Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

JAX-RS and Hypermedia

How to build a Hypermedia-Driven RESTful Web Service. Sebastian Daschner describes different approaches to realize RESTful services with JavaEE 7 and JAX-RS. Watch his presentation as he shows best practices and different frameworks that accelerate your development.

Wednesday Mar 02, 2016

NightHacking Tour of Germany

Java Community Lead Stephen Chin and Freelancer Sebastian Daschner are touring Java User Groups in Germany. And, you can watch them live at NightHacking during JavaLand. 

In his presentation, Stephen will walk you through how to build your own retro handheld console that is powered by Java, runs on a Raspberry Pi, and is printed on a 3D printer. Some of the topics that he will cover along the journey include: hacking Java on the Raspberry Pi
, rigging input devices with Pi4J, Insane performance tuning on the JVM
, why your boss [or SO] needs to buy you a 3D printer!
 And of course your retro gaming mettle will be put to the test, so make sure to dust off your old 8 and 16 bit consoles to prepare. This presentation is about the most fun you can have while still legitimately calling this conference “work.” 

Sebastian will give an introduction of RESTful web services with Hypermedia as the engine of application state, what the benefits and costs of using this approach are and show different approaches how to realize such REST services with JavaEE 7 and JAX-RS. Most of the time will be spend demonstrating different implementations (plain JavaEE 7, existing libraries, etc.) with live coding. The session is held in English. 


3/3/16    JUG Berlin
3/4/16    JUG Hannover
3/5/16    JUG Münster
3/6/16    JUG Dortmund
3/8/16    JavaLand
3/9/16    JavaLand
3/10/16  JUG Darmstadt
3/14/16  JUG Bodensee

Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

NightHacking Interviews at GeekOUT

I will be doing some NightHacking interviews at the super-technical (and sold-out) GeekOUT Java conference in Talinn, Estonia.

Watch the interviews live on the NightHacking home page on Thursday and Friday of this week: http://nighthacking.com/

Here is the full interview schedule (all times in Eastern European Time [EET] or +3 hours UTC) 

Thursday (June 11th) Friday (June 12th)
10:30-11:30 20 Years of Java Panel featuring Konrad Malawski, Markus Eisele, Andres Almiray, Sven Peters, and Ed Burns

12:30-1:30 EET

Charles Nutter - As Fast as C Ed Burns - Servlet 4.0
2:30-3:00 Nitsin Wakart - Lock Free Queues
4:00-4:30 Tomasz Nurkiewicz - Aynchronous Processing

The recorded videos will be uploaded immediately after the event on the NightHacking GeekOUT Video Archive.

Friday Jan 30, 2015

NightHacking at Jfokus 2015

JFokus is Sweden’s largest developer conference. If you aren’t able to make it, see what’s going on with Java with NightHacking recordings from the live stage at Jfokus. Java Evangelist Stephen Chin has great interviews a lined up!  You watch the entire event live at http://nighthacking.com/

Jfokus HerosHere is the full schedule 
(all times are in CET – Central European Time):

February 3 

10:30-11:00 Charles Nutter - Open Source Software Call to Action
11:00-11:10 Joe Armstrong - Building Complex Systems, Simply
12:00-13:00 Roberto Cortez - EE 7 and Batch Processing
12:00-13:00 Geert Bevin - IoT and Music
13:50-14:00 Zach Shelby - The Future of IoT
13:50-14:00 Baruch Sadogursky - HTTP, NIO, and Concurrency
14:50-15:35 Lauren Shaefer - DevOps in the Cloud
14:50-15:35 Attila Szegedi - Nashorn and JVM Performance
15:50-16:00 Matthias Grüter - Docker and the JVM
18:30-20:00  Java 20th Anniversary -- The Forgotten Bytes (Arun Gupta, Kirk Pepperdine, Toni Epple, Jim Weaver, Gerrit Grunwald)

February 4 

11:00-11:10 Joe Armstrong - Building Complex Systems, Simply
12:00-13:00 Geert Bevin - IoT and Music
13:50-14:00 Baruch Sadogursky - HTTP, NIO, and Concurrency
14:50-15:35 Attila Szegedi - Nashorn and JVM Performance

In case this schedule doesn't work for you, videos will be archived here:

Tuesday Oct 28, 2014

Playground, Hackergarten, and Nighthacking at Devoxx!

The Devoxx Java conference, the premier Java conference which is running from November 10 to 14, 2014 in Antwerp, Belgium, is so popular because it was designed by developers for developers. In this interview, Tori Wieldt and I talk about some of the highlights including the new Playground, the place for developers to experiment with code. Other items on the 'not to miss' list are the Hackergarten, Nighthacking and the OTN interviews. Join any of these activities located in the exhibit hall for as long as you want.

The projects and leads at the Playground are:  

Stephen Chin

  • 10 Raspberry Pi/s with Java 8 – Raspberry kits available
  • 2 Makeblock Robots - Programming contest for a chance to win a Raspberry Pi 
  • 9 Lego Mindstorm Robos
  • NightHacking interviews 

Michael Hoffer

  • 3D Modeling and printing. You can create your own model to print onsite.

