Thursday May 14, 2015

New Java Champion: Mohamed Taman

Congratulations to the new Java Champion Mohamed Taman!

Mohamed is Chief of Architects & Software Development Manager at e-finance, living in Cairo, Egypt. His experience includes Java development in web, mobile, and IoT for industries including financial, banking, tourism, government and healthcare. He worked previously for Pfizer, Intercom, an Enterprise Gold IBM partner, Silicon Expert and Oracle. He has worked with various technologies including front-end, backend, mid-tiers and large-scale system integration.

Mohamed is a Java Community Process member, JSR 377, 363, and 354 expert group member, and the first African and Middle Eastern person to join the executive committe at Java Community Process organization representing Morocco JUG. He helped define Java SE, EE, ME, Embedded standards for the Java ecosystem. Mohamed works on many JSRs especially Java EE 7, 8 umbrella JSRs / Glassfish 4.5 evaluation and testing. 

Mohamed is also extremely active in the JUG community, being a leader and member of Adopt-A-JSR, Adopt-OpenJDK, and FishCAT programs. He is also the founder of the EGJUG JCP group, which are a group of professionals working on the adopt-a-jsr program. All of Mohamed’s work with the JCP culminated in him winning the 2014 Duke's Choice Award and the 11th annual JCP award in 2013 as outstanding adopt-a-JSR participant.

He was a system architect, providing the technology behind the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP). His work in this project resulted in him being  awarded with the 2014 Duke’s choice award for best architecture. 

He is a frequent speaker at Java/Oracle user groups and worldwide conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx UK 2015, JDC Egypt, Tunis JUG Day, JEEConf, jMaghreb, 33’s Degree, RigaDevDay 2015, DWX 2015 and Mobile Congress Dubai 2015, and VoxxedDays Algeria.

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Sunday Sep 28, 2014

User Group Sunday Kicks Things Off

By Guest Blogger Bob Larsen, Editor

JavaOne officially started today with User Group Sunday, and, as usual, gave a strong showing out of the gate with some tremendous sessions.  

User Group Sunday sessions targeted both current and future Java User Group leaders, including “Starting a JUGgernaut: How to Start and Rapidly Grow Your JUG”  and “Tools for the Day-to-Day of JUG Management.”  

There was also a wide selection of technical sessions including introductions to new features released in Java 8, demonstrations of exciting ways Java is currently being used, and panel sessions that allowed attendees to have their questions answered by the rock stars of the Java community.

User Group Sunday took place concurrently with Netbeans Day.  Community members shared the interesting and myriad ways in which they are using both the Netbeans IDE and the Netbeans platform.  They also shared tricks and tools to help make Java developers more productive and even to teach the next generation of Java developers.

Perhaps the most alarming announcement came when Juggy, the Java Finch, unveiled a prototype RoboJuggy, which is controlled by a Raspberry Pi running Java, of course.  Juggy plans to build an army of RoboJuggies to “spread Java everywhere through world domination.”  Community leaders have opened diplomatic negotiations with Juggy to deescalate the situation.

Monday Jun 03, 2013

India: A Developer Powerhouse

JavaOne India was a opportunity to touch base with Java developers in India, and get a sense of the developer community there. What impressed me about India is the scale: there are so many people and so many developers! I got a chance to talk to some of them at the OTN lounge. Sit back and enjoy:

JUGChennai founder Raj Hegde discusses the Money and Currency API, Adopt A JSR, and JUGChennai. 

Java Champion Hardshad Oak shares his views on the Oracle Java Cloud and the Indian Java developer community.

Gurpreet Sachdeva, Director of Technology at Aricent, discusses Java G1, the Java garbage collector, and situations when it is best to use G1.

Jitendra Chittoda discusses Java concurrency and the Dehli JUG. 

The rest of the videos from JavaOne are on the Java Channel on YouTube:

After watching these, I'm sure you'll agree that the Java developer community in India is big, multifaceted, and on the move.


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