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Java Card Development Kit 3.0.5u3 available

Florian Tournier
Senior Director, IoT and Security

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Java Card Development Kit update. Version 3.0.5u3 is a maintenance release of Oracle's environment for the development and testing of Java Card applications, and fixes miscellaneous bugs in the Off-card CAP file verification tool. It also introduces a command-line option to the Off-card CAP file verification tool, in order to specify the target platform on which the CAP file is to be loaded. See the see the Release Notes for more details.

Always make sure to use the latest version of the Java Card Development Kit. Version 3.0.5u3 replaces all previous versions of the tools for the Java Card Platform, Classic Edition, Version 3.0.5.

As part of this release, Oracle commercial customers will benefit from an updated version of the Java Card Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). 

​About the Java Card Development Kit

The Java Card Development Kit includes a complete, standalone development environment in which applications written for the Java Card platform can be developed and tested. It provides support for the latest Java Card 3.0.5 specifications. Information about the Java Card Development Kit can be found on the OTN Java Card web site.