Wednesday May 18, 2016

Java Euro Tour

Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, and Otávio Santana are touring European JUGs talking about DevOps, big data, currency API, CDI 2 and cloud scalability. The team is also interviewing Java Champions, renowned Java speakers and community leaders in their homes and at work. Watch the replay of those interviews 

Some of the topics they present at JUGs: 
  • Containers and DevOps: full delivery cycle for Java applications  
  • Big Data and NoSQL with CDI and Cassandra 
  • First steps with the Money and Currency API, JSR 354 
  • Using CDI 2.0 in Java SE world - Contexts and Dependency Injection 2.0 (JSR-365) 
  • A Developer's Journey From Monoliths to Microservices 
  • Multi-cloud scalability: NoSQL with Cassandra, JavaEE, CDI and Containers. 
Java champions and community leaders interviewed include Andres Almiray, Ixchel Ruiz, Michael Hoffer, Wener Keil, Hendrik Ebbers, and Simon Ritter - to name a few. Watch the replay of all the interviews and follow the tour @brjavaman  

Tuesday May 17, 2016

Microservices Hackathon

Create microservices with Java or Node/Javascript in the Cloud. In this free Hackathon event on May 18 in New York City, you'll learn about managed microservices, devops automation, new Java 8 capabilities and get a hands-on introduction to a new Javascript toolkit called JET. 

Learn lightweight microservices development using Java 8, Javascript and cloud devops tools with the latest Java 8 features, JAX-RS via Jersey/Grizzly, Node.js and JET. Get first hand experience with Developer Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud Service (Java SE and Node.js) from Oracle. 

Organizations with highly skilled development teams are looking for agility in delivering custom lightweight applications to their organizations and this Hackathon provides a clear path to using Cloud Native methodologies to create, deploy, manage and maintain microservices written in Java or Node.js.   

Join us Wed, May 18 for a fun, hands-on, informative Hackathon day.  A foundation reference implementation and source code will be provided for a back end Java SE microservice that authenticates to Twitter via OAuth using only Jersey/Grizzly, exposing a real time tweet stream to a front end Node.js instance running the JET Javascript toolkit.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Call for Papers JavaOne Latin America

JavaOne Latin America 
São Paulo, Brazil
June 28 - 30, 2016 

The biggest Java event in Latin America is back June 28 - 30 in São Paulo. Join us for a great opportunity to learn and discuss Java, emerging languages, big data, Cloud, tools and more!  Meet like-minded developers and share a fun three day conference.

Be one of the speakers who will share their experience and knowledge at JavaOne Brazil 2016. The Call for Papers is open until April 5, 2016 midnight BRST. Submit your proposals in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Sessions will be in one of the three languages.   

Speakers on accepted sessions receive a complimentary pass to JavaOne Latin America 2016 (one per speaker, non-transferable). 

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

Certification Discount ends December 31

Get 20% off any Java certification exam until December 31! Don’t miss this great opportunity to get Java certified and show off your credentials. 

How to get started 

1. Find the Java exam that meets your skill level and experience.
2. Review exam preparation and topics.
3. Register at Pearson VUE. Use promotion code Java20 to receive the 20% discount.

This globally available offer is open until December 31, 2015. 

Thursday Oct 29, 2015

What’s Inside Oracle Cloud for You

By Roger Smith

Cloud Services for Developers

“Time is the greatest savings that you get from moving your development environment to the cloud,” said Oracle’s Bruno Borges, in his JavaOne presentation “Cloud Services for Developers: What’s Inside Oracle Cloud for You?” “If you have had to set up an on-premise Oracle database, or any other database, you know that it takes time to do that and you always ask yourself ‘Is these production-ready?’”

In his fast-paced, hands-on demo, Borges showed how developers can quickly get up to speed using Oracle’s pooled, shared, and elastically scalable software development platform, which gives organizations the ability to develop new applications in a quick and cost-effective way. He explained how developers can use their favorite IDE (Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse, NetBeans) and build systems like Maven and Gradle to develop and deploy applications to the cloud.

Target different JDK Versions

Developers also have the option of choosing either Java SE 7 or 8 to leverage the particular language and JVM features their applications need. Since Oracle Java Cloud is an open platform, developers can also use any available open source or commercial Java library or framework in their applications.

Database Integration

Borges next walked through how to connect to Oracle Database Cloud Service to persist and manage application data as well as how to use Oracle Messaging Service to message between Java Cloud applications, on-premises applications, and Java EE and Node.js applications deployed in the Oracle Cloud. He then demonstrated how you can profile Java applications using Java SE Mission Control and Flight Recorder, in addition to the Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service.

