Wednesday Dec 17, 2014

Java Conferences in Africa

by guest blogger Max Bonbhel

JCertif Kigali 2014 was once again a great success. Over 250 Developers turned this event again into the leading Developer Community Conference in Rwanda.

We're still digesting the great number of LIKEs votes collected during the event! Some stats:

Attendees for JCertif University: 250 each day
Women: 25
Sessions : 12
Speakers : 6
(including the Minister of Youth & ICT of Rwanda and Business representatives )
Training days : 2
Participating User Group : 2 (Kigali JUG and KLab)

Next Up: JCertif Tunisia February 7-8, 2015.  JCertif Tunisia is a 2 days of mix of technical session, training, life experience and a bit of adventure! The event will take place in Souse, Tunisia on February 7-8, 2015 (University and Conference). Share your experiences in development by submitting a proposal for this event!

JCertif, a 2014 Duke's Choice Award winner, is an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to promote new technologies of information through activities such as conferences (JCertif Conf), workshops and programming courses (JCertif University), and a laboratory development of open source projects. J Certif is present in several countries including: Canada, France, Tunisia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Committees in Senegal and Algeria are being created.

Tuesday Oct 08, 2013

JCertif Express Tour in Africa

By Guest Blogger Max Bonbhel, JUG Africa President, JUG Congo Leader, JCertif Founder and Managing Director and more!

Three months ago, I made a long trip to speak for the JCertif Express Tour hosted by Africa JUG and GDG. I was touring Africa visiting JUG Leaders in Casablanca, Abidjan, Yaounde, Douala, and Brazzaville.  

* JCertif Express Abidjan (Ivory Coast) pictures

* JCertif Express Brazzaville (Congo) pictures

* JCertif Express Douala  (Cameroon) pictures

*  JCertif Express Yaounde (Cameroon) pictures

All of these events were a great success so the community decided to have  Certif 2014 Events in these countries.

Planned events in Africa:
  • JCertif Abidjan (500 attendees expected) : Jun, 2014 (2 days training for Dev and 1 day for the Business) 
  • JCertif Cameroon (500 attendees expected) : Jul, 2014 (2 days training for Dev and 1 day Android for the Business)
  • JCertif Brazzaville (2000 attendees expected) : Sept, 2014 (5 days training for Dev and 2 days for the Business)
  • JCertif Chad (?? attendees expected) :  Can we do this???

Contact me if you want to learn some tech, have some fun, and get connected to the Africa Java developer community!

Max Bonbhel -
Congo JUG Leader -
JCertif Founder and Managing Director  -
JUG-AFRICA President - Blogger :
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Monday May 09, 2011

Coders4Africa: Creating a Community of African Developers

Coders4Africa is a Not-For-Profit Organization with the goal of providing professional training and certification on a variety of platforms, including Java developer frameworks and tools, to one thousand African software and application developers by the year 2016. Oracle is proud to be a sponsor of Coders4Africa.

The endeavor was created through the efforts of five IT professionals: Ali Kone (Mali), Kwame Andah (Ghana), Ibrahim Cisse (Mali/Senegal), Amadou Daffe (Senegal), and AlMoustapha Cisse (Niger). Collectively, they have 40+ years of software engineering and development experience. After years of interaction with technologists in Africa, they decided to focus on programming and software development as a way of giving back to their communities.

"Our short term goal is developing a community of African developers all across Africa under one structured roof - Coders4Africa," Amadou Daffé said. "We want to create a pool of highly skilled African citizens in the software development industry to enlarge the labor income share thus contributing in a more equitable distribution of income," he explained.

Coders4Africa is holding an informational event on June 18-19 in Accra, Ghana. Software developers, local software companies, and Ghana Government Representatives are all warmly invited. Learn more at!


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