Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

More JavaOne Sessions Online

A new batch of JavaOne sessions are now online for you to view.  From Hadoop to M2M, and even Minecraft, these sessions give you the best technical information. My favorite from the latest batch: The Seven Deadly Sins of Java EE Projects by Markus Eisele.  

You can also download the JavaOne app from Parleys (for iPad or Android) to view the JavaOne sessions both online and offline.

We'll be rolling out new sessions until the end of the year, so check back often for the latest content. It's all free, brought to you by the Oracle. Check them out!

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

Learn All About Java EE at JavaOne

Learn everything about the new Java EE 7 and Glassfish 4 releases at JavaOne 2013. Java EE 7 offers new features that enhance HTML5 support, increase developer productivity, and further improves how enterprise demands can be met. Developers will write less boilerplate code, have better support for the latest Web applications and frameworks, and gain access to enhanced scalability and richer, simpler functionality. 

Hear about the future of the Java EE platform in the strategy keynote as well as the upcoming features in technical keynote. This year, the keynotes will start at noon on Sunday at the Moscone North

Deep dive into Java EE 7 during JavaOne. Session topics include JAX-RS RESTful services, expression language 3.0, Batch API, Servlet 3.1, JMS 2.0, JSF 2.2, Bean Validation, Java persistence 2.1 and much more. 

Meet the Java EE 7 experts from Oracle who work on the platform and also experts from IBM, Red Hat, Sparta Systems to name a few. Join them at their conference sessions as well as at their Birds-of-a-Feather to talk about how you can leverage the Java EE platform better. 

See the new features for yourself at the demoground in the Hilton Ballroom. Oracle experts will present demos of the latest features on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30am to 5:00pm. 

Don't miss the User Group Forums running all day Sunday at Moscone West.  

Originally published on the JavaOne blog. Read it for all the latest about the JavaOne conference. 

Monday Aug 26, 2013

Who's Coming to JavaOne?

If you haven't registered for JavaOne yet and need a nudge, here's a chance to hear from some of the great speakers coming to the premier Java conference. Content Chair Stephen Chin is interviewing speakers to discuss what they will be presenting.

First up, Gerrit Grunwald (@hansolo_) on his eight (8!) JavaOne sessions. This interview includes a sneak peak of a slick new #JavaFX UI he is building for monitoring device sensors, and answered some questions from the live participants about the upcoming Java 8 Embedded release.

Follow @SteveOnJava to learn about upcoming interviews. All videos will be posted on the YouTube Java Channel, playlist JavaOne 13

JavaOne is the premier Java technical conference, with a focus on technical content. One previous attentee told us: "All sessions I attended were excellent.  Good technical content, absolutely no product pitches." Register today for JavaOne and save $200 off the onsite price.


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