Top 10 Java Stories of 2012

2012 was a good year for Java. The platform moved forward in many ways and on new platforms. Several Java update releases came out throughout the year, good progress was made toward upcoming releases, and the Java community continues to inspire. Here are our topic Java stories of 2012:

Java and JavaFX on Mac OS from Oracle
Java SE 7 Update 4 was the first time Oracle delivered both the JDK and JavaFX SDK for Mac OS X. The Mac OS JDK (which will include the JavaFX SDK) is available for download from the Oracle Technology Network download page.

JavaFX Continues Open Sourcing
Regular code drops of JavaFX 2.0 source code were made public on OpenJFX throughout 2012. You may have missed that this was happening because it felt so natural and right.

Java for Embedded Resurgence
Cisco predicted that there will be 50 billion web-connected devices in the year 2020. Whatever the number, it's a huge opportunity, and developers are leveraging their Java skills to talk to embedded devices. In 2012, Oracle hosted the first Java Embedded @ JavaOne event. Developers showed lots of interest in Raspberry Pi, a small "computer on a board." Also, Oracle announced a new product, Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2, a complete client Java runtime optimized for resource-constrained, connected, embedded systems. Small is getting big!

Project Nashorn is Open Sourced
Oracle open sourced Nashorn, the JavaScript engine, and made the source available on OpenJDK.

Project Jigsaw: Late for the Train
Java SE 8 (JSR 337) Expert GroupJava SE 8 (JSR 337) Expert GroupAfter due consideration, the Java SE 8 Expert Group agreed with Chief Architect Mark Reinhold that Project Jigsaw should be deferred to Java SE 9. They agreed that there would not be enough time in the Java SE 8 schedule for the broad evaluation, review, and feedback that such a profound change to the Java platform would require.

Steady Progress on Java EE 7
Work progressed on Java EE 7 under JSR 342, including the support for HTML 5 in the form of Web Sockets and JSON-P; the simplified JMS 2.0 APIs; improved Managed Bean alignment, including transactional interceptors; the JAX-RS 2.0 client API; support for method-level validation; a much more comprehensive expression language; EJB 3.2, and more.

Adopt a JSR Increases Community Involvement
Realizing that getting involved in JSR development earlier is better for everyone, community members took it upon themselves to create an Adopt a JSR program. JUGs and individuals are now monitoring and providing feedback several JSRs. (You can too!)

Java Community Process (JCP) Merged Executive Committees
As part of the JCP.Next effort, the second JSR as part of the JCP program reforms, JSR 355, EC Merge, took effect. JCP 2.9 merged the two Executive Committees (EC) -- one representing Java SE/EE and one representing Java ME--into one EC.

Java Rock Stars Join Oracle
Several Java technology luminaries joined Oracle, including JavaFX experts Stephen Chin and Jim Weaver, and Java EE gurus Reza Rahman and Bruno Borges.

Six New Java Champions
The new Java Champions of 2012 were recognized for their contributions to the Java community: Agnes Crepet, Victor Grazi, Yara Senger, Martijn Verburg, Lars Vogel, and Johan Vos. They also jumped right in with their feedback and ideas.

2012 was the right mix of code, corporation, and community for Java.

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