Sunday Oct 27, 2013

AIOUG TechDay @ Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India

by guest blogger Jitendra Chittoda, co-leader, Delhi and NCR JUG

On 30 August 2013, Lovely Professional University (LPU) Jalandhar organized an All India Oracle User Group (AIOUG) TechDay event on Oracle and Java. This was a full day event with various sessions on J2EE 6, Java Concurrency, NoSQL, MongoDB, Oracle 12c, Oracle ADF etc. It was an overwhelming response from students, auditorium was jam packed with 600+ LPU energetic students of B.Tech and MCA stream.

Navein Juneja Sr. Director LPU gave the keynote and introduced the speakers of AIOUG and Delhi & NCR Java User Group (DaNJUG). Mr. Juneja explained about the LPU and its students. He explained how Oracle and Java is most used and accepted technologies in world. Rohit Dhand Additional Dean LPU came on stage and share about how his career started with Oracle databases. He encouraged students to learn these technologies and build their career. Satyendra Kumar vice-president AIOUG thanked LPU and their stuff for organizing such a good technical event and students for their overwhelming response.  He talked about the India Oracle group and its events at various geographical locations all over India. Jitendra Chittoda Co-Leader DaNJUG explained how to make a new Java User Groups (JUG), what are its benefits and how to promote it. He explained how the Indian JUGs are contributing to the different initiatives like Adopt-a-JSR and Adopt-OpenJDK.

After the inaugural address event started with two different tracks one for Oracle Database and another for Java and its related technologies.


Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi (Co-founder and Vice President of AIOUG)

Aman Sharma (Oracle Database Consultant and Instructor)

Shekhar Gulati (OpenShift Developer Evangelist at RedHat)

Rohan Walia (Oracle ADF Consultant at Oracle)

Jitendra Chittoda (Co-leader Delhi & NCR JUG and Senior Developer at ION Trading)

Monday Jun 03, 2013

India: A Developer Powerhouse

JavaOne India was a opportunity to touch base with Java developers in India, and get a sense of the developer community there. What impressed me about India is the scale: there are so many people and so many developers! I got a chance to talk to some of them at the OTN lounge. Sit back and enjoy:

JUGChennai founder Raj Hegde discusses the Money and Currency API, Adopt A JSR, and JUGChennai. 

Java Champion Hardshad Oak shares his views on the Oracle Java Cloud and the Indian Java developer community.

Gurpreet Sachdeva, Director of Technology at Aricent, discusses Java G1, the Java garbage collector, and situations when it is best to use G1.

Jitendra Chittoda discusses Java concurrency and the Dehli JUG. 

The rest of the videos from JavaOne are on the Java Channel on YouTube:

After watching these, I'm sure you'll agree that the Java developer community in India is big, multifaceted, and on the move.

Thursday Apr 25, 2013

JavaOne India: Hear about Java from the Source!

JavaOne India
May 8-9, 2013,
Hyderabad International Convention Center

Java Strategy and Technical Keynotes 

Technical Sessions, In addition to Technical Sessions, Hands On Labs and an OTN VIP room with community sessions, and the Java Demogrounds, JavaOne India will include keynotes from the people who develop and drive the Java language and platform. You can hear from them, meet them, and ask your questions directly (you can tweet them during the keynote!).  In these keynotes, Oracle’s Java engineering luminaries will provide a glimpse of the future:

Java Strategy Keynote Speakers
Anil Gaur, Vice President of Server Technologies, Oracle
Nandini Ramani, Vice President of Engineering, Java Client and Mobile Platforms, Oracle
Georges Saab, Vice President of Development, Oracle
Sharat Chander, Group Director, Product Technology Outreach, Oracle

Java Technical Keynote Speakers
Angela Caicedo, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Stephen Chin, Java Technology Ambassador and JavaOne Content Chair, Oracle
Arun Gupta, Java EE Technology Evangelist, Oracle
Simon Ritter, Java Technology Evangelist, Oracle
Jim Weaver, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

What more could you ask? How about a savings of INR 1,400 on Registration Through 7 May 2013! Register now for JavaOne India, and you can acquire new skills, network with colleagues, and reconnect with your passion for Java.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

Chennai Java Community Keeps Busy

Things are busy for the Chennai Java Community.  JUG Chennai is hosting @Codegala on 16th June (this coming Saturday!), where JUG members and friends are starting an Oracle Certified Java Programmer (was SCJP) study forum. All developers interested in learning Java and taking their Java to the next level should attend. JDuchess Chennai is encouraging women developers to attend as well.