He also announced a new Docker Container Service that will soon be available from Oracle to help developers deploy applications into Docker containers.

In response to an audience question about Oracle Cloud scalability, Borges said that you can choose to run your application on your choice of compute size (i.e. the number of cores), and it will scale out dynamically on demand. He said they were also working on giving developers the capability to add scale programmatically using business logic, for example, in an e-commerce application that needs to scale up during the holiday season.

Tuesday Sep 15, 2015

Connecting Devices in the Cloud for Healthcare

Want to know how to create a useful IoT application using cutting edge technologies?  Join Gerrit Grunwald in our next VTS. He will walk you through a multi-faceted application designed for the elderly. Gerrit Grunwald takes a detailed look at use cases for the daily activities and schedules of the elderly to monitor any irregularities remotely and identify emergencies. Living in remote areas, many aging relatives are isolated and far away from medical facilities and doctors. 

He uses a mobile phone and a smart watch with a Java based gateway, iBeacons and other sensors to monitor their activity. He explains in great detail how the data is collected, aggregated, analyzed and visualized using the latest in technology.  With the help of an IoT cloud service this data can be analyzed to detect situations that are critical. 

VTS is a series of interactive online events with hands-on sessions and presenters answering technical questions. The events are sponsored by the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). They are free events but you must register. Join the next exclusive events near you: 

  • Americas - September 16th- 9:30am to 12:30 PST - Register 
  • EMEA - September 23rd - 9:30am to 12:30pm BST - Register
  • APAC - September 30th- 3pm to 6:30pm AU/SYD - Register

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

JavaOne Registration Now Open

The JavaOne conference brings together Java experts and enthusiasts for an exceptional week of learning and networking focused entirely on all things Java. With more than 500 sessions, you will learn from the most innovative and diverse Java content. You can't afford to miss it! October 25-29, 2015, San Francisco. Register now!

With a full conference pass, you get:
Access to more than 500 JavaOne sessions, Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions and JavaOne Hands-on Labs (HOLs)
Keynote sessions for JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld
Scene and Be Heard presentations
Java User Group Forum
Exhibition Halls at JavaOne and OpenWorld
 • Access to the Java Hub 
JavaOne Welcome Reception
Oracle Appreciation Event
Specials at the JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld Bookstores
Access to the It’s a Wrap! party

The call for proposals is open until April 29. If your session is accepted, you will receive a full pass
You will save $600 with the Super Saver rate, if you register before May 31
Register between 5 to 13 attendees and receive a savings of up to 20 percent off the price of each registration. Register 14 or more attendees and receive a savings of up to 28 percent off.
Employees of a national/federal, state, provincial, or local government entity, including public higher education institutions can benefit from government rate

Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

Join JavaOne in Brazil

The premier Java conference in Latin America will bring together Java experts and enthusiasts for three days from June 23 to 25, 2015. Register before May 4 and you will save R$900 off the onsite price. 

Visionaries and world-renowned speakers will present conference and hands-on sessions covering five tracks, which include clients and user interface; core Java platform; Java and the Internet of Things; server side Java and the new track about Java, DevOps and the cloud.

Don’t wait, register now!

Thursday Feb 05, 2015

Java Magazine: Platform for Innovation

Tools make the cloud. To support modern development, today’s cloud development environments must support the full software development lifecycle. Developers working in the cloud need tools for builds, continuous integration, source control, and team collaboration. With those tools at the
ready, they can take advantage of the cloud as a platform for innovation.

In our interview with Mike Lehmann, vice president of product management for Oracle Cloud Application Foundation, we explore Oracle’s Java-based cloud services for developers, and the benefits they offer. “Taking a new business idea and building an application to support it can be done much more quickly and with lower risk than in the past,” says Lehmann. Read the interview for his insights on Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Developer Cloud Service, and other services that give developers an end-to-end Java development and deployment environment.

Ready to test out these services? Don’t miss Hardshad Oak’s article, “Get Started with Oracle Developer Cloud Service.” Plus, Bert Ertman shows you how to build modular cloud applications in Java.

It’s a new year, and a time when people traditionally think about self-improvement. If you are looking to raise your job prospects and expand your network, Bruno Souza and Edson Yanaga have just the plan for you, and it includes code, community, and— yes—cloud. Their action items will help you to raise your possibilities for the future.

Read all about it in the current issue of Java Magazine!

Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Wearables in Action

In this interview, Java Evangelist Angela Caicedo demonstrates her new jacket designed with wearable technologies. She can listen music from her favorite playlists, monitor her heart beat, and get her emails. All of it powered by a Raspberry Pi. 


Insider News from the Java Team at Oracle!



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