Programming the GPU in Java

January 10, 2020 Coding

Accessing the GPU from Java unleashes remarkable firepower. Here’s how the GPU works and how to access it from Java.

Easy Searching with Elasticsearch

January 10, 2020 Frameworks

Using Elasticsearch’s high- and low-level APIs to search synchronously and asynchronously

Records Come to Java

January 10, 2020 Java SE

A first look at how Java 14’s data records will change the way you code

Mind Mapping Your Way to Better Code

January 10, 2020 From the Editor

A simple tool delivers big benefits in design and implementation of code, especially on personal projects.

Quiz Yourself: Understanding enums (Advanced)

January 10, 2020 Quiz

The subtleties of using enums in a switch statement

Quiz Yourself: Final Classes (Intermediate)

January 10, 2020 Quiz

The effects of declaring a class final

Quiz Yourself: Default Methods (Advanced)

January 10, 2020 Quiz

What fields can you access from default methods in interfaces?

Quiz Yourself: Manipulate Data with StringBuilder (Intermediate)

January 10, 2020 Quiz

When two object references point to the same StringBuilder instance, how are changes propagated?

Understanding the JDK’s New Superfast Garbage Collectors

November 21, 2019 JVM Internals

ZGC, Shenandoah, and improvements to G1 get developers closer than ever to pauseless Java.

Epsilon: The JDK’s Do-Nothing Garbage Collector

November 21, 2019 JVM Internals

The benefits of Java’s memory allocator that does no garbage collection

Understanding Garbage Collectors

November 21, 2019 Open JDK

How the default garbage collectors work

Testing HTML and JSF-Based UIs with Arquillian

November 21, 2019 Testing

How to use the testing framework to handle pure HTML, JSF, PrimeFaces, and Ajax in all major browsers

For the Fun of It: Writing Your Own Text Editor, Part 2

November 21, 2019 Coding

Using Swing to write a GUI for the text editor

Quiz Yourself: Identify the Scope of Variables (Intermediate)

November 21, 2019 Quiz

Nuances of variable scope in for-loops

Quiz Yourself: Inner, Nested, and Anonymous Classes (Advanced)

November 21, 2019 Quiz

Java’s mechanisms and syntax for defining classes inside other classes

Quiz Yourself: String Manipulation (Intermediate)

November 21, 2019 Quiz

The subtleties of string concatenation

Quiz Yourself: Variable Declaration (Intermediate)

November 21, 2019 Quiz

The scope rules of Java variables and an examination of shadowing

Inside Java 13’s switch Expressions and Reimplemented Socket API

October 16, 2019 Java SE

Incremental changes bring future benefits in this release.

Text Blocks Come to Java

October 16, 2019 Java SE

Java 13 delivers long-awaited multiline strings.

Inside the Language: Sealed Types

October 16, 2019 Java SE

How Java is moving toward pattern matching, improved enums, and better switch statements

Java in the Browser with TeaVM

October 8, 2019 Coding

Build web apps using Java on both the front and back ends.

Know for Sure with Property-Based Testing

August 20, 2019 Testing

How do you test your code against thousands of values?

Arquillian: Easy Jakarta EE Testing

August 20, 2019 Testing

How to use the Arquillian framework to test Jakarta EE applications

Unit Test Your Architecture with ArchUnit

August 20, 2019 Testing

Discover architectural defects at build time.