Tuesday Dec 08, 2015

Programming Contest: The Greeps are Coming!

Looking for a fun game to program or a way to teach Java programming and computational problem-solving? In this article, Michael Kölling, lead developer of Greenfoot, a programming environment that enables novices to create simulations and games, describes the Greeps contest. Whether you are running a coding club, helping out with programming in your kid's school, teaching your own son or daughter to write Java, or even wanting to learn Java yourself, this contest will make it fun.

The programming experience needed to participate in this contest is modest. However, while the task can be started easily using some basic ideas, it can be improved a lot by using an intelligent strategy. 

The appropriate age range for contestants is about 13 years upwards. It works equally well with older age groups. And even if you are an experienced programmer, you might have some fun attempting this task

To learn more details about the contest and the stars of the contest--alien creatures called Greeps--read the article

Monday Sep 08, 2014

Java for the Very Young

Children as young as 10 are learning about programming, robotics, and engineering at JavaOne. 150 kids will attend Devoxx4kids on Saturday, September 27, right before JavaOne. Oracle Academy has collaborated with Devoxx4kids to bring a fun and robust agenda. Content will include several workshops on topics such as Greenfoot, Alice, Minecraft Modding, Java, Python, Scratch, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NAO robot, Lego Mindstorms, and others.

Here are some of the workshops offered: 
Getting Started using Java with Alice
Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot
Lego Mindstorms Programming 4 Kids
Minecraft Modding using Bukkit
Raspberry Pi Gaming 4 Kids
Run your Minecraft Server

If you want to run a programming event for kids, visit Devoxx4kids.org. Free training is available for your own event. Can't make it to JavaOne, attend one of the many Devoxx4Kids events around the world  

Devoxx4Kids the Netherlands, Belgium and Philippines Teaser from Devoxx4Kids on Vimeo.

Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

Devoxx 4 Kids with the NAO Robot

Software Architect Daniel De Luca discusses Devoxx 4 Kids, a program to introduce children to software programming. "We want to teach children to be creative with computers and build games in an easy way instead of just using technology" explained Daniel De Luca. "The NAO robot is another computer with multiple sensors on their feet and hands, a sonar, and more." The events are currently planned in over 10 countries. The training resources are freely available on Devoxx4Kids. Daniel with other event organizers presented the Devoxx 4 Kids best practices session with tips and tricks to organize such events.

Monday Aug 13, 2012

Make The Future Java Workshop

Last week, more than 300 high school students attended the Make The Future Java Workshop at Oracle headquarters in California. Students aged 13 to 18 got an introduction to programming using Alice and Greenfoot, educational software programs designed to make learning programming easy and fun using animation. Professors from the University of Kent and Carnegie Mellon taught workshops with interactive exercises and group projects. More than 50 Oracle employees volunteered and provided hands-on support at the event.

At the end of the two day workshops, students shared their final projects and were given awards. You can view project videos on Youtube's Java Channel and pictures on Facebook/IloveJava. Students left with Make the Future Java stickers, posters, and a basic understanding of programming in an object-oriented language.

Oracle has teamed up with Carnegie Mellon’s Alice program and University of Kent’s Greenfoot initiative to deepen student interest in computer science and Java. "As the steward of Java, Oracle is committed both to the investment in Java technology and in creative ways to educate a new generation about Java and the opportunities it brings," said Alison Derbenwick-Miller, VP of Oracle Academy. The next generation of future technologists and innovators have been given a great start with the Make The Future Java Workshop. For more information on how you can Make the Future Java, visit the Oracle's Make the Future Java website

Wednesday May 16, 2012

The Java Zone at Bay Area Maker Faire This Weekend

Visit the Java Zone this weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire (May 19-20 at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds). The Java Zone in the Expo Hall, brings to life storyboarding, 3-D animation building, device programming, body motion sensors, game making, and more. You can:

  • Learn how Java interacts with other devices using a motion sensor and a Webcam, the Microsoft Kinect records motion to animate a Java game.
  • Play Breakout using the PicoBoard, an external circuit board with sensors for sound, light, a slider and a button, plus four resistance sensors.
  • Learn how to build your own animation and learn about storytelling, problem-solving, identifying actors and actions, and more. Then develop, compile, and test programs to animate a story.
  • Find out more about the Oracle Academy and check out Alice, a tool used to teach Java programming fundamentals using 3-D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface, Greenfoot, a 2-D tool ideal for teaching Java programming basics in high schools and universities, along with other tools for the twenty-first-century classroom.

On Sunday 12:30–12:55 p.m, you can attend a short panel discussion
 on why Java technology dominates cutting-edge software development and what students and newbies need to learn to get started. Oracle’s Maker Faire Panel Presentation, Center Stage in the Meeting Pavilion. Help build the future with Java technology!

Wednesday Aug 31, 2011

Moving Java Forward: Java Summer Workshop 2011

When students tell you, “I could hardly believe I was programming my own game, animations and videos using Java,” or “It is a great opportunity to find out the fun of programming and creating your own animation or whatever you want to create,” and one parent adds “after the workshop, my son is so familiar with Oracle and Java,” I just can tell you it was a great event!

Over 300 Oracle employee sons and daughters, Oracle employees, parents and local high school students and teachers attended the three-day Java Summer Workshop and volunteer training on Greenfoot and Alice (Aug. 8-12 at Oracle HQ). (Alice and Greenfoot are two award winning visual educational software tools to teach Java programming.) The workshop was an introduction to programming only using drag and drop functions for 11 to 18 year old students.

Now available online are the training for Alice and Greenfoot, video student interviews, presentations, additional resources to learn Java, quotes, projects and pictures. Check it out!


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