Quick-and-Easy Video Player

Here's a quick-and-easy video player written in the JavaFX Script programming language. First, place your video clip into the same directory as this source code. Next, edit the code in red (clip name, scene with, and scene height) to match your particular video. Finally, compile and run the program. Clicking on the screen will pause/unpause playback.

Step 1: Add Import Statements

import javafx.scene.Scene; import javafx.stage.Stage; import javafx.scene.paint.Color; import javafx.scene.media.*; 

Step 2: Define Media-Related Variables

def vid = "{__DIR__}video-clip.flv"; // CHANGE AS NEEDED  var isPlaying = false;  def myMediaPlayer = MediaPlayer {         media: Media {source: vid} }  def myMediaView = MediaView {      onMousePressed: function(event){          // take action         if(isPlaying){             myMediaPlayer.pause();         }else{             myMediaPlayer.play();         }          // toggle play state             isPlaying = not isPlaying;     }      mediaPlayer: myMediaPlayer }

Step 3: Render Player

function run(){     Stage {         title: "JavaFX Video Player"         scene: Scene {             width: 800 // CHANGE AS NEEDED             height: 600 // CHANGE AS NEEDED              fill: Color.BLACK             content: [myMediaView]         }     }    }

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