Monday Aug 26, 2013

Who's Coming to JavaOne?

If you haven't registered for JavaOne yet and need a nudge, here's a chance to hear from some of the great speakers coming to the premier Java conference. Content Chair Stephen Chin is interviewing speakers to discuss what they will be presenting.

First up, Gerrit Grunwald (@hansolo_) on his eight (8!) JavaOne sessions. This interview includes a sneak peak of a slick new #JavaFX UI he is building for monitoring device sensors, and answered some questions from the live participants about the upcoming Java 8 Embedded release.

Follow @SteveOnJava to learn about upcoming interviews. All videos will be posted on the YouTube Java Channel, playlist JavaOne 13

JavaOne is the premier Java technical conference, with a focus on technical content. One previous attentee told us: "All sessions I attended were excellent.  Good technical content, absolutely no product pitches." Register today for JavaOne and save $200 off the onsite price.

Monday Jul 01, 2013

Java EE 7 Launch Videos

You asked for it, and you got it! Here are the many technical videos from the Java EE 7 launch:

Java EE 7 Launch Webinar Technical Breakouts

See the YouTube/GlassFish channel for all the latest.

Thursday Apr 18, 2013

Getting Started with Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 on the Keil Evaluation Board

The new release this week of Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 for ARM Cortex M3 make the Oracle Java ME Embedded product available as a reference binary for the Keil MCBSTM32F200 platform for development/evaluation purposes. This binary comes integrated with RTX OS. To help you get up and running, Oracle Java Evangelist Angela Caicedo has created a new two part video that shows you all the steps you need to follow to develop your first applications using Java ME Embedded 3.3 on the Keil evaluation board.

Video: Getting Started with Java ME Embedded 3.3 Part One

   Part I

This new tutorial video provides the step-by-step guide to get Oracle Java ME Embedded for ARM Cortex M3 up and running on the on Keil evaluation board: from the configuration of the software and hardware, and how to    test; how to connect to the command line and logging interfaces; and of course how to get started with this Java ME Embedded application. Angela walks us through how to install, update and even uninstall the application.

Video: Getting Started with Java ME Embedded 3.3 Part Two

Part Two

In the second video, Caicedo uses Netbeans 7.3 with Oracle Java ME SDK 3.3 NetBeans Plugin, Java ME SDK 3.3 (early access) and the Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 for ARM Cortex M3/RTX software distribution to create an embedded application, run it on an emulator and provides tips on how you can debug your application. Then using these tools you will be taken through the steps to create your first application, deploy it, and test that everything is running properly.

Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 complete product functionality such as peripheral IO, AMS operations, headless operations, functionality for remote application management/configurability, etc. is available on the Keil MCBSTM32F200 platform. Download and see the documentation on OTN to learn more.

Wednesday Jan 09, 2013

Java YouTube Channel Tops 1 Million Views

We've gotten over <pinky to mouth> ONE MEEEELLLION </pinky> views on the YouTube Java Channel. The Java YouTube channel includes videos from Oracle and the Java community about everything in the Java ecosystem. It includes all sorts of videos, from technical to just plain fun. 

We've got technical tutorials, for example:

We've also got hacking sessions, interviews and more:

We are adding new videos all the time. Subscribe to the Java channel and you'll have a feed of the latest videos. You may even see a video of sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their heads run by Java, of course!

Tuesday Jul 05, 2011

Moving Java Forward: A Video Discussion about Java 7

You know Java 7 is coming, but what exactly is in it? Is Java 7 evolutionary or revolutionary? What are the main features in Java 7? Learn about Project Coin, invokedynamic, and NIO. Join key Java stakeholders Adam Messinger, Mark Reinhold, John Rose and Joe Darcy as they discuss Java 7.

If you want to learn more, join the live webcast on Thursday, which will include these sessions presented by Java experts:

  • Making Heads and Tails of Project Coin: Small Language Changes in JDK 7
  • Divide and Conquer Parallelism with the Fork/Join Framework
  • The New File System API in JDK 7
  • A Renaissance VM: One Platform, Many Languages


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