Friday Sep 28, 2012

JavaOne LAD Call for Papers

JavaOne LAD Call for Papers closes next Friday, October 5. Here are Java Evangelist Steven Chin's top three reasons why you submit a session:

1) Imagine a parallel world where Java is king. Where the government has mandated that all software be open-source and recognized Java as an official platform. That is exactly what happened in Brazil and it shows in all aspects of their country from government systems to TV standards.

2) A JUG in Every Village - Brazil has the most user groups of any country in the world by a significant margin. "I've stayed after JavaOne to visit several cities and gotten a great audience whether it was a large city like Brasilia or Goiania, or a coastal town like Fortaleza, Salvador, or Maceio," Chin explains.

3) A Community-Supported Conference - SouJava and the entire Brazilian user group community is active and involved with JavaOne Brazil, making it a really engaging regional JavaOne conference.

Submissions should be:

  • From the community, all proposals should be non-Oracle.
  • Java-related topics (not technologies such as Flex, .NET, Objective C, etc... unless it's specifically a topic about how such things INTEGRATE with Java)
  • Non-product pitches
  • Interesting/innovative uses of Java
  • Practical relevant case studies/examples/practices/etc.

The call for papers will close on Friday, October 5, 2012 at 11:59 pm local time.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

JavaOne Latin America: Videos and Podcasts

JavaOne Latin America was last week and there were lots of videos and podcasts recorded there. Here are some of the highlights (add your favorites in the comments, please):

The JavaOne Community Keynote

The JavaOne Community Keynote was informative and funny. (Thanks to Loiane Groner for taping it!) The discussion ranged from the top 5 developments in Java in 2012, to women in technology, to how to brew coffee with Java (done on stage), to the announcement of jDuchessBR for Brazilian women using Java, to what developers do when they aren't coding. (in Brazilian Portuguese). Don't miss  the video used to conclude the keynote, an improvement of the "Code Hard" video entitled "The Real Java Developers."

OTN Interviews
I interviewed Java Experts, including Fabiane Nardon (Java EE), Loiane Groner (Java and Javascript), Jim Weaver (JavaFX) and Geertjan Weilenga (NetBeans). Yara Senger also interviewed her 80 year-old grandmother about her use of Java as a physicist. Those videos are now on Youtube/Java (look under Recent Activity). Another nice video from the OTN Lounge is this short discussion on why and how Juliano Viana works on Java EE 6 with LogicStyle's customers and how he uses GlassFish.

Java Spotlight Podcasts

The Java Spotlight Podcast Episode 60: Live from Java One Latin America includes an interview with Yara and Vinicius Senger on Global Code's 10th Anniversary, and with Mike Lehmann, Oracle senior director of product management, providing insight on the Weblogic 12c release. If you like your podcasts deeply technical, listen to this Java Spotlight Podcast with Alan Bateman on NIO2 APIs in JDK 7. There's nothing like the engineer working on a project to get into the technical details.

Thanks to all the developers in Latin America that made JavaOne Latin America such a success!

Sunday Dec 04, 2011

Java Community Bike Ride in São Paulo

In true community spirit, Fabiane Nardon and other SouJava members put together a Java Community Bike Ride this morning in São Paulo, just before JavaOne Latin America. Affectionately called the Geek Bike Ride, it had just the right combination of exercise, technology and fun.


We had 26 riders, slightly overcast and cool weather, and a wonderful route through São Paulo, thanks to Sunday lane closures for just for bike riders.

Everyone in group looked great in our fabulous Duke bike jerseys. The route was 12 miles/22 kilometers, but don't take my word for it, because what geek bike ride would be complete without GPS documentation and full redundancy? We rode at a leisurely pace, and it gave everyone time to chat and meet some new friends. We visited two parks and a street fair along the way. We even had "bike angels" to make sure no one was left behind (thank you Fabiane, Fernando and Claudio!). And our bike angels weren't just bike enthusiasts: Fabiane is well known Java Champion and Java EE expert, Claudio is one of the best known Agile speakers in Brazil, and Fernando is responsible for the architecture and development of some of the most popular web sites in Brazil. A little geek talk with your bike ride? Bring it on!

It was so much fun, some riders from California talked about arranging a community ride before the Oracle User Group/JUG leader summit in January. Stay tuned for details about the next #geekbikeride - or start your own! (Here's a template to get you started.)

Tuesday Dec 07, 2010

JavaOne Latin America Underway

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