Wednesday Jan 13, 2016

Optionals: Patterns and Good Practices

Interested in learning about elegant patterns that provide new ways to handle corner cases for data processing pipelines?

In this article, José Paumard explores several patterns that use Optional, a new Java SE 8 final class with a private constructor. This class provides alternatives for writing data processing pipelines built on streams, resulting in better and more-fluent code.

Paumard describes how to build optionals, explains why we need them, and demonstrates several patterns you can use in various scenarios. The first patterns use an optional as a wrapper object, which may or not have a value. The second patterns expose methods of the optional class. 

To learn more, read the article.

Wednesday Sep 09, 2015

Java 8 in Practice!

How can you use the new features of Java 8 in your day-to-day programming? In the article “Java SE 8 in Practice”,  Trisha Gee explores some specific Java SE 8 features such as lambda expressions and the Stream API to easily perform common operations, such as mapping, sorting, comparing, and working with files. 

Trisha demonstrates with live code how to create leaderboard of top tweeters, a map with key entry for every new handle and a user for each key. She compares before and after Java SE 8 and describes how IntelliJ IDEA is useful for programmers to bridge the gap between their current Java knowledge and the new succinct syntax of method references. To rank users into the leaderboard, she sorts them according to the number of times they’ve tweeted using the sorted() method on Stream. The application creates a bar chart representing a range of streamed data over time using the new Data and Time API. Next she touches on file handling in Java 8 SE to parse a file that contains tweets, demonstrating the nice integration between Java 8 streams and Java SE 7 I/O. Finally, she demonstrates parsing the tweets using more advanced Stream API methods in the “tweet mood analyzer” part of her application.

“Java SE 8 is more than just a bit of extra syntax to learn or a couple of new methods that might be useful. It can change the way we approach solving common problems,” she explains. Find the full article here

Thursday Jan 15, 2015

A Student Perspective on Java Programming

Is Java still the preferred language for beginners? Jarne Deerlink, a computer science student from Ghent University in Belgium, shares his enthusiasm for programming, Java, the new features of Java 8 and more 

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014

Java 8 is Coming to EclipseCon

By Guest Blogger Ian Skerrett

We are very pleased to announce that we have added a Java 8 Day to EclipseCon 2014. Java 8 is scheduled to be released in March, close to the same time as EclipseCon, so we thought it would be great to have EclipseCon attendees participate in the launch of the new Java release.

In collaboration with Oracle, a new 1 day event has been added to the EclipseCon schedule. EclipseCon attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Java 8 from Oracle and Eclipse experts. There will be sessions about Lambda’s, JDT support for type annotations, the new Java 8 compact profile, JavaFX, api design with Java 8 and more. It will be a great way to accelerate your adoption of Java 8. Check out the complete schedule.

The Java 8 Day will take place on Tuesday, March 18 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel San Francisco Airport. We will be offering $200 day passes for developers that just want to attend the Java 8 content. Of course all EclipseCon attendees will also be able to attend.

Register today to take advantage of the early prices.


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