JPA Code Completion Coming to NetBeans IDE

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Over at Geertjan's Blog (click here for article), he details one of the latest additions to the NetBeans daily builds: JPA code completion. I can't help but be excited about the timesaving features this brings to the table!

Being able to see your named queries in NetBeans 7.2 when calling EntityManager.createNamedQuery() is a really slick feature. Being able to CTRL-mouseover the named query (once selected) to see the underlying SQL is equally nice! Sanity checks while coding are ALWAYS welcome.  :-)

Some time back, I dipped my toe into the NetBeans world and found it nice but not overly compelling, choosing to use Eclipse for all Java development of any import. Now, I can't remember the last time I fired up Eclipse.

If you aren't already using NetBeans, visit the NetBeans website to download it and give it a try. It doesn't do everything for all people, but you'd be surprised at all it can do (and will in upcoming versions)...

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