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Working and unit testing with temporary files in Java


Temporary files are frequently used in testing and in production. Here is how to create and manage—and delete—them.

How to program machine learning in Java with the Tribuo library

Java 16

Tribuo is an open source ML library designed for business applications—and for interoperability with many popular ML platforms.

Mastering the mechanics of Java method invocation

JVM Internals

Special bytecodes make calling methods particularly efficient. Knowing how they operate reveals how the JVM executes your code.

The best of 2020: The 10 most popular Java Magazine articles

Read them, reread them, share them.

Fast, flexible data access in Java using the Helidon microservices platform


Helidon SE and Helidon MP provide a very diverse array of methods for accessing data sources.

The latest Java downloads and resources for developers


All your favorite links gathered together in one place

Design change-tolerant software with cloud native patterns


By applying cloud native designs, you can build resilient, easily adaptable, web-scale distributed applications that handle massive user traffic and data loads.

Java and the modern CPU, Part 2: The unexpected effects of instruction execution

Java SE

How false sharing and branch misprediction can have unwanted effects on your code’s performance

How to build applications with the WebSocket API for Java EE and Jakarta EE

Jakarta EE

WebSocket is a two-way communication protocol that lets clients send and receive messages over a single connection to a server endpoint.

JPAstreamer: Expressing Hibernate/JPA queries with Java streams


Mixing Hibernate/JPA and Java for database actions is neither completely type-safe nor intuitive. The JPAstreamer library offers another solution.

Java and the modern CPU, Part 1: Memory and the cache hierarchy

Java SE

You can understand application performance—and optimize your software approach—by understanding how CPUs, memory, and caches affect execution.

Going inside Java’s Project Loom and virtual threads


See how virtual threads bring back the old days of Java’s green threads—that is, Java threads not tied to operating-system threads.

Hello, Coherence Community Edition, Part 3: Packaging, deployment, scaling, persistence, and operations with Java


How to push a Coherence CE application out to a Kubernetes cluster, and then scale and manage that cluster

Java on Arm processors: Understanding AArch64 vs. x86

Java SE

Arm-based processors are increasingly popular and are in the news thanks to Apple’s latest notebooks and Oracle’s cloud services.

Introducing JobRunr: A distributed job scheduler for Java


A quick tutorial on an open source library that leverages lambdas and Spring