January 2020

Programming the GPU in Java

Accessing the GPU from Java unleashes remarkable firepower. Here’s how the GPU works and how to access it from Java.

Easy Searching with Elasticsearch

Using Elasticsearch’s high- and low-level APIs to search synchronously and asynchronously

Records Come to Java

A first look at how Java 14’s data records will change the way you code

Mind Mapping Your Way to Better Code

A simple tool delivers big benefits in design and implementation of code, especially on personal projects.

Quiz Yourself: Understanding enums (Advanced)

The subtleties of using enums in a switch statement

Real-World Software Development

January 10, 2020 | Download a PDF of this article When you learn a new programming language, there are always two distinct phases: The first is the initial acquisition of the language itself accompanied by a general sense of its core libraries and A

Quiz Yourself: Final Classes (Intermediate)

The effects of declaring a class final

Quiz Yourself: Default Methods (Advanced)

What fields can you access from default methods in interfaces?

Quiz Yourself: Manipulate Data with StringBuilder (Intermediate)

When two object references point to the same StringBuilder instance, how are changes propagated?