Friday Sep 13, 2013

An Interview with Venkat Subramaniam before JavaOne

JavaOne Rock Star and Java Champion, Venkat Subramaniam, sees a lot to be excited about with regard to Java.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

Devoxx France Plays to a Full House!

Devoxx France started with the return of the Grrrail from Devoxx UK by le papa (the father) of Devoxx Stephan Janssen. As he announced to great acclaim during the keynote, the Devoxx 2013 sessions will be freely available on Parleys. He also received applause for his demo of the new Html5 version. 

The conference was sold out again this year with 1,480 attendees, which is 250 more than last year.  The conference was packed with Java related tracks touching on the web, architecture, Java technologies and infrastructure to name a few. The labs, quickies, conference sessions, tools in action catered to the ever-evolving needs of developers.

The sessions about Java EE 7, JavaFX and Java SE were all well-received with more attendees than available seating. The upcoming Java EE 7 generated a lot interest and especially for Websocket and standardized batch processing.  Oracle was a European partner; a premium sponsor for the 3 Devoxx conferences: London, Paris and Moscow.

The Devoxx France team did a fantastic job of managing the following parallel activities, in addition to the packed conference. They included a CTO track, a day on DevOps methodology, coding days and competitions. Developers coded for an afternoon to win the code competition. They also coded, created documentation, fixed bugs for open source projects in the Hackergarden.  Devops Mercenaries tackled multiple versions of native packages and the use of Kanban approach to prioritize in an all day event. CTOs and CEOs came to the decision maker afternoon to learn and share their cloud strategies in enterprise. 

6 to 14 year olds attended Programatoo, a programming workshop for a day during the conference. They learned to program with Lego windstorms. According to Nicolas Martignole, co-founder of Devoxx France, Programatoo was Devoxx's best investment for the future.As he announced to great acclaim during the keynote, the Devoxx 2013 sessions are freely available on Parleys. He also received applause for his demo of the new Html5 version. 

Monday Feb 04, 2013


The annual Free Open-Source Developers' European Meeting took place last weekend in Belgium. The free event brought together 5,000 hackers from the open source community. There were 477 speakers and 488 sessions with a mix of keynotes, lightning talks, certification exams and developer rooms talks.

Tasha Carl, Java architect and the leader of the Brussels Java user group, wrote a blog about FOSDEM and the Free Java developer room. She mentioned Java talks and posted pictures making you feel as if you were there. "The Free Java dev room at FOSDEM is since many years the biggest OpenJDK meet-up around. You can not only see, but really high-five celebrities like – this year – Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, Sean Coffey, Oracle JDK engineer and maintainer of OpenJDK 7u, Steve Poole, developer and evangelist working since ever  for IBM on the JVM, Simon Phipps, Andrew Haley, Charles Nutter, JRuby lead developer speaking about InvokeDynamic,…" she commented.

In another blog, Mani mentioned that "the OpenJDK topic has got massive coverage with 17 speakers, speaking and holding events covering various topics." Java community leaders including Martijn Verburg and Ben Evans were involved in the Java track. In addition to Brussels JUG, members of LJC JUG, CEJUG and others participated at the event.

In her blog, Heather VanCura shares the Java Community Process (JCP) presentation titled "JCP State of the Nation and Future Directions," as well as links to JCP.Next and the community program Adopt-a-JSR programs.


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