz Yourself: Functional Interfaces (Advanced)

The subtleties of boxing and unboxing in streams