Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

Java Champions

Learn how to become one of the Champions in the Java world!  Java Champions are members of the community who are recognized as leaders, technical luminaries, and innovative technologists.  All of them are top contributors in the Java community. They are conference speakers, bloggers, community leaders, user group leaders and more. You may know some of them, check them out!

“The Java Champion program is crucial to Java because its members come from all corners of the Java community. Every new member adds a new facet to the group, enriching it with new perspectives.” explains Java Champion Andres Almiray  

In the interview below, Java Champion Arun Gupta gives great insights on the program and a lot of good advice on how to become a Java Champion 

Candidates are nominated by Java champions. You can self nominate but it helps to be nominated by a Java Champion. Learn more

Wednesday Jul 08, 2015

Customize Your JavaOne Experience

By David Lopez

Looking for the perfect way to experience this year's JavaOne conference? With a variety of packages, add-ons, and deals, JavaOne 2015 has something for everyone.

The full conference pass gives you the most access. With the pass, you have access to over 450 JavaOne sessions and events, keynote speakers and exhibition halls at both JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld (Check out our great keynote lineup here), the Oracle Users' Forum, the rockin' appreciation event, and so much more. If you're looking to bring a guest along who isn't looking for the full experience, check out our guest add-on. With access to key networking events, exhibition halls, keynotes, and the appreciation event, your guest will get a taste of JavaOne.

If you're looking for a lighter JavaOne experience, be sure to check out the Discover package. Discover offers access to keynotes, exhibit halls, and more at an early bird price of just $50.

There are plenty of other ways to save at JavaOne. Registering for full conference with a group? You can save up to 28% off. Or maybe you're just registering for one. Early bird discounts are still in effect, so register soon and save up to $600. We also offer special government rates for government employees, including higher education institutions.
Take advantage of these deals and be sure to register today! The party starts soon!

Saturday Jan 12, 2013

Spotlight on JavaFX

In three interviews, veteran JavaFX developers Jim Weaver, Gerritt Grunwald, Pär Sikö and Martin Grunnarsson describe their JavaFX journey and their favorite JavaFX features.

Jim Weaver likes to call himself a “Java Technology Activist”. His three top JavaFX 2.2 features are deployment on Linux, Mac OS, Windows and ARM devices, Web View control and native installer running on user’s machine. He is also the editor of the This website “aggregates and provides a common place where JavaFX developers can find resources (downloads, APIs and real world examples) and a blog and twitter feeds.”

Gerritt Grunwald is a software engineer, working on interfaces and UI controls at Canoon Engineering AG. “I use 100% JavaFX today” and “I try to evangelize everybody to use JavaFX”. Gerritt sees great opportunities for JavaFX on embedded devices such as displays at airports or train stations. He presented a demo on how to create JavaFX controls on a BeagleBoard.

Martin Gunnarsson is a designer and front-end developer at Epsilon and Pär Sikö is a Java front-end developer at Jayway. Both JavaFX developers, they are convinced that “we have a very powerful WebView in JavaFX 2”. Their presentation was about how to bring web content into a JavaFX application and how to set up two-way communications between the Java and JavaScript code running in WebView. Their presentation called JavaFX Mashups is available online on JavaOne website.


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