Thursday Jan 30, 2014

Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon in Brazil

SouJava is running a Raspberry Pi and Java hackathon at Campus Party, the week-long technology gathering of geeks, developers, gamers, scientists, and students in Brazil. Sponsored by Oracle Technology Network, the hackathon is designed for enthusiasts who want to create IoT projects with Raspberry Pi and Java. The objectives are for attendees to learn, practice, and innovative while creating an IoT project

Java evangelist Angela Caicedo opened the hackathon with an overview of IoT and Java development. Over two days, participants will build teams, brainstorm, attend training, get a kit from the organizers and hack on their own project. Onsite experts will be available to help participants. They are veteran Java developers of web, enterprise and embedded development. Among them are GlobalCode founder Vinicius Senger, senior developer Rubens Saraiva, SouJava leader Bruno Souza, Java Champion Yara Senger, product manager Bruno Borges and senior mobile developer Ricardo Ogliari 

Learn more about IoT:  
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Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

Oracle User Group Leaders' Summit

Several Java User Group (JUG) leaders participated in the Oracle User Group Leaders' Summit this week at Oracle HQ. The International Oracle User Group Community (IOUC) is a community of leaders representing Oracle users groups worldwide. Members include leaders from over 900 Oracle user groups, and leaders from communities focused on Java, MySQL and Solaris. Over 100 User Group leaders came to User Group Leaders' Summit for three days to learn about Oracle products and technologies, provide feedback to product groups, network, share best practices, and enjoy the brisk California weather.

User Group Summit Picture In the dedicated Java track, Oracle Java experts presented the current state and roadmaps for Java SE, JavaFX, Java EE, Java ME, and Java Embedded. Java Evangelist Arun Gupta discussed the features in the upcoming Java EE 7 release. Mike Lehman, Senior Director of Product Management, gave an overview of Oracle's Java Cloud offering and gave a demo.  There were also sessions on, OTN, and Java Magazine. Throughout the sessions, JUG leaders were encouraged to provide feedback, and they weren't shy! They gave several suggestions about features, processes, and programs.

At the session on the JCP, JCP Executive Committee member and long-time Java community member Bruno Souza spoke about the Adopt a JSR program. "The biggest job in Adopt a JSR is education. Many people say, "I want to help…what's the JCP?"" He said that even small actions can have a big impact, and contributors don't have to be experts. "Just reading a spec can make a difference. The more people who read and comment on a spec, the better it is," Bruno explained. JCP Executive Committee member and leader of the London Java Community (LJC) Ben Evans discussed Adopt OpenJDK [Editor's Note: Stay tuned to this blog for more information about Adopt OpenJDK].

Jim Bethancourt, Houston JUG leader, was at the Summit for the first time. "This has been a great experience," he said, "I've got a lot of good information to take back to my JUG and also my company."  (He has already posted the slides on his JUG's website!) Bert Ertman, leader of the Netherlands JUG, comes to the summit as much for the networking as the sessions. "It's great to spend time with other JUG leaders and share ideas about fostering community growth and participation" he said.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

JUG Leaders Conference

The annual International Oracle User Group (IOUC) Leader's Conference was held this week in at Oracle in Redwood Shores, California. The conference provides three days of learning, networking, sharing, and collaboration about user groups. It also fosters better communication between user group leaders and Oracle. Java User Group leaders from around the world got updates on Java from Oracle experts, discussed the status of Java, the JCP,  and programs such as Adopt-A-JSR.

The Java Spotlight podcast was recorded one day during lunch. Roger Brinkley interviewed John Yeary (Greenvile, South Carolina JUG), Badr El Houari (Morocco JUG), Ben Evans (London Java Community), Daniel deOliveira (BrasĂ­lia Java Users Group), Rajmahendra (Raj) Hegde (Chennai JUG), and Frank Greco (New York City JUG). Listen to the podcast to hear JUG leaders discuss their JUGs, how to increase JUG member involvement, challenges, and Java's value proposition for Oracle.

At one of the keynotes, Daniel deOliveira (aka "Dr. JUG") presented a personalized Brazilian soccer jersey to Arun Gupta for his help with his research project. Dr. JUG's project is a web-based survey designed to determine the characteristics that define the success or failure of a users group. Learn more about his project at You too can win your own personalized soccer jersey by helping! 

Raj Hegde of the Chennai JUG came looking for ways to get more JUG members to attend JavaOne India (May 3-4 in Hyderabad), and got some good ideas and connections. Badr El Houari of the Morocco JUG said "For me, this summit has been a huge success!" IOUC Summit presentations will be made available to all JUG leaders, ask your local JUG leader for information. 


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