Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

SIMCom Selects Oracle Java ME Embedded for new Wireless Module SIM800

Today, SIMCom Wireless Solutions announced it will integrate Oracle Java ME Embedded into its latest wireless module solution, the SIMCom SIM800. “SIMCom is a leader in the M2M space, having delivered tens of millions of wireless modules across various  industries including Security, Automotive, Metering, POS/ATM, and Healthcare,” said Wendy Wang, SIMCom GM.  “Oracle Java ME Embedded will help us to expand our solution offerings and further reach in the M2M market and enable us to develop a robust, cross-platform, portable and secure solution for our customers” added Wendy Wang. 

SIM800 is a Quad-band GSM/GPRS module in a SMT package, with tiny size of 24*24*3 mm. Built on an optimized implementation of the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME), Oracle Java ME Embedded is designed to meet the needs of intelligent and connected services on resource constrained devices, such as those found in Wireless Modules, Building and Industrial Controllers, Smart Meters, Tracking Systems, Environmental Monitors, Telehealth, Home Automation devices and Vending Machines. 

SIMCom customers can leverage a standard development environment for their wireless modules, using the Oracle Java ME Embedded SDK, which also allows for in-field and remote administration and debugging. In addition, SIMCom wireless modules can connect to a wide array of network peripherals and back-end systems, providing customers with easy access to their data to help improve business operations.

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Tuesday May 07, 2013

Live OPN PartnerCast: Java Update

Tune in on May 8th at 10:00am Pacific for a LIVE PartnerCast focused on Java updates, hosted by Geoff Morton, Group Vice President of Worldwide Java Sales.

The agenda is:

- Oracle Java Embedded Technologies with Edward Zou, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle
- Oracle's Device to Data Center Platform with Henrik Stahl, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle
- Eurotech M2M Technical Building Blocks Based on Oracle Java Embedded technologies and Hitachi SuperJ OSGi platform with Hilary Tomasson, VP Marketing, Eurotech North America

Viewers will be able to participate in the live Q&A during the show by asking questions through twitter @oraclepartners and using #OPN.

To watch this event, please visit Oracle PartnerNetwork homepage on May 8th, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST.

Monday Feb 25, 2013

Java Save Lives at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress used to just be about mobile phones and the industry around mobile networks. Now "mobile" has redefined itself and is about sensors everywhere: cars, scooters, buildings, people, etc. The M2M (or "Internet of Everything") revolution is here, with mobile phones as just one of the many components that create an intelligent, connected world. As the mobile industry moves its focus from voice to data, developers now have the entire world as a potential for apps. The world is literally your oyster (sorry, had to).

With all this opportunity comes decisions to make. Todays' developers have a wide range of choices in terms of what device they are going to use and how to control it. How smart is the device? Do you want it to be tailored and tuned to a specific solution or something more broad? How do you get the data from the device to the data center? The device and platform you choice are key components for a successful implementation. Java has been on devices for a long time: smart cards, cars, ATMs, phones, underwater probes, and more. Java enables devices to be intelligent, scalable and supportable. Want to update a device remotely? Done. Want it to be headless? Done. Want a remote sensor on your grandmother that calls the hospital if she falls, and also lets the paramedics open the door to her house? Done. Here's video that shows Java saving grandma's life at Mobile World Congress:

If you are at MWC, drop by the Oracle booth and learn more. You also have a shot at winning a Raspberry Pi at WIPJam @ MWC 2013 event for mobile developers Thursday evening. See how Oracle and Deutsche Telekom have made it possible to make your coffee by phone, by combining a coffee machine, a Raspberry Pi, Java SE and the Deutsche Telekom network. M2M can deliver your favorite brew (and programming language and platform)!

Sunday Nov 18, 2012

Videos: Getting Started with Java Embedded

Are you a Java developer? That means you can write applications for embedded processors! There are new six new videos up on the YouTube/Java channel that you can watch to get more information. To get an overview, watch James Allen of Oracle Global Business Development give OTN a tour of the Oracle booth at ARM Techcon. He also explains the huge opportunity for Java in the embedded space.

These videos from Oracle Engineering show you how to leverage your knowledge to seamlessly develop in a space that is really taking off.

Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy, Part 1

This video demonstrates how developers already familiar with the Java SE development paradigm can leverage their knowledge to seamlessly develop on very capable embedded processors. Part one of a two-part series.

Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy, Part 2

This video demonstrates how developers already familiar with the Java SE development paradigm can leverage their knowledge to seamlessly develop on very capable embedded processors. Part two of a two-part series.

Mobile Database Synchronization - Healthcare Demonstration

This video demonstrates how a good portion of Oracle's embedded technologies (Java SE-Embedded, Berkeley DB, Database Mobile Server) can be applied to a medical application.

Tomcat Micro Cluster

See how multiple embedded devices installed with Java Standard Edition HotSpot for Armv5/Linux and Apache Tomcat can be configured as a micro cluster.

Java Embedded Partnerships

Kevin Smith of Oracle Technical Business Development explains what's new for partners and Java developers in the embedded space. Learn how you can start prototyping for Qualcomm's new Orion board before it's available. (Sorry about the video quality, the booth lights were weird.)  

Visit the YouTube/Java channel for other great Java videos. <fade to black>

Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

Huge Opportunity in Small Things

Addressing the strong demand for Java in the embedded market, Oracle is hosting a new Java Embedded @ JavaOne event in San Francisco October 3-4. The event allows decision makers to attend the Java Embedded @ JavaOne business-focused program, while their IT/development staff can attend the technically-focused JavaOne conference. [Obligatory comment about suits & ties vs. jeans & T-shirts removed.]

The two-day event includes keynotes, sessions and demonstrations. In his keynote this morning, Judson Althoff, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Alliances and Channels and Embedded Sales, Oracle explained 
  • Devices are all around us - on 24x7, connected all the time.
  • The explosion of devices is the next IT revolution.
  • Java is the right solution for this space.
  • Java embedded solutions provide a framework to  provision, manage, and secure devices. 
  • Java embedded solutions also provide the ability to aggregate, process and analyze multitude of data. 
  • Java is one platform to program them all.
Terrance Barr, Java Evangelist and Java ME expert is enthusiastic about the huge opportunity, "It's the right time and right place for Java Embedded," he said, "Oracle is looking for partners who want to take advantage of this next wave in IT."

The Embedded space continues to heat up. Today, Cinterion launched the EHS5, an ultra compact, high-speed M2M communication module providing secure wireless connectivity for a wide variety of industrial applications. Last week, Oracle announced Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2, a complete client Java runtime Optimized for resource-constrained, connected, embedded systems, Oracle Java Wireless Client 3.2, Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.2, and Oracle Java Embedded Suite 7.0 for larger embedded devices. There is a huge opportunity in small things. 

Monday Feb 27, 2012

Embedded World: Java Controls Devices

Embedded World happens in Nuremberg, Germany this week; it is one of the largest European conferences for the mobile and embedded development. M2M (Machine to Machine communications) is a hot topic in the embedded space. See how Java can control your bus pass, coffee maker, health monitor, car, utilities and more. From large to very, very small, Java controls it! java embedded

 If you are at Embedded World, be sure to catch these Java presentations:


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