JUG Chennai regularly hosts  Code Retreats, day-long, intensive practice events, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from distractions, has been very successful.

In April, JUG Chennai celebrated its annual “Chennai Java Summit." This event drew lots of attention and brought in many Java enthusiasts from across the city. It provided a great opportunity to learn and network. Developers across Chennai met each other and some of the most outstanding developers in the Java community.

There were sessions on various topics from some of the renowned developers across the world. This event was organized as a part of AIOUG (All India Oracle User Group), thus there were parallel tracks covering Oracle Technologies as well. The speakers for included Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, Arun Gupta, Scott Davis, Venkatesh S. and Rajesh S.

Dr. Subramaniam presented a seminar on Scala on the JVM and satisfied the curiosity of those interested in the language. Arun Gupta enlightened the participants regarding the JEE 7 Platform. He also demonstrated how JEE 7 is shifting its focus towards cloud based services and how will it enable developers to write applications for any cloud based infrastructure. Arun presented another session based on JAX-RS 2.0 where he demonstrated how successfully JAX-RS has taken over the development and implementation of RESTFul services. Scott Davis on the other hand showed the importance of JavaScript for Java Developers. He also had a session where he demonstrated the power of CSS3.0 and all these sessions were for Java Developers and how to make them clever front end developer.

An intense session was “Grails in Action” which took attendees from installation to development of a web application, to unit testing and continuous integration to deployment on the cloud. Other sessions ranged from software design to various version control tools and their uses. The Chennai Java Summit provided every attendee lots of information and great networking opportunities. You can watch videos of the event on the JUG Chennai Youtube channel. There twitter handle is jug_c.

Thanks to @shivkumarganesh for the information about the Chennai Java Summit.

Friday May 04, 2012

Java Experts Present at JUG Meetings Across India

Java Evangelists who came to JavaOne India are presenting at India Java User Group meetings and Developer Days across India. If you are one of these cities, don't miss the chance to learn about Java from these experts and meet with fellow Java developers. All these events are free, but registration is required. Click on the event for details.

May 5th


Pune JUG Meetup


Bangalore JUG Meetup


Chennai JUG Meetup

May 7th


Mumbai Developer Day 

May 8th


Delhi Developer Day

Join in to learn the latest & greatest about Java!

Monday Mar 12, 2012

JavaOne India Call For Papers Ends March 15

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Wednesday Jun 01, 2011

JavaOne India and JavaOne Russia

JavaOne India was held in Hyderabad in early May. There were approximately 3,000 developers in attendance. Sonya Barry, Community Manager for Java.Net, and I were in the Oracle Technology Network booth.

We gave away software DVDs of Pre-Built VMs for Developers.  They were a huge hit, even though the software is free and easy to download. Bandwidth is at a premium in India (the convention center was charging $40 USD a day for wifi!), so downloading 7GB can be a real challenge.  We ended up giving away all 3000 of our DVDs in a matter of hours! Once we gave away all the DVDs, traffic to the booth was slow but steady. In general, the crowd was very enthusiastic.

I had many great individual discussions. One group of developers were wondering if it's better to take a technical track and then switch to Sales, or get trained in Sales/Business and move to a technical track. I explained that IMO, it's better get technical training first, and then decide where do go from there. I also had some nice discussions about Computer Science education in India, and let some people know about Oracle's Higher Education User Group (HEUG).

It was my first trip to India. I loved the people, the food, and the India Marketing Team (thank you!!). 

Sonya also went to JavaOne Russia, her blog about both trips is here.

(thanks for the great photo, Arun!)


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