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WetClipserJ: A New Kind of Tool for Java Developers

April 1, 2014 By: Tori Wieldt
Oracle is proud to announce a brand new category of tool for developers: an Integrated Development Environment. WetclipserJ is not just a code editor, but a super code editor! "This is an area that's been previously unexplored, and we know developers are going to love it," said Lead Evangelist Peter Redienhcsztu.

WetclipserJ provides code analyzers, sizers, and editors for working with all the latest technologies. It also has a range of new enhancements--which is pretty remarkable, considering this is the first release.

"I went to Google to figure out what to work on next, and it started finishing my queries for me, so I thought, maybe you can do the same thing with code!" explained Imperial Grand Chief TopGuy Mark Dlohnier. "I went to take out my trash," said Engineer Architect BuilderGuy Brian Ztoeg, "and thought…nevermind." Director John Illeraccec-Noilluj expects adding functionality to this new tool in later releases, such as code templates, coding tips, and refactoring tools. Perhaps even deploying to an app server with one click! Wisely, WetclipserJ only supports Java. Multi-language support just doesn't make sense in a world where developers rarely use more than one language. "I say, pick the best and you stick with it!" exclaimed Illeraccec-Noilluj.

"We like to call this new type of tool an I-D-E, but it may take a while for that acronym to catch on." Redienhcsztu explained.

WetclipserJ (Artist's Rendering)

See what these community members say about WetclipserJ:

"It's great to see Oracle listening to the developer community with regards to developer needs...but what about *my* needs?"
-Martijn Grubrev

<head slap>"Why didn't I think of that?"
-Mattias Nosslrak

"Dare I dream for a performance analyzer in this tool?"
-Kirk Enidreppep

"Developers are hungry for a tool is so advanced it requires hours of specialized training."
-Yara Regnes

"If you get the virtual plug in, make sure you get the training, I swiped at a fly and accidentally wiped out hours of work."
-Bruno Azuos

You can download WetclipserJ from OTN at the super-friendly URL of (type carefully!):

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