Thursday May 17, 2012

Oracle Java Olympic Final in Kazakhstan

Last month, 21 of the best university students from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan met for the Oracle Java Olympic Final, a competition in Java programming. It was held at Kazakhstan-British University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. A team of engineers from the Oracle Development center in Saint Petersburg prepared the set of problems to solve during the competition. "It was an intellectual battlefield of Java programming!" exclaimed Alexander Belokrylov, Oracle Java Evangelist.

Each student had five problems to solve and four hours to complete all of them. As in previous round, an automated testing system provided real-time feedback. One contestant raced ahead of the others by completing all the problems in 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, his answer for the final problem (a JavaDB-related task and the most complicated) was incorrect. Another contestant, a woman from Ukraine, solved the the JavaDB task in 1.5 hours correctly, but now she had the other three tasks to complete. This is where it got interesting. The guy in the lead kept submitting solutions to the fourth task, but they were incorrect. Meanwhile, the woman from Ukraine worked her way through the other three tasks. Who would solve all four tasks correctly first? The onlookers were really excited to follow this fight between two great intellects. Finally, the guy in the lead solved the final problem. Congratulations to Igor Ignatiev, from Cheliabinsk, Russia for winning the competition!

Congratulations to all the student who competed, all Java Champions in the making!

Java Olympians

You can follow the Oracle St. Petersburg development team on Twitter @OracleSPB.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011

JavaOne India and JavaOne Russia

JavaOne India was held in Hyderabad in early May. There were approximately 3,000 developers in attendance. Sonya Barry, Community Manager for Java.Net, and I were in the Oracle Technology Network booth.

We gave away software DVDs of Pre-Built VMs for Developers.  They were a huge hit, even though the software is free and easy to download. Bandwidth is at a premium in India (the convention center was charging $40 USD a day for wifi!), so downloading 7GB can be a real challenge.  We ended up giving away all 3000 of our DVDs in a matter of hours! Once we gave away all the DVDs, traffic to the booth was slow but steady. In general, the crowd was very enthusiastic.

I had many great individual discussions. One group of developers were wondering if it's better to take a technical track and then switch to Sales, or get trained in Sales/Business and move to a technical track. I explained that IMO, it's better get technical training first, and then decide where do go from there. I also had some nice discussions about Computer Science education in India, and let some people know about Oracle's Higher Education User Group (HEUG).

It was my first trip to India. I loved the people, the food, and the India Marketing Team (thank you!!). 

Sonya also went to JavaOne Russia, her blog about both trips is here.

(thanks for the great photo, Arun!)


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