Java on Arm processors: Understanding AArch64 vs. x86

Arm-based processors are increasingly popular and are in the news thanks to Apple’s latest notebooks and Oracle’s cloud services.

Hello, Coherence Community Edition, Part 3: Packaging, deployment, scaling, persistence, and operations with Java

How to push a Coherence CE application out to a Kubernetes cluster, and then scale and manage that cluster

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Refactoring Java, Part 3: Regaining business agility by simplifying legacy code

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How Dev versus Ops became DevOps

Patrick Debois, founder of DevOpsDays, explains how the DevOps movement started and where it’s headed.

Creating a Java off-heap in-memory database

Store gigabytes or terabytes of data in high-speed memory—if you have the physical RAM, of course.

Diving into Java records: Serialization, marshaling, and bean state validation

Existing frameworks and libraries that access instance variables through getters and setters won’t work with records. Here’s what to do.

Build your own Jenkins plugins with Guice, SezPoz, Stapler, and Jelly

Customize the popular automation platform to make it say “Hallo.”

Modern Java toys that boost productivity, from type inference to text blocks

Developers using older versions of the Java platform are missing out.

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Pin-down tests are the key to stabilizing your legacy Java code.

Refactoring Java, Part 1: Driving agile development with test-driven development

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Venkat Subramaniam: Java is changing in a responsible manner

When Java shows up at a party, it always brings a delicious dessert.

Reactive streams programming over WebSockets with Helidon SE

With Helidon SE, client applications can regulate asynchronous traffic by signaling remote publishers how much data to send at a time.

Four common pitfalls of the BigDecimal class and how to avoid them

When doing currency calculations in Java, you might use java.math.BigDecimal—but beware of some of that class’s unique challenges.

Inside Java 15: Fourteen JEPs in five buckets

Hidden classes, sealed classes, text blocks, records, and EdDSA: There’s lots of goodness in JDK 15.

The code underpinning the Brazilian healthcare system—and other world-changing Java applications

Your reactions to the list of the 25 greatest Java apps ever written