Previewing the "Core Java Platform" Track at JavaOne

Sonal Mecwan
Digital Marketing Manager

Are you curious about what you can learn at JavaOne? In the “Core Java Platform” track, JavaOne users will explore aspects that are key to using the Java platform. Java’s successful advancement comes from the foundation of the Java technologies. Attendees will learn about new advancements in Java Virtual Machines and explore technical explanations of the latest library features. Security-related topics about Java will also be addressed, including security tools and coding techniques.

Interested in getting all your questions answered? Attend one of the “Ask” sessions that are part of the "Core Java Platform" track. Learn more about JDK and OpenJ9 from the Java architects themselves in these open Q&A sessions.

Good code, bad code, you’ve seen it all. In this session, you’ll learn about the familiar antipatterns that you continually see. Recognizing these code smells and avoiding them will allow you to create even better code! Check out this introductory session (“Twelve Ways To Make Code Suck Less”) for more.

Troubleshooting and supervising mechanisms allow for the creation of dependable applications with a strong performance. Combined with an array of diagnostic and troubleshooting mechanisms, the JDK is extremely helpful when figuring out problems in our Java applications. With new updates to the tools in the “bin” folder in Java 9, it’s important to understand what is being added and discontinued to these tools. Learn more about these key monitoring and troubleshooting tools at “Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools Available in Your Java 9 'bin' Folder."

You all have had moments when your Java application crashes. But what happens when you don’t know the reason why it crashed? In this Advanced session, you’ll explore the details stored by the HotSpot crash handler in the corresponding error files. You’ll learn how this information can be utilized to analyze and reproduce the crash. Come to the “Analyzing HotSpot Crashes” session at JavaOne to easily detect, classify, and take care of problems that come up with your Java HotSpot VM.

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