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Java Card Development Kit 3.0.5u2 available

Florian Tournier
Senior Director, IoT and Security

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Java Card Development Kit update. Version 3.0.5u2 is a maintenance release of Oracle's environment for the development and testing of Java Card applications. In addition to a variety of optimisations and bug fixes, it contains new tool chain enhancements to enforce consistency between verified and loaded content. There are no changes to the Java Card Specification in this release.

New Verification option

The Off-Card Verifier provides functionality for verifying CAP files and export files. When applied to the set of CAP files that will reside on a Java Card-compliant smart card and the set of export files used to construct those CAP files, the Off-Card Verifier provides the means to assert that the content of the smart card has been verified. Verification determines whether CAP and export files conform to the Java Card Virtual Machine specification, performing structural checks and ensuring language conformance at the bytecode level. As such, it is an enforcer of the Java Card interoperability binary standard. The set of conformance checks provides that such files do not attempt to compromise the integrity of a Java Card virtual machine implementation, and hence other applets.

In Java Card 3.0.5u2, the Off-Card Verifier has been enhanced to ensure the integrity of the CAP file until it is downloaded on a Java Card-based device. For that purpose, the Verifier can now compute and output hash values for each of the CAP file components. A CAP file Loader computing the hash values for each of the required components can then verify them against the hash values produced by the Verifier to assert the integrity of the CAP file being loaded on the card. 

In Oracle's Java Card Development Kit, the scriptgen tool has also been modified to perform the hash computation and comparison before generating the download script for a CAP file. For more information on the verification process and the updated verifier tool in the Java Card Development Kit 3.0.5u2, please refer to the User Guide

Other 3.0.5u2 changes.

In addition to the verifier changes, Java Card Development Kit 3.0.5u2 (see Release Notes) includes additional improvements : 

  • Maskgen tool can now include external CAP files in the mask (instead of only JCA files)
  • Eclipse Neon/Oxygen compatibility has been added
  • Misc bug fixes since the 3.0.5u1 release

The Java Card Specification release notes have also been updated to include several clarifications and errata in the 3.0.5 specifications. The specifications themselves are unchanged.

Finally, Oracle commercial customers will benefit from an updated version of the Java Card Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

​About the Java Card Development Kit

The Java Card Development Kit includes a complete, standalone development environment in which applications written for the Java Card platform can be developed and tested. It provides support for the latest Java Card 3.0.5 specifications. Information about the Java Card Development Kit can be found on the OTN Java Card web site.

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