Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

OTN Virtual Technology Summit - This Week!

Oracle Technology Network's (OTN) first Virtual Technology Summit is this week: July 9 and 10. The VTS includes tracks on Database, Middleware, Systems and, of course, Java. In the Java track, titled "Big Trends and Technologies," you will learn how Java lets you mine Big Data, build robust apps with HTML5, JavaScript and Java EE, and expand into the Internet of Things. Experts will present and you’ll be able to chat with them live online. 

The event is FREE, but you need to register!

Java Sessions 

Efficient architectures for creating MapReduce Pipelines 
by Fabiane Nardon, Java Champion and Big Data Expert

JavaScript/HTML5 Rich Clients Using Java EE 7
by Reza Rahman, Java Evangelist and Java EE Expert

How to Become an Embedded Developer
by Angelia Caicedo, Java Evangelist and Java Embedded Expert

At OTN's Virtual Technology Summit we want you to learn how to get the most out of Java. These sessions are real-world and code-heavy.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the Java community.

Thursday Jan 23, 2014

Java Magazine: Big Data

Simply put, big data is a big deal. As the volume, velocity, and variety of big data continue to increase, so do the opportunities for creating new applications for big data. The new issue of Java Magazine is all about big data. The good news is that Java developers are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity because so many of the tools for big data are built on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

Most of the pages in this issue to are dedicated to big data:

  • In our Q&A with Oracle’s Dan McClary, we explore why Java and big data are such a good fit, and what some of the implications of big data are for Java developers.
  • We also get hands-on with many of the available tools for big data. In “Big Data Processing with Java,” Fabiane Nardon and Fernando Babadopulos help you determine whether you’ve got a big data problem and introduce Apache Hadoop and some of the other tools that you can use to produce faster and more-efficient applications.
  • Tom White, author of Hadoop: the Definitive Guide, provides an introduction to Hadoop; Kim Ross explores Apache Cassandra; and Trisha Gee discusses the flexibility of MongoDB.  
  • “Power to the People” shows Java and big data in action, with sizeable results: Opower customers have saved more than US$350 million dollars on their utility bills and reduced greenhouse gases at the same time.

Learn how big data is or will change the way you work in this issue of Java Magazine.

Java Magazine is a FREE, bi-monthly, online publication. It includes technical articles on the Java language and platform; Java innovations and innovators; JUG and JCP news; Java events; links to online Java communities; and videos and multimedia demos. Subscriptions are free, registration required.

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