February 2020

Java 14 Arrives with a Host of New Features

Java 14 contains more new features than the previous two releases—most of them aimed at easing coding.

Enterprise Java Microservices

February 27, 2020 | Download a PDF of this article It is unclear whether the current interest in microservices architecture is a fad spurred on by the availability of easily accessible cloud services or whether it will endure and become a standard m

Transition from Java EE to Jakarta EE

What happened and what you need to know

Java Flight Recorder and JFR Event Streaming in Java 14

Get a stream of high-volume data points about your running app.

Quiz Yourself: Lambda Types (Advanced)

Can a lambda return a lambda?

Quiz Yourself: Functional Interfaces (Advanced)

Define and implement functional interfaces that work as expected.

Quiz Yourself: Lambda Expressions (Advanced)

The subtleties of using var in lambda expressions

Quiz Yourself: Two-Dimensional Arrays (Intermediate)

Using var with two-dimensional arrays requires careful attention.