Geert Bevin

  • LinnStrument – Arduino-based revolutionary expressive musical controller
  • Leap Motion Controller – Very precise and fast arm, hand and finger tracking
  • Thalmic Myo – Wireless gesture control armband
  • Muse Headband – Brain sensing headband
  • Touch Board – Touch and distance sensing platform

Aldebaran Robotics Team

  • NAO Robot

Johan Vos and Niklas Therming

  • Real cross-platform Java app on mobile devices

Angela Caicedo

  • Wearable sensors. Only on Wednesday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Wednesday Jul 30, 2014

The Java Hub at JavaOne!

Nighthacking moves in! Join Stephen Chin as he interviews Java developers attending JavaOne. You will learn from fellow developers about ingenious ways to get your job done with the tools and technologies they use. Those interviews will be live at Java Hub during the whole conference and live streamed online.

The Hackergarten is where developers contribute to JSRs and open source projects. Whether you are a veteran contributor or a beginner, you are invited to participate for as long as you want. You can stay for less than an hour, several hours, a day, or the entire time of the conference. JSR contributors will be onsite to help. Topics include Java EE, Data Grids, Java SE 8 (Lambdas and Date & Time API) and OpenJDK. Java Champion Andres Almiray organizes Hackergarten at many conferences around the world. Check the hackergarten.net for events close to you!

What's that Java and the Internet of Things? Check out what's new with the platform and how it provides a great solution for the Internet of Things. Whether you are working in the industry or just want to do your own DIY projects. Stop by Java IoT Demo Showcase and learn what you can do with Java. The cool keynote demo will be there as well for all 3 days of the conference.

Learn how to use 3D Modeling with JavaFX 3D, Java Embedded, and 3D printing. You will experience the entire process from the modeling interface to the 3D printing of no less than the Duke. Computer scientist Michael Hoffer from the Goethe-Center in Germany will demo his 3D modeling and printing.

The scavenger hunt at the Java Hub will add a twist of fun to the discovery of Java technologies. The Java Hub will be located in the JavaOne Exhibit Hall at Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Register today with the Early Bird rate to save $400 off the onsite price!  

Monday Mar 10, 2014

Java 8 Tour Kicks Off in Europe

The Java 8 Tour will be crossing the globe to spread the word about latest in Java, especially the Java SE 8 release. The inaugural leg will be the NightHacking Java 8 Tour. Evangelist Stephin Chin will motorcycle across Europe to visit just Java User Groups and host NightHacking sessions. If you live or are traveling in Europe, please sign up at the NightHacking Java 8 Tour page to join the fun!

Here's the current map

Many events will be live-streamed so you can join in the fun from wherever you are. Visit NightHacking Java 8 Tour for details. The Java 8 Tour is just beginning, stay tuned for more cities and more fun!

Monday Jan 28, 2013

Nordic Nighthacking Schedule

Java Evangelist Stephen Chin has started his Nighthacking Tour across the Nordic region. From Jan 25th to Feb 7th, he will be visiting Java User Groups, interviewing developers, live streaming and posting video along the way. Catch the events live or afterwards at nighthacking.com.


Date Central
Tuesday, Jan 29  17:00 Javaforum NightHacking with Niclas Nilsson
Wednesday, Jan 30  17:30 FooCafe NightHacking with Par and Martin
Thursday, Jan 31  17:00 NightHacking with Werner Keil
Friday, Feb 1   15:30 Hacking at ZeroTurnaround with Jevgeni and Anton

Monday, Feb 4 


NightHacking at Vaadin with Joonas, Artur, Sampsa, and Martijn

Tuesday, Feb 5 




JFokus Interviews: TBD

James Gosling : Robots and Oceans with Liquid Robotics 

Java Posse Live! 

Wednesday, Feb 6   11:30 More JFokus Interviews: TBD

You can join Stephen for the journey by watching the live stream in 3 easy steps:

  1. Follow @steveonjava on Twitter to find out when the broadcast is live.

  2. Come to the NightHacking UStream Channel to watch the free live feed.

  3. Interact with Stephen Chin and folks he is hacking with via twitter using hashtag#nighthacking.

Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Nordic Nighthacking Tour

From Jan 25th to Feb 7th,  Java Evangelist Stephen Chin will be traveling across the Nordic countries and doing live video streaming of the journey. Along the way he will visit user groups, interview interesting folks, and hack on open source projects. The last stop will be at Jfokus 2013.

You can join Stephen for the journey by watching the live stream in 3 easy steps:

  1. Follow @steveonjava on Twitter to find out when the broadcast is live.

  2. Come to the NightHacking UStream Channel to watch the free live feed.

  3. Interact with Stephen Chin and folks he is hacking with via twitter using hashtag #nighthacking.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2012

NightHacking Tour Across Europe

Java Evangelist Stephen Chin (@steveonjava) is motorcycling across Europe, and dropping in on developers and Java User Groups to talk about Java and do some hacking. What's cool is you'll be able to be a part of it too: watch via live streaming, and interact using #nighthacking on Twitter.

The tour will kickoff stateside with a visit to James Gosling (Father of the Java Language) - Wednesday Oct 24 at 11AM  PST.

 Some noteworthy stops on the tour include:

  • Ben Evans (LJC Leader and Author) - Saturday Oct 27 at 8PM BST (12PM PST)
  • Adam Bien (Java Champion and Author) - Friday Nov 2 at 11AM CEST (2AM PST)
  • Andres Almiray (Griffon Founder and Author) - Sunday Nov 4 at 8PM CEST (11AM PST)

In total, there will be over 20 different interviews, several JUG visits, and special coverage of J-Fall and Devoxx conference.You can view the full schedule and watch streaming video at nighthacking.com.


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